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  1. That’s the plan. Don’t get me wrong the car has had 3-4 times the price spent on it. But it means more to me than the money. I have a brand new car sat on the drive if I want driving pleasure etc. This is for commuting, a hobby, taking the dog out, going to the tip. But a useable car you know keeps me happy for now
  2. I get that. I do. I will ask them and see what they say when they get eyes on it. I tried looking but I don’t have the time like I said. If there’s signs of wear I’ll just replace it. It’s a £70 part worth it for my peace of mind. metal can look good on the outside but the stresses on the inside won’t be seen until it snaps. I have 152k on the clock so even if it hasn’t been done, it’s had a good run. A new one should last me more than Ill have the car for. There is no mention of it being looked at or changed, so I want to get a clean slate. The clutch itself was replaced 2 years ago around 5000 miles so that should be good for a bit. The coilovers on the car were on there when I got the car. I wound them up to a decent height as the previous owner liked to scrap the floor as it seems. I was going to replace with standard suspension at some point but they work and don’t leak so that’s good news for now.
  3. First off, I like getting ahead of the curve as the main problems with these cars. I don’t want to have to keep chasing things breaking all the time. Call this a sort of restoration. I have coilovers yes, I don’t understand that part of your comment???? Although this is true, why wait until it brakes? I know you said I could adjust the clutch etc but I have nor the time or experience. I have looked on YouTube and read through the forum and it’s just not clear enough to “have a go”. The clutch needs 2” to engage, and slightly creaks every now and again. i rather just get the garage to get a new pedal box in there, new cable adjust it all up and stick a lid on that chapter. I will then attack the other things on my list of maintenance. Like gear box possibly fit a new refurbished one, change the gearbox oil etc. Replace the coolant system with new parts. Etc etc like I said, its my daily beater but I’d like to hope I can semi restore it to new health. It’s a project and interesting at the same time
  4. UPDATE: Got the car booked into the garage again to get a new pedal box fitted. Very reasonably price, only half the cost of the car. I want to get ahead of the curve in regards to problems that might occur down the line. i want the car to be as reliable as possible especially when i go back to work and do the 70miles commute. I am nearly at my goal of all known faults fixed. Will update again once this has been done.
  5. not bad for 16 years old
  6. UPDATE: Been using the little blue beast for deliveries in the time of crisis. I work from home in the day and deliver pizza by night. Managed to accrue some extra cash from the deliveries which pays for fuel and maintenance so got some nice new discs,pads and fluid for the front. on inspection it appeared someone had replaced the pads but not the manky discs, which is weird when a cheap set from ECP is £20.. so off with the old, gave the hub and stuff a little going over with the dremel to remove flaky rusty ****. I didnt have the time, or new bolts to take it apart and sand it all down like i want to do in the future. but it looks 10 times better, ready for MOT time in 3 months. Might replace the lower arms (the triangle section of steel) since some of the rubbers are perishing. At £18 a side, its soo cheap, so why not. Any way couple of pics.
  7. got any up to date pics? interior etc? whats the service history like? up until the new/old engine i guess
  8. my friends car has got worse, so bad when sat idling, rpm is normal, but once going it goes away. he was told its gearbox related
  9. This is what the previous owner did. doesnt help but looks funny
  10. Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t even know how or where to access this bolt. How in the nelly
  11. the new one i have found is £60 from a VW parts dealer, brand new so if its a couple of hours labour for myself then happy days!
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