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  1. If its not solved by this then its the gear box synchro's
  2. A couple of socks with rice in them work quite well instead of crystals
  3. No it won't as long as you wash any salt it may have on the underneath before you put in storage. Worst that can happen are seized brakes
  4. Arosa Sport models have the best seats in my view
  5. The 205 and its bigger brother were very good cars, the Renault 5 Turbo was very poorly built so a poor choice
  6. Re the rear hatch, does the key turn in the lock, if it does then its sticking and some WD40 on the key and worked in might fix it, failing that you will need to take the rear door panel off from the inside of the car and release it manually. The electric window sounds like a broken regulator, if its clicking, it suggests the motor is trying to do its job, again door panel off and replace the regulator, often its just as easy to replace the regulator with the motor still attached, you have hours of fun ahead of you
  7. Compared to the Jap imports its a bargain, that's me thinking its a GTI, sorry
  8. If that's the Hastings Direct thing I'd avoid too as its half owned by the most loathed bank in the world, Goldman Sachs and its reviews are awful
  9. On the UP though they are like a very modern car, completely different and better
  10. Where you, some one on the Forum might be close enough to help?
  11. I have consistently had problems with brakes on my Tdi cars, recently I have driven a basic VW Up and the anchors were on another level all together. Had anyone considered fitting the Servo from an Up to Lupo? This type of change was a regular event to improving brakes on Series 1 Golfs & Scirocco's?
  12. Very pretty little car with the open air sunroof, this would sell well in good weather, not sure about a cold day like today https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Lupo-1-4-16v-OpenAir-Sport/324064578153?hash=item4b73c10a69:g:1M0AAOSw5v9eOxi2 Ilkley, which is Yorkshire between Leeds and Skipton, if I remember correctly
  13. I don't think that matters at all as it'll need a bit of paint
  14. If the black one can't be resurrected and its to be scrapped I'd buy the driver-side lower rear 3/4 corner off you to weld into my wife's tdi Lupo
  15. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volkswagen-lupo/324057840226?hash=item4b735a3a62:g:aZ4AAOSw83deMgcb Needs a front wing and a bit of care to rear bumper and the interior is shocking but it does have an MOT, [until next September] according to the DVLA
  16. Agree, cross country in Wales is as slow or slower than using the motorway, all roads serve London Looks like its sold.
  17. Lots of faults but comes with a long MOT, and is a cheap starter to owning a GTI https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/white-lupo-gti-modified-1-6/254493203283?hash=item3b40fa1b53:g:56EAAOSwd8BeLU8h
  18. On fleabay, poor photo's and not enough information https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lupo-Gti-supercharged/324055676441?hash=item4b73393619:g:X3IAAOSwVR9eL1Xn
  19. Its is a good colour, 04 makes it amongst the youngest too, 78,000 is low , so looks like I need to eat my words, other goodies that help are a sun roof and exceptionally rare air con
  20. Colour and condition also has a bearing on the price & it most be post 2001 to qualify for £30 road tax. I think £1900 is very optimistic and as these cars can do mega miles condition is more important than mileage.
  21. Red one is a semi stripped out TDI from Ammanford that I tried to buy, no rear seats but at the time lots of potential and a bargain price
  22. Agree, can be undone from the inside, no need for damage
  23. Yep, done it before though on a Mk 2 Scirroco
  24. Seems to be mainly a drivers side issue, which is odd as I'd expect more rust on the nearside, I've had mine welded up but the car originated in Darlington so will have had a lot of winter salt exposure, the rust on the rear 3/4 is cosmetic, terrible photo though
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