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  1. I've had mine remapped by a tuner in Llanelli on the recommendations of an enthusiast I know who had been disappointed with another local expert, I'm delighted with it, more torque better economy a delight to drive and as my wife had a Lupo Sport tdi at the same time the differences were palpable
  2. Lovely colour, needs the Sports seats from the 100bhp sport model, they come in blue so are a decent match, invest in a remap not a chip, but only on recommendations as they very in quality
  3. Fit manual winders, far less trouble, easy to fit only issue is finding them, measure twice before you drill the hole for the handle
  4. Synchro's go either side of 3rd gear too, looking at £500 for a rebuild, but yours is just noisy, change the gear box oil for a fully synthetic as a starter, that alone might fix it, if it doesn't start saving
  5. Arosa Sport on ebay, well priced SEAT Arosa 1.4 100BHP 3dr Red 102416 Miles - Good Condition | eBay
  6. Nasty, nowt wrong wi the toon
  7. As long as the engine and gear box are fine most other problems are fixable, take care of your power steering hoses though as they are getting impossible to source
  8. TDI and GTI have a hydraulic clutch, so avoid the pedal box issues that plague the other models, TDI just as fuel efficient but much more powerful and remappable
  9. One of the last Lupo's made, 75 bhp, various faults but none insurmountable with maintenance, keep your gear box oil topped up, don't do traffic light grand prixes and keep an eye on your clutch pedal. If you get trouble with your electric windows, ditch them for wind up's. Engines good for 120,000 with regular services.
  10. About 10 years, but by accident really as my son asked me to look for one for him, bought a 1 litre in red, then another in black, then a 1.4 16v, then a Sport, all ok but didn't impress that much until I tried a TDI, also bought a SDI, slow, pish poor compared to the TDI. Only car I haven't had is a GTI, my Arosa TDI is a keeper though, 175,000 miles, mapped, black roof, black headlining, sport seats, lowered but not ridiculous, 60 mpg, £30 tax, what's not to love, cheaper than shoe leather
  11. Many of the Lupo GTI models sold in Nippon get re-exported to Britain as we are like you right hand drive and almost all are in very good condition. Your car sounds as if it has been used properly. Good to know you are looking after it.
  12. Compare this to a Mini Cooper of the same age, and it seems a lot of money, actually on a par with JCW Cooper S. To me that's barking mad as the Supercharged BMW Mini with a z axle rear suspension is an infinitely better car. Lupo's and Arosa's were supposed to be cheap cars, to buy and run.
  13. I can offer you a purple Mini Cooper 55 plate if that's of interest
  14. On the 1.4 tdi diesel gearbox problems around the 3rd gear synchro's, quite common and you are looking at £500 for a rebuild, down to driving style really. The other models suffer from pedal box failures and again gearbox problems that start with the loss of 5th gear. That though is just them being crap gear boxes. The tdi and the GTI have hydraulic clutches so don't have pedal box failures. Mini gear boxes also problematic but were changed after 2004 to stronger units.
  15. The Mini sold and continues to sell well, there are lots of sources for spares and a huge number being broken, so not expensive to fix, a clutch replacement is quite a big job though, gear box out, so a minimum of £500 and they don't last very long, just done that on mine. Seats wear and don't last or clean up like a VW one will, the interior is stylish but the quality is indifferent so they cant hide the mileage in the way most VAG vehicles can. If you are thinking of a Mini, study the form I mean the extras, there are so many you won't find two vehicles the same, leather is very desirable as
  16. I have owned every version of Lupo bar the GTI, I also own a Mini Cooper r50 and have experience of a family members Mini Convertible. For costs and reliability the Lupo TDI wins every time, however driving, and style its not as good as the Cooper, the soft top is best avoided, heavy cramped in the rear and poor visibility. If your budget is tight get a Loop or an Arosa.
  17. I'm in the process of renovating my daughters Mini Cooper whilst it has some nice features particularly the rear suspension set up, & looks cute, under the skin its cheaply made and you need all the extras [which this one hasn't got] & these can hugely increase the price.
  18. If you ever get near Swansea, message me, as I have a spare set, you can have them, no charge
  19. I can't see them salting the roads in Jersey so it might never need rustproofing
  20. The Sport models come with rear discs, other than that the other models petrol and diesel are the same, I'd imagine rust is a big problem for you in the frozen North
  21. Put an ebay search into your computer, then take your pick, if you are in South Wales I can give you a set of Arosa 14" alloys, gratis https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2062857.m570.l2632&_nkw=vw+lupo+lowering+springs&_sacat=107059
  22. Photo's aren't good enough to determine how good it is, mileage is low but the caveats for these delicate cars is always the bodywork and it needs a thorough inspection if you are considering paying Japanese import prices for one.
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