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  1. I’ve got a longer list than my arm at any given moment. He didn’t mean this green one, my fresco tdi will be going eventually as well as the black sdi. Oh no I’ll be keeping the kiddie seat a few more years yet.
  2. Indeed it is. Shame there’s not too much sun around to see that metallic paint glistening.
  3. I’ve got 2 more Frank don’t worry just yet haha.
  4. Sale of Lupo. Poverty spec despite being an SE. Clean enough inside and out but rust coming through on wings. Recently had plugs, coil, exhaust from manifold back, rear shock and check strap. Tyres ok, wheels ok. Putts a little sometimes, was told it was egr but I don't want to look into that as it runs well enough and there's no lights on. Good cheap entertaining run around with a fresh years MOT. I'm keeping the wheel. £550 or £500 and you can offer £500 to feel you get a better deal.
  5. I’d lower it slightly so as not to render it impractical.
  6. Even now I’d be content with the power of a 1.4s. Providing it’s not completely slammed to the point where you can’t use it to it’s full potential it should be a hoot in the twisties.
  7. Not genuine, mine are Thule but they’ve came in very handy for me.
  8. If I got half of that for my tdi I’d probably jizz in my own face.
  9. I thought my first 1.4s was plenty nippy and a hell of a lot of fun, all it had was coilovers and some fancy wheels, is it your first car?
  10. These are now sold.
  11. As above, far too nice to be in my TDI so hopefully they go where they were intended, back in a GTI. The mats are in a used but very very nice condition. Very soft, plush and luxurious with the sought after red piping to the edge. As you'd expect the drivers mat has sustained the most wear but it is still very close to perfect. The only fault I can find on any of the mats is on the red piping on the passenger side mat, on the very front part that goes up toward the underside of the dash; therefore not seen. They are the pop clip type, not the twisty securing clips. If you l
  12. danno

    My new car

    @mk2 no bigger wheels here. I still love the Lupo for some reason. TDI outside is due mot next week, SDI might have its first mot in a couple of years before the year is out.
  13. I do indeed. I did debadge my first lupo but now I'm all for keeping them. If you do debadge the front grill make sure you get the bonnet notch welded as it looks terrible if not done. Welcome along!
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