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Time for a respray... metalflake?

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My black SDI has so many microscratches, little dents and skuffs now, I think it is time. Everything else is mint. Ok, the rear arches are like new, but only because I'd already derusted them and fixed them about 4 years ago.

So.... I'm thinking of filling where it needs it, rub the whole thing back to basecoat, 2k primer filler, new black basecoat, but then something different. So over the basecoat, instead of a standard clear lacquer, I might chuck some of that flip or holo powder in with the first clearcoat. Then a regular clear for the second and third coat. By only 'treating' the outside paint finish, inside will still match perfectly, since the main colour is the same.

Thoughts on what powder looks really good over black? There are loads out there.




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Been talking about it with other people offline... It's very much a love it or hate it thing. Marmite. "Don't." And "you absolutely must do it". Hmm.

I've done a gold to blue flip on a white mk1 which looked great in the sun, but piss yellow on a cloudy day. So not so good. I did a green to purple flip on a mk3 over a lhasa green base, which looked good but the effect was hardly noticeable. Looked like a slight metallic.

So just leave it plain black? Or go totally mad? Need some more opinions... Here's another more subtle example:


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On a standard car it looks naff, on many a modded car it also looks naff. Some can pull it off, but usually they need to be low and wide.

Subtle over shouty me thinks...

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Flake is more low rider or drifting thing, you may as well add lace work too!:



How about Mercedes Blauschwartz  db199  - looks black in certain lights, anthracite in others:


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So keep it black then. Or magic metallic black or something. B O R I N G.

Yeah, ok, so I get it. More people hate the idea of a standard diesel Lupo (E spec too) being glammed up than leaving it alone. I'll leave it alone. :)

So stock paint it is.

Wheels? No lowering around where I live... country roads.

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I love metallic or cars with a fleck.when the sun is out its like you have another car.If you have red seats then I'd go red fleck.etc,if seats are grey then silver fleck in my opinion this could look oem.

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Posted (edited)

Yeah that's @Rich's idea too. LC9Z colour. Had a passat here yesterday in the sun with that colour. Could hardly tell it was a metallic, looking as black as my SDI parked next to it. So I dunno. It's like you want to make a statement colour, but not be in your face. So an OEM look, that has black as a main colour (so i don't need to do a full strip down, including engine bay). Tricky decision.

like here you have two almost identical audis. One you'd never notice as it's driving around. Understated. Discreet. Refined. The other is a case of "hey I'm over here". "Look at me!" "La la la..." I'd like my black SDI to go a little above boring, but not in your face loud... I think I'd be embarrassed to be seen driving a Lupo in that colour.



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If it's not a complete change of colour (without interior and engine bay) it will look crap... Stay with the black or a metallic variant of it.

Cambridge lights and nice alloys and there you go :)

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