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Found 53 results

  1. Fa51wan


    How can I get more turbo noise (1.4tdi)?
  2. Ant0889

    Rosa the TDI Daily

    Hello all, Recently purchased this as my daily commuter. Its a 2002 1.4TDI Arosa with 142000 on the clock and a stack of paperwork. She's had 7 owners, some had taken care of her but the previous owner was a student who clearly couldnt drive. The damage to Rosa was - Dented and scratched passenger wing, passenger door and rear quarter panel.Cracked front bumper,grills and number plateAll the brackets on both headlights were snapped or brokenThe bonnet was bent and creased (with added rust)The bonnet release cable was snapped.Reverse light didnt workHad one red and one black rear light.Some odd coke stains all over the interiorCracked fiberglass slam panel.passengers window regulator and motor replaced with a bit of wood!!! seriously who does this!!window switches not working.central locking tempermentaldrivers manual wing mirror adjuster missing.Most would of turned away but for £790 i could see the potential, the engine was perfect for my needs. So i rang a few scrappies and the nearest with the right colour and the right parts was in stoke-on-trent! 5 hours from me! so i loaded up the missus's golf and went on the journey for two headlights, a bonnet, window regulator and motor bumper and grills, drivers wing mirror and black rear drivers light. All those parts came to £270 all in which i didnt think was bad! Also managed to score the window switches for free and a cd-less headunit for £12. Saw this awesome sculpture whilst we were there too, made of hay bails and must stand at least 20 metres tall. Couldn't get close to it though! so i fitted the bits, fixed the reverse light (snapped wires near reverse switch), cleaned the interior and did a service(fuel filter,oil,oil filter,cabin filter) I also had the cambelt, noisy tensioner and water pump replaced for £350. So she now stands as the photos below show. i put Kurust on the bare metal, and brush painted over the scratches just to hide the dent till i get it fixed properly one day ive also added a few parts to neaten her up. crystal wing indicators with chrome bulbs aero wipers and re-painted the wiper arms as they were more corrosion than paint. silvervision chrome indicator bulbs to get rid of the egg yolk look. headunit and cupholder led interior light polo rear wiper arm and blade Future plans are - EGR delete Diffrent air filter routing and box Catch can Stubby aerial Fit a universal remote central locking kit Remap Some sort of diffrent alloy wheels possibly loweringcheers for looking! Anthony
  3. SuperBox670

