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  1. I'm having a hard time decifiering that pdf. I was going to check a common earth point between the error codes I have got. Can anyone read that diagram? Thanks as always
  2. just an idea, since i have multiple codes that suggest open or short to ground.. is there any common earth points i can check to see if they are the problem. concentrating on each fault code and chasing the wire doesn't seem a good idea if they all are saying short to ground???? i took the battery off last night, and the battery tray. all looks good under it, so damp or rust. checkled the large earth cable that goes on the battery and at the metal work all looks good. so it cant be that. just an idea is there any other common earth/ground points?
  3. Thanks. I will see what happens tomorrow. I'll tape some needles on my probe. But I have very small cable ties too.
  4. Thanks for that I'll bear that in mind but just incase you didn't understand me, 1) You didn't answer my question. Which tape? 2) I have never touched electrics before so unsure of the dangers of touching the battery for example 3) I'm testing the ECU socket so not idea about the "back of the pins"?????? Appreciate the help. I will get to the bottom of this
  5. im sorry but if you cant afford to insure it correctly, maybe you should forget it. Your essentially happy with driving around un-insured??
  6. wow looks interesting. im local haha
  7. should i use electrical tape of celotape haha! really dont want to die
  8. This is what is stopping me checking the rest of the connections on the ECU - my probes are too thick... i need some needle like ones
  9. Ok I am trying to stick my multi meter into the ECU but the prongs are too thick. Any suggestions?? Thanks
  10. Ok so ECU out, negative off. Stick my red probe into the 1 socket and then the black into the ecu part 1 and 2 and I'm getting 0.04 ohms. Pic attached to make sure I'm doing this right.
  11. Awesome thanks
  12. Lastly, do I need ignition on or off for this
  13. Ok so I will try contact 1 and socket 1 Then I try contact 1 and socket 2.. That I can do. I will test tomorrow then.
  14. Ok sorry for the idocy but how can I test this??? I use my red probe on the contact 1 of the egr connection, and then stick my black probe into the ECU area on socket 1+2? Am I being dumb here ??? How can I do 1 + 2 at the same time in the ECU ha I must be missing a few brain cells
  15. Just some more background. The parts numbered in my pic have been replaced with new ones. Nice and shiney so that gives me some confidence in the hardware.
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