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Anyone ever fitted daytime running lights?


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Anyone made a mini LED strip thing or something? My car seems to invisible when my headlights are off at the moment in the winter daylight.

Rears are easy, using the feed for the wiper run on switch.

For the front, Just wire it across the +12V feed to the headlights. When the headlights are on, there's no volt difference, so they go off (like they're meant to). But has anyone done it?

I might get some LED 'beads' - like 3, and wire them in series with a small resistor. Then pot up in resin and position in the grille.


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VW used to do a kit, though I don't know if it's Lupo compatible, but can't see why it wouldn't be

1J0 998 055 A if you can find one

Comes with:




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I was thinking more along the lines of high intensity LEDs. Yeah I know you can turn on the headlights, but I prefer the idea of mini high intensity thingies.

On most Lupos, there are a few small recesses on the lowest part of the front bumper, about 25mm high with space going along by about 115mm. I could get some metalised ali PCBs made (same as they use for COB led lights), attach some LEDS (either 3 or 6, to get to the right voltage), then encapsulate in UV stable resin. Think it'd look schmick. The power (current) could simply run through the headlights, so when you turned them on, the LEDS would switch off. Real simple. No fancy loom or relay needed.

For the rears, no mods needed, just an extra wire from the wiper run-on power supply. And perhaps change the regular bulb for a nice LED one to extend lamp life.

I'll investigate cost...

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