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  1. me neither spyware and adverts
  2. me too, massive understeer with a lump like that...why
  3. partial conversion for sale in Bristol https://www.gumtree.com/p/volkswagen/project-vw-lupo-2.3-v5/1355088968
  4. If for example you swap a 200 plus bhp engine into a 75bhp Lupo you will find chassis and brakes overwhelmed and yes you are more likely to kill someone, if it were just yourself say on a race circuit then who cares but on the British roads, forget it.
  5. Neither side, I think I have got it wrong
  6. No sign of a leak in the cooling system at all which is a good thing and thinking more about it, it would be red fluid in the footwell not blue or green, so far neither so it may be just the wet weather we have had. Its also got a sun roof so the drains need checking too
  7. No puddles of blue anti freeze on the floor so far from certain that it is a problem, my grandson cleaned the interior too so the smell might be the crap he spayed on the dash? Is there any kind of test that would confirm it?
  8. I think the heater matrix on my Lipo TDI is on the verge of getting go, unexplained condensation and a small of glycol. How big a job is this, has anyone done it as a job, help appreciated
  9. Sorry for the delay In replying, South Wales with its high rainfall and mild winters is pretty gentle on the underside of cars, I have had a Sport in the past and wasn't that impressed with its performance though handling and braking were e.excellent. If I buy another one I think it will have to be a GTI. Good luck with your sale.
  10. Do you know where the car has spent most of its life, I ask because some parts get little snow or ice and as a result have less salt corrosion on the underside.
  11. Need some pictures external and internal, details of modifications and or defects, age and reg number too
  12. weslangdon

    I'm stumped

    Have you sprayed wd40 or similar onto your key prior to inserting it, accepted its likely something more complex but I've had that problem with an Arosa and it just needed extra lubrication
  13. There's a TDI for sale on Lewis for not much money, might still be on Gumtree
  14. I saw a Lupo TDI in Tivoli, West of Rome a couple of years ago, the only one I saw in nearly two weeks in Italia
  15. Wrong direction, would need to be a bargain
  16. I'd be tempted to shop around for quotes or offer to supply the parts required, they're cheap enough on Euro Car Parts, you should be tempted to change the shock absorbers and springs together as coil overs, these will improve look and handling of the car and be easier and simpler to fit, probably as cheap as buying new shockers too. Whatever you do don't scrap the car, at that mileage the engines barely run in
  17. West of Reading would be good, any other direction not so good
  18. I'd be interested in it as is too, how much do you think it's worth
  19. Check out the usual places flea bay, gumtree and the adverts on this site
  20. Cops always look for the easy way of creating a crime; being fundamentally lazy they target car drivers because drug dealers, fraudsters and corporate criminals are far far too difficult for them
  21. Up rate your brakes, this should always be the first move because with better brakes you can drive your at faster
  22. Nice though you may be pricing it at the upper end of the price range, 5 speed a disadvantage over 6 for no real reason. Mileage low but not exceptionally low, so you may need to haggle
  23. Lovely colour, tricky bit is the connections
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