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  1. danno

    Cherry’s Fresco

    He had to rub the cock vigorously.
  2. danno

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Nah. Everyone knows half a sponge and a cup full of water gives the best results haha. @mscherryviolet I’ll give you a fiver for the Turks to do it.
  3. danno

    Cherry’s Fresco

    It is washed.
  4. danno

    Hi 👋👋

    I don’t know what’s worse, imagining myself doing that or him asking his Mam/missus to take that photo.
  5. danno

    Cherry’s Fresco

    I’ll fiddle that over time. The hard work is done.
  6. danno

    Hi 👋👋

    I’m just apologising for nearly putting her off CL, without actually apologising. Smart.
  7. danno

    Cherry’s Fresco

    And these new shiny headlights are truly beautiful.
  8. danno

    Cherry’s Fresco

    In other news. Power steering pipe replaced. The mk3 golf one did well for a while. But there’s nothing quite like turning a bolt to get it started, and it actually goes. Force was inflicted on the mk3 golf one.
  9. danno

    Hi 👋👋

    This is doing well at 5 pages. See @Charliepops as a newbie you are loved. Just be weird with us.
  10. danno

    Hi 👋👋

    Might see if I can get some for the indicators aswell. Maybe around the wheel arches too. Eyelashes are good for keeping the dust off.
  11. danno

    Hi 👋👋

    We’re a weird bunch here. Please don’t go, this is the light entertainment we all need 😁 Its all in jest.
  12. danno

    Cherry’s Fresco

    I don’t have my name to any cars, I’m just led to believe they’re mine until a newbie succumbs to my advances and she leaves me, taking all 3 with her.
  13. danno

    Hi 👋👋

    The genuine and honest female newbies are normally like ‘no please don’t send me nudes, I came here for advice on where to buy Lupo eyelashes, keep your wang to yourself.’ This one is gagging.
  14. danno

    Cherry’s Fresco

    I fitted new headlights so the upper bumper was removed, also sorted a fog light with a broken clip. For the sake of a couple of bolts it was easier. Power steering pipe replacement today. It’s getting some love this week.
  15. danno

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Just a spinning bolt. Cut it off and replaced.

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