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  1. danno

    yellow vw lupo breaking for spares

    What engine, trim, electric windows etc? Just general info
  2. If I asked for a car when I was 14 I’d have been chased up the stairs with ‘the slapping slipper.’ Any photos?
  3. danno

    Rat look Lupo Project ideas wanted! 👍😀

    I’m sure that was up for £450 a few weeks back. I do like an imp. Just have fun with it, comparing and competing won’t make you happy, this is the problem with today’s generation. Only you know what you like, and if others don’t well that’s just fine. Frank I feel like I sound like you hahaha.
  4. danno

    Pair of regular front coil springs *wanted*

    Yeah they’re fronts, I have something different on the front of the SDI. £10 plus postage? No rush, see how your mk4 plan goes. They’re here if you need them.
  5. danno

    Pair of regular front coil springs *wanted*

    I could do with rear springs. Before I try mk4 golf ones.
  6. danno

    Pair of regular front coil springs *wanted*

    Is that fronts, rears or either? Frank I’ll pm you a photo of the front springs I have when I get a minute.
  7. danno

    Pair of regular front coil springs *wanted*

    I’m in need of rears myself, also for the black SDI.
  8. danno

    Headlight Ballast

    It’s the car I miss the most.
  9. danno

    Headlight Ballast

    My old b5 pre-facelift needed some bits. Bought a 2.4 v6 b5 for cheaper than the bits. Kept some bits when they were both scrapped.
  10. danno

    Pair of regular front coil springs *wanted*

    @mk2 I’ll have a look asap, depending how busy work is I’ll try and pop by the garage tomorrow.
  11. danno

    Headlight Ballast

    Otherwise they’re for sale.
  12. danno

    Headlight Ballast

    I do. Yours if you want them.
  13. danno

    Headlight Ballast

    I have some b5 A4 headlights with the xenon ballasts I can sell if need be.
  14. danno

    Pair of regular front coil springs *wanted*

    @Rich if you two work out a deal I’ll collect and post.

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