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  1. SimonJ65

    VW lupo leather seats and leather door cards

    Would you consider selling just the door cards and rear panels?
  2. Would like a complete set of heated leather seats & door cards from either a Lupo Sport or GTi. Anyone know of any for sale?
  3. SimonJ65

    '02 Arosa Sport Breaking

    Do you still have the standard springs and shocks? Does it have factory rear parking sensors too?
  4. SimonJ65

    Breaking moon silver GTI

    Do you still have the red HT leads & coil pack?
  5. SimonJ65

    Breaking - Lupo GTI Moon Silver

    Interested in steering wheel depending on condition. Can you post a picture please? Also need speaker wiring harness from head unit to speakers please.
  6. SimonJ65


    I have the same colour Citigo. We also have a Lupo too, not a GTi though an auto SE.
  7. hi

    do you still have complete engine and box

  8. SimonJ65

    Fitting GTi front arb.

    Got them too.
  9. SimonJ65

    Exhaust manifold for 1.4 16v BBY and AUB Sport.

    Yes, but are they any different?
  10. SimonJ65

    Fitting GTi front arb.

    Thank you.
  11. Are the standard exhaust manifolds the same or is the Sport one 'better'? Would they be a straight swap? They have different partnumbers I know but what are the differences if any?
  12. SimonJ65

    Fitting GTi front arb.

    What is the best way to replace the front arb? Does the exhaust need to be removed or can it be lowered enough allowing the arb to be fitted over it? Cheers.
  13. SimonJ65

    2001 (51) lupo gti BREAKING

    Interested in front hubs, rear spoiler and rear door cards (if you can split).
  14. SimonJ65

    Sport or GTi calipers?

    Other than being red are the GTi calipers different to the Sport front calipers? I know the GTi brake discs are 25mm thick and the Sports are 20mm but can the thicker disc be used with the Sport calipers?
  15. SimonJ65

    GTi rear axle

    What sort of price would I be looking at for a GTi rear axle minus brakes? Been offered one for £150 not sure how this compares.

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