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  1. weslangdon

    My new car

    French cars of that era, Renaults and Pugs don't rust
  2. weslangdon

    LUPO SDI good condition £900 £30tax 149k light blue

    probably, can't remember having to do anything but change the oil, and even that I'm told could be recycled via the fuel tank
  3. weslangdon

    LUPO SDI good condition £900 £30tax 149k light blue

    My old Merc diesel OM617 would run on anything
  4. weslangdon

    LUPO SDI good condition £900 £30tax 149k light blue

    Strange that the TDI can't use these biodiesel fuels as I believe the 3l Lupo is advertised as Biodiesel friendly http://www.volkspage.net/technik/ssp/ssp/SSP_218.pdf
  5. weslangdon

    3 rear seats for Lupo

    These seem to be very rare, has anyone got one to sell or does anyone know if the equivalent from a 6n Polo would fit? As these seem much more readily available.
  6. weslangdon

    3 rear seats for Lupo

    thanks, where does he live?
  7. weslangdon

    Adrian's GTI clean up!

    add a bit of drain cleaner not too much though at it can take the paint off
  8. weslangdon

    Lupo GTI

    Looks like you don't have speed bumps were you live?
  9. weslangdon

    Lupo 3L 1.2tdi Spares or Repair

    would a standard tdi gearbox be the best answer for this car in the long term
  10. weslangdon

    Lupo Sport common problems

    If the car has been lowered be prepared for new wheel bearings
  11. weslangdon

    2001 LUPO S (OPEN AIR model - rare)

    add cat cleaner and then take it for a half hour run keep the speed at 70 mph, that should clear the light, the window is probably down due to the switches rather than the motors
  12. weslangdon

    LUPO SDI good condition £900 £30tax 149k light blue

    I think it's got a few of my family members too, hence the comment
  13. weslangdon

    LUPO SDI good condition £900 £30tax 149k light blue

    But it is in N/land which as everyone in the NE knows means its a cut above South Shields
  14. weslangdon

    Drivers side washer jet not working.

    the trick is to add a bit of drain cleaner once a year to keep the jets clean but don't over do it as it will damage the paint on your bonnet of its not diluted
  15. Give it a full dose of cat cleaner and give it half-to an hour on a motorway
  16. weslangdon

    Lupo GTI

    There's nothing wrong with that car
  17. weslangdon

    Lupo Sport

    When Britain crashes out of the EU and the £ becomes worthless we will only be able to afford to run an SDI or a TDI, using red diesel
  18. weslangdon

    LUPO SDI good condition £900 £30tax 149k light blue

    Sand Dancer, check everything😉
  19. weslangdon

    Lupo/Polo GTi front calipers & 280mm carriers

    I'd need bigger wheels, 15" minimum, worth doing though for any car with the 256 mm discs and calipers, more needed for the 239mm brakes though
  20. There are a few different engine codes for these engines varying with the vehicles they were fitted to, has anyone used a Polo TDI engine with the BNV BNM or BMS codes, are they interchangeable? This could be an issue if the Lupo engine ever breaks or for someone with a Polo or a Fabia looking to fit a TDI unit from a Lupo or an Arosa
  21. weslangdon

    TDI engine codes

    Too far away, sorry
  22. weslangdon

    TDI engine codes

    Its to go into a 57 plate Polo, which has a seized engine, I would agree with the comments about the later engines being weaker, I have two 2001 TDI's with huge mileages, whereas this failed engine on the Polo only has 66,000 miles on it.
  23. weslangdon

    engine swop

    Brake system is different too, sport has rear discs and bigger front calipers, you might get away with just changing the fonts though but it's quite involved, overall though I wouldn't bother
  24. weslangdon

    1.4 tdi Fantasia Green - £450

    Reg would be useful as some of us like to check if its a CAT C or D but at that price it doesn't really matter, I'd buy it but Scunny is too far away
  25. weslangdon

    Lupo tdi mpg

    that equates to my average, more or less depending on the run type. 70mpg is a fantasy unless you are prepared to do Motorway runs at a steady 55, but 10mpg is equally ridiculous, either a leak or theft

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