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  1. UPDATE TIME: Another year another MOT! So initially poor Larry failed his MOT on a few silly things and emissions. This was suspected as i previously wrote in this thread about the exhaust manifold. So a few new indicator bulbs later and a new exhaust from the engine back. We are back on the road again! Will be doing another oil change soon - just awaiting the new crush washer for the sump plug and we are away. this weeks weather looks promising. Current mileage around 168k i think
  2. Yeah I’m sure this car has already been run on veg too. Working from home has shifted my focus somewhat but maybe one day. It’s still £1 a litre for nice oil from the supermarket which is 75p cheaper per litre at the time of writing this
  3. i dont get the hype. carrying around a load of **** on your car just isnt cool in my opinion. A rat rod on the other hand is done properly
  4. by my calculation, the fuel cost with the litres i used and the mileage i got 59mpg so thats pretty good if you ask me
  5. Yeah I don’t know what that is.. So the max I have ever got is 27L in my tank.
  6. We are still here Keeping this alive. Car has been faultless as normal. Dog duties and shopping etc. Took it up north again . as with all of us, feeling the pinch at the pumps. in Jan 2020 i used to fill up the car with £27 of diesel at 109p - filled up last weekend £49!! - 185p .. still managed 350miles to the tank but thats still a sting onwards and upwards!
  7. have you had experience of this in your SDI ? 50/50 mix
  8. same, 50's here but never 80 thats crazy talk
  9. i dont agree these cars will reach any status.. only the GTI obviously. Kids of today want tech.. and these cars are relics.. ask a 17year old what a tape player is.. or even CD.s... you have to manually turn the lights on! shock horror. they will just fade into the background im afraid. ill keep mine for as long as its worth it to me. working from home means my mileage is way down so gets used and abused for tip runs,dog runs and the occasional 300 mile stint to my parents. never let me down, and doesnt need to be replaced
  10. I have been eyeing up Denali lights for my motorbike , but they will work with any 12V source. Pricey yes.. but amazing brightness and quality
  11. UPDATE: There is no update. Car hasnt been used much in the last 2 months tbh - job change means permanent work from home, and i got a mazda mx5 for the weekend and a new bike so it has been relegated to the dog walks and general dirty jobs. Only thing i can say is the passenger side lock doesnt like to come up , when unlocking from the driver door . but we can let that slide until the new year Still trucking on 165k on the clock last time i checked
  12. would it not be easier and cheaper to pick up a lupo front bumper with the fogs.. swap out the fogs for DRL's and sort it that way ?
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