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Do you think these will work on my silver lupo.

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I'd be willing to guess they are some Halfords-only multi-fit 5 spoke Fox racing wheels or some multi-spoked specials. I'd rather get a decent set of 2nd-hand BBS's or OE rims, but that's my personal taste and not the OP's

I did try and 'mend' the link above but failed miserably, so our only hope of finding out now is that the OP returns to put us all out of our misery!

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I remember Fox racing wheels from the good old days of twin subs in the boot and Children by Robert Miles blaring at 140 decibels. Very 2002 Barry boy.


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5 minutes ago, mk2 said:

Love the exhaust... 

Back pressure.

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14 hours ago, danno said:

I can’t wait for big lairy body kits to come back in fashion.

Sadly, I noticed a few months back that Barry Boys has closed it's forum :( It's just an archive nowadays, albeit a magical one.... even a few **** Lupo's on there. Lupo was auto corrected to antiquated breadbin :D which did give me a giggle or two. Still, BB was one of the greatest car websites on the Internet in my opinion. Documenting utterly terrible cars for about 15+ years and nowhere has a database as complete as theirs.

Ultimately, the reason they closed the site was for a valid reason.... and they have a valid point... Barry culture has basically died and been replaced by cheap cars on finance. An 18 year old with a minimum wage job, living at home with his parents can probably afford something like a Seat Ibiza. Really, Barry Boy culture came from the massive insurance hikes in the 90's.... it was pretty difficult for a young (and even some older) drivers to find affordable insurance on hot hatchbacks and faster cars.... so the obvious solution was to modify the crap out of cheap shitty slow cars. Even slow cars aren't that slow these days and it's easy to get insured on nippy cars as well.

I think the demise of magazines like Max Power, Nuts, lads mags etc, and also the change in focus of Fast Car which now exclusively covers high performance factory cars rather than Barry'd nonsense also contributed to this shift in trend.

I'll always remember the good old days though...... dreadfully modified Nova's with a SNES in the glovebox, fur roof lining and the handling characteristics of bambi on ice.

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