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  1. Just because its possible it doesn't mean that you should, how long will your front tyres last and the interior is awful too
  2. Haven't got around to fitting them yet, will let you know
  3. I love the wheels and the colour, well done
  4. I fitted them to Mk 1 and Mk 2 Golfs and to my Sirocco 16v, with good results, many though made the mistake of putting them on a Mk1 Golf without fitting a lower brace to tie the wish bones together.
  5. I've bought one of these, cheap as chips not difficult to fit but putting one on my Mini Cooper was a bit of a disaster so would like the opinions of others Aluminium strut brace for VW Lupo Front Top Polished 3 Pieces Adjustable | eBay
  6. The seller says he's had offers of over £1k for the car, I'm surprised to be honest but it seems there is a lot of interest
  7. Agree which is why I suggest the slow accumulation of parts at the right price over time, slowly slowly catchy monkey
  8. Check the wheels for movement but I'd buy that and slowly accumulate the repair panels, not a scrapper
  9. Which gear is difficult to engage, if its 3rd gear on the way up its gearbox synchro's these wear if you hammer the car
  10. TDI has a hydraulic clutch, mine has 175,000 on the clock and I'd say mine has both these issues but neither bad enough to be annoying, the Lupo sport I had even more miles but the clutch was good, and minimal rattle
  11. I sold mine with a leccy sunroof last year, that was quite rare as is a car with air con, open air is rarer still but given our climate not really sought after, don't know what the tom and tim refers to, sorry
  12. they look ok on that car but not on a Loop
  13. If that's the Birtley near Chester le Street it's at your own risk
  14. Don't like them I'm afraid, decent price if they float your boat, but not for me
  15. its too far away for me but there must be people closer that will chance it
  16. Why hasn't this car been snapped up Seat Arosa 1.4 Diesel Good Condition 137k miles | eBay
  17. It was so much of a pain I only did one side
  18. Mileage is low, its a TDI Sport model, so desirable, need a £100 spending on the worlds best cheap car valet and you should get £1000, do that and I'd probably give you a grand for it.
  19. I'd owned mine since 1990 an early 1984 car it was much modified, larger brakes, 16v engine polybushed front end, single wiper, leather, drilled airbox and big stainless exhaust, when it was scrapped the rear door was still oozing waxoyl
  20. R53 has the supercharger fitted 168 bhp but by fitting a smaller pulley and remap it can be 210 bhp in line with the JCW model. The ordinary Cooper with the same 1.6 engine but no puffer puts out 115 bhp, a little less than the Lupo GTI but with independent rear suspension more than a match on twisty roads. If I'm being honest a basic non air con Cooper has a significantly lighter front end than the R53 with its puffer, extra radiators and hefty air con and its radiator and feels nicer to drive.
  21. Scraped it 15 years ago
  22. Always fancied a set of these for my Mk 2 Golf 16v.
  23. The Cooper S has more power & torque than the basic Cooper which is roughly on a par with the Lupo GTI but its has the weight of the super charger, its radiator, and as often as not air conditioning that slightly compromises the handling, find a late R50 Cooper with a Getrag gear box and no air con & you might give up on a Cooper S. Both a handling revelation though compared to the Loop
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