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  1. As above, far too nice to be in my TDI so hopefully they go where they were intended, back in a GTI. The mats are in a used but very very nice condition. Very soft, plush and luxurious with the sought after red piping to the edge. As you'd expect the drivers mat has sustained the most wear but it is still very close to perfect. The only fault I can find on any of the mats is on the red piping on the passenger side mat, on the very front part that goes up toward the underside of the dash; therefore not seen. They are the pop clip type, not the twisty securing clips. If you live local feel free to come and have a nosy, if not I am happy to post at your cost. I'm going to ask £70 plus postage (which I am yet to get a quote on)
  2. danno

    My new car

    @mk2 no bigger wheels here. I still love the Lupo for some reason. TDI outside is due mot next week, SDI might have its first mot in a couple of years before the year is out.
  3. I do indeed. I did debadge my first lupo but now I'm all for keeping them. If you do debadge the front grill make sure you get the bonnet notch welded as it looks terrible if not done. Welcome along!
  4. You’re welcome to them, fancy taking some snapped bolts out while you’re on? Haha
  5. Lowering and spacing all in 1 😎
  6. That’s it Frank, and 10mm plates, quite hefty and substantial.
  7. You can leave your suspension standard. These bolt to the end of the rear beam and essentially lift up the position of the rear wheels further into the arch. So they raise the drum/disc position/by about 65mm so while height is affected, you still have the comfort of standard suspension and it keeps your wheels dead centre whereas coilovers bring them toward to front of the rear arch.
  8. 10mm steel drop plates I bought but have not fitted. They have been fitted previously to a Lupo rear axle and lower approximately 65mm without compromising axle geometry. I’m told they will fit many other Volkswagens up to mk3 golf, polo models, corrado, early scirocco and early Passat. Hardware is included. Brake lines may require work or adjustment. Ta.
  9. I’m under the impression that they’re all interchangeable apart from the GTI, and probably 3L. Unless I’m mistaken you shouldn’t have a problem.
  10. De-wiper? I know I know. great in the summer but at this time of year it does no favours.
  11. danno

    Hi from Norfolk

    What year is it? The £30 tax is always a good selling point.
  12. Cover the edges of your wingmirrors in Vaseline just to p*** them off in revenge.
  13. Bloody hell, as long as everyone is ok, plus doggo. That’ll have helped with insurance though eh?
  14. Rich will do it if you can get to him. I’ve never seen the mirror rain protectors before, I like them.
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