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SOLD-Lupo GTi - Black, 6 Speed for Sale

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Hi All,

It is with deep regret I am selling my Lupo GTi. Only selling because my son has started learning to drive and unfortunately at 6' 3" he is too tall for it :o

It is a 2002 model with aircon and the 6 speed gearbox in black.

It has just 2 previous owners and 89k miles backed up with a Full Service History tons of paperwork including a fully stamped service book, service invoices, MOTs and original sale documents.

It has been serviced to within an inch of its life, primarily by VW main dealers and a VW independent specialist.

I will post more photos and details up soon but it is a standard GTi i.e. standard suspension, Bathurst alloys and the grey/red interior.

It even has the original number plates from the supplying dealer !

It is a lovely, genuine car that has been super reliable for me. It has had an easy life in my ownership as it has to share me with 3 other cars I own ;)

It can be viewed in North London, approx. 10 minutes from J24 of the M25 or 10-15 minutes from J2 of the M1

It is quite hard to price these as prices seem to have a wide range. I am asking only £3,500 for my little GTi which I think is on the cheaper end, particularly considering the low owners, mileage and document supported service history.





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Don't get me wrong. He just fits and he is happy but I am not, because his knees have to be positioned either side of the steering wheel with his arms resting on knees !

I think his height is mainly in the length of his legs as opposed to his body  

Not good if he is in an accident. He sat in the Up and he fits in that like a normal person so the plan now is to sell the little GTi and get an Up. 

It is a shame as I have enjoyed the Lupo and he also likes it. He had plans to change the exhaust, alloys etc but all that is out the window now. 

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Are you sure the seat is definitely all the way back and the steering column is raised all the way up? I really can't see why it'd be a problem!

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Good thought Rich but I already have 4 cars. A 5th might end up in divorce !

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Thanks. Interesting video I will take another crack at seeing if it can adjust further but it is weird. 

Saying that, Clarkson does have his arms resting on his thighs although they fit under the wheel/dash better than my son. 

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