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  1. Evening ladies and gents my brother is looking for a second car commuter. anyone selling any diesels? SDI or TDI ? mechanical condition most important. History of clutch change/water pump/cambelt etc no chav mobiles thanks
  2. good. nice car that. i have an SDI in the same colour
  3. did you find it ?
  4. id be buying a lupo with them mate. off the top of my head your gonna need the wiring loom , switches, and the units themselves. ebay is a good start but not sure how easy it will be
  5. vince - swapped my switches over when this happend to some oem ones from another car.. sorted it for a bit then went dead. ordered some new ones off ebay and success been working ever since.
  6. @mk2I remember you said the same thing about my SDI ECU he he he.
  7. I had a faulty ECU. cost me £30 from eBay for another unit that was tested! don’t write it off
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