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  1. Hi, do you have the drivers side headlight washer need the whole bit and also the engine cover?
  2. Thanks mate! They are on there now, just needed a new jet!
  3. Hi Guys, my names Jordan. Last November brought my first Lupo after having a couple of Polos and a 72 Beetle. Was looking for a small sporty car to have some fun in when I stumbled across this one up for sale! Used to be Ollie's who also had a thread on there! Came with Sparco Pro2000 Bucket Seats and Oz racing 90s rally wheels along with some of the other common modifications. Thought I'd start a thread to shall the car as well as somewhere to place all my ideas and dreams for it as they seem to change daily! Anyway there are some pics from when I brought it and some of the changes I have made: Was due an MOT and service so a new CV Joint and Boot, ABS sensor, filters & fluids with a fresh MOT and she was ready to use! Also went for a Halfords Special Kenwood headunit as I couldn't get to grips with the one in it! After this, what happened next all came faster than I was anticipating but happy that it happened! I wasn't happy with the paint on the front bumper, I under covered some rust under the drivers side door rubber and then one of the many great drivers there in the UK decided he was going to try do a 90 degree u-turn around me in Westfield car park which resulted in this and the plastic on the rear light completed destroyed: Luckily for me being 20, the guy didn't want to go through insurance and paid for cash so was able to buy a new bumper and light. She came with the popular choice of AP Coilovers and a Whiteline rear anti roll bar. These were great, a bit creaky but a nice drive however where I live there is a few towns with what seem mountains for speed bumps and the constant scrapping was becoming to much of a cringe for me! I came across some fairly priced second hand Air lift performance air ride with V2 management so I snapped that up and was ready to transform the car. The Sparco's and harness weren't really going to go with the look I was going for so found some Mk4 Golf Leather Heated Recaros on Ebay for £170 so brought them and managed the sell the rears on for £80 2 days later! Amongst all this my drivers side window decided that it didn't want to work anymore so I set about trying to fix that which hasn't been successful to date! A new fuses, door wiring harness (cut mine up trying to fit the wrong regulator!!) and regulator have all been tried! The window now goes up and down with the key from the outside but not off the switch! Probably could of saved myself a lot of time and money if I knew the key in the door trick to start with but you live and learn. I'm currently waiting for a new switch to arrive as I can think of anything else it could possibly be!! Anyway with all the parts sourced I took the car to Jake at HR Autoworks (check them out on insta) Jake's a really helpful guy, helped me with all the bits I'd need to get any long with lot's of good ideas! List of what he done for me includes: Smooth and paint front bumper Paint rear bumper Fix the rust and paint seal Air ride fitted New wheel arch liners fitted Arches rolled Full Polish Door wiring harness and regulator fitted Theres some pictures of the car finished: I'm buzzing with how it all came out, love the OEM look of the interior! A couple of small things to sort but then she's ready to enjoy for the summer! Got some plans with what to do next but for now just going to enjoy using it then I'll look in to doing them next winter! If anyone knows what are the best rear dampers to use with the air ride are then that would I be very grateful to hear as I want to get the AP ones off to be able to sell them! The Sparco's are also still available if one is interested then drop me a message! Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Thanks, Jordan
  4. Great, will you post? And what are the tyres like?
  5. hi, do you still have the wheels?
  6. Do you have the drivers side window regulator and motor?
  7. Do you still have the wheels? I'm in Kent so can collect
  8. Will you post? And how much?
  9. Hi, do you have the wheel arch liners?
  10. would you sell the dashboard binnacle by itself?
  11. Wanted standard Lupo gti alloys closer to Canterbury/Kent as possible
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