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Help with TDI valuation

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Hi all, I need some help to value an 04 Lupo 1.4tdi in black. It has 116k on the clock, engine management light is on but egr has been replaced in the past. Good runner, 4 new tyres, MOT until June, slow on one of them due to wobbly alloy. Some rust and door hinge needs sorting.  Not modified in any way as far as I know.  £30 tax. It has been stood. I inherited from a friend but with wfh I'm having a hard enough job keeping mine running so regrettably has to go. Can anyone advise on a reasonable selling price? I am in Norfolk so not exactly the centre of the universe for car sales. Any help appreciated. Oh and it needs a damn good clean. 





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Needs a fair bit of TLC, but nothing out of the ordinary for a Lupo. Depending on the interior condition, if no rips or deep marks, about £1600. If tatty, about £1400. Tdi's are very much sought after. Be patient with your sale. You will get the price. I'd buy it if I didn't have enough Lupos right now.

The check engine light is probably a glow plug, power steering or some simple electrical thing.

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As it needs paint and more, probably ave to plenty owners with no service history it’s between £800-1000 as I’ve practically learned all conditions of them in this last 18 months. 

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17 hours ago, Chris G said:

Bit of a difference between the two prices. 

I buy/sell a fair bit.

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