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Fresco Green Lupo - I bought one!

Ray Singh

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Hello All.

I have just bought a Fresco Green Lupo 1.4 16v today from a nice chap in Bristol. The car is for my daughter who is learning to drive.

We spent the afternoon cleaning the exterior and will clean the inside tomorrow, weather pending.

We have already noticed that the car needs a new exhaust. Does anyone here have a spare? I cant find evidence of cam belt change, so will do this too.

The lights on the heater control panel were working this evening, but then stopped - any ideas please?

A picture - from the advert.....



The car appears to have cambridge rear lights. Were these original? There is also a square hole in the black part of the rear bumper, what might this have been for? 


Many thanks



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Thanks for the warm welcome.

I have a few technical questions, so will ask in the appropriate forum sub thread.

C3peto - Thank you for the offer. I will keep these for now. But you are first in line if i decide to sell up.

LR5V - I will check this today, but cant think of anything funnier than a little Lupo pulling a caravan!

I need a new exhaust. The fan will only work on postions 3 and 4 and the lighting behind that panel worked for 10 mins then went off. I also need a window winder handle for the 'Keep fit' windows. Indicator panel.

Has anyone got pop out windows? They are very cool.



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Looks like a removable tow hitch - hopefully whoever installed it did a proper job - yes, completely daft with a trailer, more likely used with bike rack, look for a light bar plug under the bumper or in the boot.

People love the pop out windows, Mk2 Golfs had a kit called Happich that sell for daft money, I would love to swap them on my Gti, but they are heavier glass and removing the old glass a pain.

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The spend has already started. I've just ordered a cam belt kit and water pump, Service kit, oil, heater resistor, exhaust back box, fitting kit and a new aerial. Total £250. Will fit tonight and take lots of pictures. I might even have time to replace the bulb behind the heater fan speed switch!!

Insurance for my 17 year old next....

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Tow bars (at least the two i have) are made to mount to factory holes, no drilling required and having towed my 6x4 Ivor Williams trailer with about 150kg in it (so about the 400kg rated limit) with my tdi it was totally fine.


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An update.

My daughter and I have serviced the car on our driveway. It was interesting to see that they was no pollen filter, I understand that there is a mod to get one fitted?

We also replaced the back box on the car whilst on axle stands on the drive. We have cleaned it and re-sprayed the rear bumper in original Fresco Green. You might note that the original pictures i posted show some signs of damage.

I bought a set of pop out rear windows and am scared to fit these! Any advice here please?

I have also bought a set of 40mm lowering springs. My daughter is 17 and the insurance goes mad if the car is on coil overs.

We have also purchased a set of Arco(?) wind deflectors to be collected after the social distancing.

Lastly - We would like a set of 15" 4x100 wheels, ideally VW. Does anyone have anything spare?




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Another update.

Heko Wind Deflectors fitted! 

Front Calipers painted. 

I bought a set of Apex 40mm lowering springs from Ebay and yesterday i spent 6 hours fitting these after a day of Zoom meetings. They were a little challenging, but we got them done. 

I need your help though please. The front passenger side wheel is now sitting at an odd angle. It looks like it has far too much toe in, the top of the wheel is further under the arch than the bottom of the wheel. It wasn't like this before the swap. What have i done wrong? 

I will try and upload pictures of the offending article.


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On a standard shock, the setup to get the camber right is to get the lower edge of the wheel as close into the car as poss, while pulling the top of the wheel out. But my guess is that you have loads of adjustment slop?

You could find a level car park and setup the camber using a spirit level. Staright ahead should be vertical or about 0.2 to 1degree positive. I'd start with the ball joints first- push them is as far as they go and lock off the three bolts. Then mess with the shocks to get the angle right. Then finally tracking... :)


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Thanks @Rich - i need the plastics that go around the pollen filter. Do you have these? 

Thanks @SimonJ65 - looks just like my duaghters car, minus the fog lights.

I took the car to the local garage -they laughed and laughed and then laughed some more. On investigation, i had not centered the hub before tightening the two bolts. A quick wiggle and all done. We are very pleased with the result. I bought some pop out windows and rubbers and am going to install these as soon as i feel brave enough.


A further question please - the heater/fan - seems to rattle at any speed over 1. Sounds like leaves or other debris stuck behind the centre vents. Any easy way to clear this area?

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22 hours ago, Ray Singh said:


That looks very nice.  I think the red calipers look good, might have to paint ours too.

Our SE also has aircon, sunroof, electric mirrors & windows. Have also swapped the heated seats for some dark grey leather ones.




Have also got the matching front leather door cards, just need some leather rear side panels.


Sorry couldn't find the tool to rotate the above pic.

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