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  1. i got mine for £430, has cost me more than that fixing it haha! SDI lyf
  2. How about this as we are on the subject of windows. Sat in the drivers seat, the two window switches dont make either window go up or down. Sat in passenger seat, switch will make passenger side go up and down. Sat in the drivers seat, IF the passenger side window has been opened by the passenger.. i can then close the window i have replaced the switches and all were fine for a bit. and now this...
  3. Update on the blue beast. Cambelt kit and auxillary belt completed yesterday by a local vw specialist. Never got round to finding pictures and the kit etc etc so paid for the privilege. overall the car is brilliant. Looking to swap out these awful coilovers to someone on facebook who are looking for lows. Honestly the ride is horrendous. And finally... the engine light is still on.. STILL need to investigate the wiring to the manifold sensor.. i did change the sensor as that was cheap but fault still exists. Need some pointers. Im also going to say its probably sapping power . had a little whiz in my mates lupo SDI and his really pops! makes myn feel broken
  4. im using an app to track my fuel economy for fun. to a tank i am getting 340 miles with an average spend of £32-£34 . i am getting real world figures of 58-61mpg. My commute is 18miles of twisty,hilly roads, and then 15miles of motorway sat at 65-70mph. so 35miles ish each way. forgot to add i have a 2004 Lupo SDI , 147k miles, standard car with an engine light on
  5. honestly ebay coilovers are ****. i have them on my car when i bought it. i think they are JOM? honestly unless you like "lows" rather than a comfy ride i wouldnt.
  6. i gave up and have mine booked into a garage to do mine.. ideally wanted to do myself but never done it before
  7. looks like £7 went into that car let alone 7000
  8. hey, do you still have the glow plug wiring harness? Also if you do what condition is it in? thanks
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