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  1. Evening ladies and gents my brother is looking for a second car commuter. anyone selling any diesels? SDI or TDI ? mechanical condition most important. History of clutch change/water pump/cambelt etc no chav mobiles thanks
  2. good. nice car that. i have an SDI in the same colour
  3. did you find it ?
  4. id be buying a lupo with them mate. off the top of my head your gonna need the wiring loom , switches, and the units themselves. ebay is a good start but not sure how easy it will be
  5. vince - swapped my switches over when this happend to some oem ones from another car.. sorted it for a bit then went dead. ordered some new ones off ebay and success been working ever since.
  6. @mk2I remember you said the same thing about my SDI ECU he he he.
  7. I had a faulty ECU. cost me £30 from eBay for another unit that was tested! don’t write it off
  8. Yeah used Lemforder on my Beemer. So yeah next time I’ll use better parts but even still £40 and to get a year use is amazing in my book. These cars are mega cheap though
  9. No doubt my friend. If you read through my previous pages. I have already replaced the whole arms once haha! the ball joints on the end are a piece of piss. But I don’t have time to mess about right now.
  10. Yeah I had the left side fixed while at the Garage I use as I can’t have the car out of action anymore since I use it to commute on. let’s hope the right is fine for a bit
  11. Haha. These were from eBay! what brands are you buying ?
  12. UPDATE TIME: Another year , another MOT In the end we got a PASS! Wahoo... It first failed on a front NS ball joint. This perplexed me , since i replaced both front arms including ball joints around 1 year ago.. as documented in this thread!! To hear one has failed pissed me off.. but he said it could be i hit a kurb... not likely.. or that the lowered suspension has put extra strain on them ? Now im wondering if i need to adjust the cars ride height or was it just a **** cheapo part.. i know the " buy cheap buy twice" Will have to see how low this car is.. as im no low rider.. and use the car as a commuter as you know.. hmmmm i know its all fixed and stuff just makes me wonder..
  13. thanks i dont have time for that. im down to one car now - so a drive in drive out service is preferred. if its £300 then im happy to pay the money to sort the gearbox out make it new again.. just i have no clue who would do such a thing my clutch is pretty new.. around 20-30k on it so not needed
  14. AFTER the hoover after these pics.. i got the cleaner out for all the plastic, door shuts, rubbers etc. Seats i need a wet n dry cleaner... and then i will do the carpets too. BEAUTIFUL
  15. UPDATE TIME: nothing really to report which is good! MOT time next week , 2nd in my ownership so should fly through got a couple of tyres going on it tomorrow. also did a nice deep clean ready for its duties again a lot of it was superficial - looks manky in my book - also wiped down all the plastics and stuff , and coated in autofinesse. Nice and satisfying BEFORE
  16. are there any companies offering a rebuild service or drive in drive out ??? it be good to hear
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