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  1. I have in my hand the gti abs pump as promised by Rich. Do you need it?
  2. @mk2 it’s beyond me, I manage to replace stuff but that doesn’t always mean I understand how things work or why 😂
  3. Sad times indeed but I’m going nowhere Frank, I’ve had periods of no lupos over the last 12 years but still on here often enough. Rich still has his gti. Frying bigger fish at the mo, but CL will remain a constant.
  4. SOLD. All Lupos gone 😞 I’ll still frequent as I always do, maybe I’ll have a Lupo as a second car instead of the family car.
  5. Blowers are fixed. A nice thing with the cold we’re having up here.
  6. It is indeed Pete
  7. SDI, 128k, pedal box done, new heater matrix, new wheel bearing, new wiper stalks, needs resistor pack as blowers not working, new discs and pads, jvc CD player with usb and Bluetooth I think, electric windows, full 12 months mot, bodywork isn’t great, pop out rear windows, light grey interior but I’ve fitted dark grey seats which look much better, drivers doorcard a bit saggy, rattley exhaust, very good tyres, new front wipers, cambridge rear lights which have been tinted and one cracked, overall a good runaround, very economical I’m sure you know these are capable of 70-80mpg. Was going to advertise for £650 but to save to lowball offers I’ll ask £500, no offers, based in Durham. Again I apologise for no photos but the site has given me 5.02kb for images so I’m left with no option but to post a link. Volkswagen Lupo SDI https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/volkswagen-lupo-sdi/1395514350?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=sms
  8. I can send more photos if you PM me as I cannot compress them down to 5kb.
  9. Corbeau Forza 2k bucket seat which is welded to a drivers side Lupo seat frame, therefore retains back and forth sliding but no height or angle adjustment. Nice seat with cutouts for a harness but as the belt clip is one with the frame, a normal belt has been perfectly fine. Stitching coming away slightly as in photo, it is not ripped. Collection only, postage would not be worth it for you or me. £80.
  10. Got a few minimal things to sort out on it first and then take it for the mot so within a few weeks, not much spare time at the mo. I just need 5 seats and a boot bigger than a glove box so my kids aren’t buried in the weekly shopping haha.
  11. First car was a Lupo and a good few from then to now and I’ve loved them all but this was 3 1/2 years of ownership. I will have 0 soon, but not forever I’m sure.
  12. Sold. Nobody talk to me I’m upset.
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