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  1. Update: I have sourced a new battery for the blue beast. The CCA value is greater too which should help in starting it in the cold come the winter. the old one was from uni part and can’t even buy it now so it probably needed it at some point. I will see if this helps the issue.
  2. How. Can I make it so you. Can?? I have no issues???
  3. i got my 1.7 SDI for £400 and had 145k on the clock.. i still test drove it, and expected it to have the servicing and owners history etc.. just because its on the cheaper end of the car market doesnt mean it has to be a shed. do some research and go prepared. its an old car its going to have problems
  4. Just as I talk about it. It happens today! I have two videos so I hope it can help. The first is trying to start the car. Note the battery voltages so obviously it’s dropped. the second video is once my other car is connected by cables. Few seconds and the voltage shoots up and can be started straight away. ( Excuse my dad yelling haha ) Can this be a case of a crap battery?? Or more sinister? IMG_0756.MOV IMG_0757.MOV
  5. i will do a video next time it happens! i was hoping it was an easy fix. what about my coolant guage?
  6. ok so first thing, if it happens again... and i turn the key to ignition... your saying the lights, radio etc... SHOULD NOT work ????
  7. also, what would explain the faulty temp guage? or perhaps just a fluke. i said i read in another thread this can cause starting issues
  8. Any idea on how to diagnose further??? or a fix for this ?? thanks
  9. UPDATE: i am getting an annoying intermittent starting issue. I cant predict when or where it might happen but i will try and describe what im seeing. Firstly, i noticed my coolant guage on the dash, was dropping to 0 when driving... I checked this using the cheap app i have and the ecu reports it was at the correct temp of 90 (been very hot lately) didnt think anything of it.... then one day i pulled over to the side of the road, turnt my engine off to let some horses go by... couldnt turn it back on.. there were no warning lights on the dash, all electrics work, lights etc... but just wouldn't start. made a weird like churning noise like slow but wouldn't burst into life.. try that 3 times then nothing. managed to get some jumpers on it after 30 mins of waiting around and sprung back into life.. no issues.....without jump leads.. it still would just churn for a couple of times then nothing i check my voltage regularly now. 14-14.2 when driving... key in ignition no turning it.. im measuring 13.5... the battery stays at 14 while driving over a period of 5 hours for example... all whilst this is going on the coolant guage is on then off and so on... i did read on here that "could" affect starting?? I have scanned the car for faults but nothing has come up.. VCDS i will check on the weekend but can anyone give an opinion??
  10. keep the updates coming. sorry i cant help with your current problem
  11. ok ill see what i have in the garage then.
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