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  1. Please let me know how ?
  2. Did some digging into Cruise control and apparently cant be done. so that's annoying - perhaps i could wedge a broom or mop on the pedal lol. nothing else to report.
  3. UPDATE: Went to shropshire at easter to visit the parents, and decided to take the LUPO. Call it a test to see if i could actually take it to germany. Long story short did 375miles on a tank before the petrol light came on. Cruised on the mway between 60-70 , so defo different to taking the beemer haha. Did 67mpg calculated from fill up to fill up so im happy that the little car seems perfect! Now this gives me ideas to retrofit cruise control.. hmmmm
  4. UPDATE TIME: As you know, i had bought complete rear drum set including piston things, shoes and drums. They rang me a couple of hours later to ask why i wanted to replace them as they are fine? So since i had never actually removed the wheel to check, its reassuring to know they are in fact ok - obviously the MOT pointed to that aswell.. The one thing they did do though was to clean up the whole assembly and since i had all the parts, replace the cylinders as they were hard to undo or something to complete a brake fluid change. Adjusted and alls well! Onto the Temp sensor - pr
  5. did you get a quote from gloucester road gearboxes.. i was thinking about getting my SDI reconditioned or serviced at least. im local to bristol
  6. a mini cooper or mini one with the blufin box on it would be my first choice - plenty of spares - plenty of guides - plenty of groups, mini runs etc - i have had 7 minis so far so maybe i am biased? I currently have a 2012 cooper S clubman i obviously own a lupo too but the mini will be more fun, handle better and the community is larger - young and old. my lupo is my daily hack,tip run, reliable soldier personally i wouldnt touch a yaris or pug but i have only ever had german cars. i think the lupo looks older than a similar age mini - but thats it. servicing i would say are t
  7. Sarahs Lupo


    wtf ? ^^^^^
  8. UPDATE: Got the car booked into the local specialist again - having those rear brakes sat in the garage has started to annoy me and the weather has been so **** - they can take care of it. so all new rear brakes and fluid to be done. They will also take a look at the thermostat/coolant sensor to make sure its as it should - im sure its slightly faulty but hasnt presented any problems to me so far, same as the brakes really, they passed the MOT fine , but i like new shiney stuff! The door rebuild kit was a dud - looks like i need a new mechanism - i beleive the passenger side ha
  9. Don’t get down about it. im £1500 into a 16 year old 1.7 diesel lupo ha ha. Don’t do it for the money. Do it for the love of it. keep it and use it as it’s intended. Luckily for me mine is a third car but does all the shitty jobs, supermarket runs, commute, tip, dog walks the lot. Brilliant car
  10. Yeah potentially but I hate to have multiple keys for 1 car. I want to keep it as original as possible. the rebuild didn’t work so something tells me it’s the drivers side lock mechanism instead. I need to investigate when I get more time. This only took me around 30 mins to sort out.
  11. UPDATE: drivers door lock started playing up until it would no longer open the door. unlocks and locks fine. Just can’t open it. tried a cheap lock barrel replacement kit of eBay and that didn’t fix it. make sure you check the parts you buy or this might happen. See image. oh well looks like I’ll have to strip the door down and investigate.
  12. just incase anyone uses that ebay link. i checked the pieces before reassembly and as you can see , the new aftermarket piece is shorter - not sure i wanted that - so rebuilt with the new spring - but didnt do me any good. lock is still the same so back to the drawing board
  13. Now to sort the sun roof and coolant sensor haha!
  14. Right. ordered this. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112352826186 fingers crossed
  15. So I need a rebuild kit thing ? Got a link mate
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