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    Red Arosa TDI

    Spotted on my way to work and followed a Red Arosa tdi HX51XGF in Huddersfield/Halifax route……
  2. If I remember correctly the clips sit in a half open black rectangular plastic locator which is bonded to the door card backing. If the locators have come away (which they do) then they need to be bonded with a structual PU sealer/bonder like SIKAFLEX or TIGERSEAL with is basically like a runnyer windscreen bonder and left over night.
  3. Those pics dont look too bad and a very careful grind and treatment can preserve those quite well although what are the rear arches like? Look at the folded lip and see if there is any 'swelling' between the spot welds? Also have a look where the sills join the rear wings inside the door aperture as they can go there too. The other places are the lip area on the front wings. Many years ago when I first tested rust converters I had a first edition Caddy van with original paint although scabby as hell. I had very little time and not enough for a full paint job so I just gound out the rust very delicately then compounded all the vehical and triple coated the prepped areas with rust converter. I then ever so carefully touched in the paintwork and it left it at that, 18 months followed and got chance to paint it properly so I just knocked the edges off from the touch up and gave it a full paint.......... Fives years since application of the converter there was very faint 'Spiders' forming but you needed to look really close for them as the van still looked impressive. Things can be done very cost effectively if you think them through. Eric
  4. @BlacknYellow post some pics instead of keeping us guessing. I restore for a living and you could just have sections done at a time and blended in. That way it’s easier to manage.
  5. Well not much to report Arosa wise as I'm just so busy work related and drive my Caddy van most days full of tools. It good on the other hand to use the caddy as another 'sensible' vehicle as that make me realise how I enjoy the Arosa in a pure 'lust for fun mode'. The Arosa is just undergoing an MOT at the moment as its the first one in my ownership. Only failed on steering arm ball joint and a horn and its currently stuck at the garage who carried out the MOT where I also help out there on a 'freelance' basis. I've still a lot of lesser important jobs to do on it like a full paint as its scruffy everywhere but I still want to refine its ride first then I'll scrounge the Bake oven they have at some point but that'll probably be next year now. Today I did the last part of my front brake overhall and changed the brake hoses to new since they were yet again cheap. I should have done it months ago but could'nt be arsed! I'm in need of a good NSF wing if anyone has one but by good I mean total scab free and not repaired, anyone got one?
  6. More so whats actually up with it before you ask that?
  7. Must be the modern day 'Beetle' for the Deutche these days then? Its good that theres a healthy collectionof them then also.
  8. That was an interesting read! Good to know the forum knows more than others but bad to know the expert who charges eye watering amounts don’t!
  9. Yes everyone has their own idea that’s why I mentioned marmite, it was a silver canvas that went blue but I could have gone all gold tones or green tones or even red tones but that could have included pinks which sumhow I couldn’t stomach. When I sold it years ago I put it back to std silver.
  10. Sometimes when you can’t make your mind up….. My old lupo from 2007, a long time ago!! I liked the VW polo ‘colour concept’ idea but not necessarily those strong colours. It’s a ‘marmite’ thing…
  11. Totally agree, silver is grim and soulless
  12. Mine went similar so instead of all that I put a small hole in the side of the body there and plug welded the inner nut to the body. The heat then also let the bolt undo and just unscrewed out!
  13. Sorry to take it off track but how much was the re-map?
  14. Managed to get the 8mm longer wishbones and fitted them which did the trick to stop the grinding noises but my camber still isn’t right. Went to see @Y2ACP his car and put a large set square against his wheels at the front and his camber was averaging 12mm in (aprox) at the top of the wheel into the wheel arch but mine is at 28mm with as much force as I could get to pull the wheel out. Summat is still amiss but it’s getting better. On another note I’ve still to do the rear axle bushes which will stop some of the suspension noises. After all the messing around I’m still enjoying the challenge!
  15. Be careful with wishbones as I found out. Two types = different sizes
  16. Well I’m glad this is not my only car as its been ages since I started the ‘wishbone’ research.... Anyway the answer I discovered to my head bashing problem was definitely the wishbones, as I’ve found out there are two types, early and late, I was supplied early ones by the look of it from a seller on eBay, it was too late to refund them as I bought them months ago so I’ve a spare set now. The difference is 8mm in length from the front bush to the bottom ball join, going in a transverse direction. luckily local GSF motor factors had some in stock. This time the NS drive shaft clears the subframe on heavy braking and opposite rotation on reversing. Now to play the ‘tracking’ game!
  17. That must have taken ages to edit that lot. It looks very busy and complicated on those pics. Summat I don’t ever understand until it’s in bits in front of me. It’s good to know btw about the plastic around the 5th gear melting if oil is low so I’ll make sure now mines right before it goes back on the road.
  18. Clean at the hubs first as no one ever does.
  19. Arosa has no rear reflectors either for the next MOT BTW.
  20. Ditto as above. It’s a delicate task repairing vehicle to a ‘professional’ std and most people can’t do it. They are a labour of love and in this case the car mentioned is just not worth it. A lot of people don’t see the work in it and as much as you help them and explain they are stubborn and have to learn the hard way.
  21. That’s very pretty, it’s like a cute ‘jewel’. I always thought that colour looked old but that’s complimented it all
  22. Whoever’s bought it deserves it!
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