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  1. Bought this a while back, when I’d planned to fit it to the sdi but changed my mind a long time ago. Comes with belts including the centre lap belt, the plastic ‘duckets’ either side of the seat, plus all additional plastics, screws and bolts etc. Centre headrest is missing but I’ll see if I can pick one up. I’ll ask £110, collection very much preferred but ask me otherwise.
  2. What’s an aht?
  3. I was expecting a glovebox. Welcome along 🙂
  4. It’s easier being a pussy. Frank we’ll figure something out so we can make it easy-ish for everyone. Coming to VWFest?
  5. I thought it was 75kg. Ray I do like your cars, the roofbox does it for me.
  6. That’s right, that’s a 2 hour drive for us, I do need to drive to Preston to pick up a towbar which is also 2 hours away from me and 2 hours away from s369qj. When are you planning this journey?
  7. Behind the arch liners? They get full of crap. Frank, was it a cup holder? Can’t remember if there was anything else.
  8. danno

    Lupo Sport Breaking

    I have a petrol flap and possibly 1 or 2 other useless bits and that’s it unfortunately. Sorry.
  9. Keeping it supple. Frank if you need one I’ll get it cleaned up and take some photos for you.
  10. danno

    Close Encounter

    About Hoes?
  11. danno

    Close Encounter

    Wonder if the Owner is a Hoe called Claire?
  12. We got ours done for about £90/£95 last year from a localish 1 man band. Cheaper than our windscreen excess.
  13. Believe it or not I sent a link to Rich and said I actually like it 😁 It’s got all anyone could ever need!
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