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  1. Thanks. Was very pleased to find one with most of the options and an auto too. Think it might have been a dealers demo car.
  2. The leather seats I put in are also heated but thanks for the offer. Can you post up some pictures of the rear speaker panels?
  3. Would need to have the speaker grilles in them.
  4. That looks very nice. I think the red calipers look good, might have to paint ours too. Our SE also has aircon, sunroof, electric mirrors & windows. Have also swapped the heated seats for some dark grey leather ones. Have also got the matching front leather door cards, just need some leather rear side panels. Sorry couldn't find the tool to rotate the above pic.
  5. That's a limited edition SE, I have an automatic 1.4 SE with most of the factory options. They came with the Cambridge rear lights as standard.
  6. Can someone confirm the torque setting for the crankshaft pulley bolt on a BBY 1.4 engine please. I have found two settings, 90nm +90° for a flat head bolt and 150nm +180° for a recessed head bolt. This is the old bolt I will be replacing; I'm pretty sure I should be using the 150nm +180° torque setting but don't want to get it wrong obviously.
  7. They seem to be out of stock of a lot of models, well all the ones I would like anyway. Hope they get some more in soon.
  8. Currently have a steel sump fitted to the SE, part number is 030 103 601M which I think is fitted to the 8v. Is it worth changing to an alloy sump or just stick with the steel one?
  9. Found this in another thread, so looks like the blocks are the same size but can't swap the crankshafts over or is the stroke difference taken care of by the conrods and pistons?
  10. Still not sure whether the deck heights are the same or not, but surely they must be different else how can the block accommodate a longer stroke? Or am I being thick??
  11. Mine has almost all the factory options too. Haven't got the SE bag though, still looking for one of those. Not doing anything that couldn't be reversed.
  12. Auto box won't mount to block from manual engine. Bolt positions are different.
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