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2001 lupo gti breaking

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51 plate lupo gti breaking for spares

colour: resprayed audi ibis white

cat d register - cosmetic damage to front passenger wing, door and wheel, car was bought back from insurance and repaired. 

Engine has covered 145k gearbox was fully rebuilt at 120k

interior is in good condition

passenger side front bumper insert is missing

One of the cupholders is broken

both electric window motor/regulators do not work ! 

drivers side headlight washer is broken plus the bumper cover for it is missing

gti bathurst wheels are matt black, could do with a refurb i still have the original centre caps which are painted in the original silver

momo team 280mm steering wheel, dors have some wear to leather (original gti wheel available too)

standard suspension not available

lupo gti kw v1 coilovers available

private plate also available L444 UPO

located in kent - collection on most parts is preferred but depending on what is being sold n where too i could possibly arrange delivery.

any interest or parts required please contact me on 07833944169 - text preferred

photos of the car will be uploaded later on tonight ! 

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Sent you a text mate, not sure if you've received it cause the imessage didnt seem to be going through. If you've not, how much for the sump pan, posted please?

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* Update *

Window regulator motors both broke - unavailable

passenger & drivers side front wings -SOLD

GTI pedal covers - SOLD

arch liners - SOLD

**** Still available ******



full grey gti interior (seats, doorcards parcel shelf etc)

exhaust system

kw v1 coilover suspension

gti bathhurst wheels

standard steering wheel & momo team 280mm including boss to fit lupo gti

driver & passenger doors





Passenger side headlight washer available - drivers side broken

Private reg plate - L444 UPO

Please message me for prices on anything in particular or text 07833944169

Cheers ! 

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