    Lupo 1.4 tdi

    Hello, Looking for a lupo 1.4tdi as a commuter. Only seen 1 on auto trader but it's in Scotland, so a little too far; (393 miles), to not know if it's any good. Live near Banbury but happy to travel 100+ miles for the right car. If the car has been maintained with FSH, i would be happy to buy one with around 150k miles on. Preferably no rust but I know these cars are getting on a bit. Thanks for looking.
  4. Our TDi is way overdue a belt change, but with MOT time looming I thought I’d pick the brains of the Lupo collective about what’s involved. Do we need to insist on VW parts, and if not what are the best brands to choose? what else should we change if anything? and, do we need to use a specialist or can any competent mechanic do it?
  5. Well I suppose it had to happen sometime; after many years of fault-free service our TDi has finally decided to throw a fit. After an uneventful drive to work yesterday (to dodge the train strike), when I started up to go home I was met with a fair amount of vibration, and a noise that sounded like a mini tractor. There were no warning lights, and there was no sign of belt damage, obvious leaks or split hoses, and the coolant looked clean and the correct level. It's a 54 Reg TDi Sport with a measly 82,000 miles on the clock and we've owned from 18 months old. Any ideas before I throw myself on the mercy of someone who knows what they're doing? And when I get there, does anyone recommend a specialist in or around Leeds?
  6. Make: VW Model: Lupo Sport 1.4 TDI MOT: Passed 21/07/2017, valid until Aug 3rd 2018 TAX: £30 per year Engine size: 1.4 TDI Fuel type: Diesel Location: Near Lutterworth, Leicestershire Price: £2,900 ono Increasingly rare chance to get your hands on a totally stock, low mileage Lupo Sport 1.4 TDI. I thought I'd list here for a week or so before it goes onto Auto-Trader or similar, as I'd like to see it go to an enthusiast who'll look after it. Obviously it's up to the buyer as to what they do with it, but in my opinion it'd be best being kept as is rather than modified as it's such a nice example. As a bit of background, my wife bought a silver Sport TDI from a main dealer back in 2004, it was 9 months old when she got it and we ran it until 2008 when we had our son and it was a hassle getting him into a rear facing child seat, so it was sold. She always compared subsequent little cars to the old Lupo, so with no child seats etc to fit anymore, I found this one about 20 months ago and bought it for her as a surprise! Registered 31/12/02 and lived in Cornwall all of it's life, and that's where i got it from in December '15 and drove it the 300 miles to Leicestershire without any issues on a filthy December day. The colour is a really nice metallic grey, it has factory air con (still works a treat) and factory remote central locking (on the key, not a seperate fob) and aside from that I think it's all standard Sport spec. and it also has 4 x factory rubber mats which must have always been in as the carpet underneath is almost unmarked. Also genuine mud flaps with the VW logos on the rear ones. I replaced the old FM/Cassette player with a Pioneer DEH-8700DAB and bought a proper bee sting aerial which is roof mounted, all wiring hidden in trim and it has a microphone on the A pillar for decent hands free calls. This lot was over £200. and will be included. I still have the cassette player if a purist wants to go back to stock! https://www.pioneer-car.eu/uk/products/deh-x8700dab/support It has a partial service history but not full by any means. I insisted the cam belt and water pump were replaced before I drove it from Cornwall, so that is good for 2 1/2 years. We use Vasstech VW group specialist in Rugby and they have serviced it for us. Last autumn it had a full service and they found the fuel pump was leaking, so that was replaced, and it had new passenger door central locking as that was not always working. It just passed it's MOT yesterday (21st July) with front tyres being the only advisory, still legal but getting low. For it's age, the paint and body work is really good (always garaged by us) but for honesty's sake, the near side corner of the rear bumper has had a light knock at some point. I'm sure this could be sanded and resprayed but it's never bothered us enough to sort. See last image. My wife recently changed jobs and this makes the car surplus to requirements. We'll be sad to see it go but we can't justify keeping it. Please call / mail me if you have any questions or want to come and view. It stills pulls really well, and feels totally solid. Thanks for looking, Matt and Louisa 01788 860 716 07967 506416
  7. Soooo, I want to take out my coilovers and replace them with the originals or as near to them as possible. I was advised that the back ones could be taken out no problem and a replacement would not be needed but apparently the front strut and things will be needed to be changed or altered, I'm not sure what is needed to be done. I just want to take out both rear and front coilovers and get it back to sitting at normal height, what is needed to be done and bought thankyou!! Will other models of lupos have similar parts that I need? p.s it is a 1.4 vw lupo tdi sport 2003
  8. Mr_Sherratt

    Lupo 1.4 TDI Wiring Diagram

    Hello All, I have just bought a 1.4 TDI Lupo and i am in need of a wiring diagram so i can relocate the indicators from the fog lights on a GTI bumper to the side repeaters on the wings. the previous owner has really made a dogs ear of the wiring loom so could do with some help regarding this. Thanks
  9. Frazermurray_vap


    Hi, I'm desperately trying to find a Lupo 1.4 TDI with around 80-110,000 miles on the clock! If you are looking to sell one please contact me! frazermurraycontact@gmail.com. cheers
  10. Hi, Selling "Larry" as we unfortunately no longer need two vehicles and he's just not getting used. Rare wee car, especially with this low mileage and great service history. 88800 miles£30 per year road tax50-70 mpg12 months MOT (4/4/2018). No advisories (pretty good for a 15 year old).Good tyres on 15inch wheels - wheels would benefit refurbishment, though there's nothing physically wrong with them.Interior is original (red and grey) and in good condition. Split folding rear seats. Exterior bodywork black, usual city car marks.Front fog lights.VW fitted 6 CD changer and tape deck. Power steering, height adjustable steering column and height adjustable driver's seat. The driver's window controls are temperamental (needs a new switch to fix) and rear wiper spray isn't spraying (wiper works fine).Timing belt/water pump changed at 60k miles. Recent new front brake callipers, rear brake lines and cylinders, relatively new exhaust. These are very rare and this one has been cared for - as is evident from the mostly VW main dealer service history, big folder of receipts for all work done back to 2004 when purchased from VW Stirling dealership. Car located in Edinburgh. Email to arrange viewing. £1500 ono. Thanks for looking.
  11. Lupo_Belle

    Lupo 1.4 TDI Sport Wanted

    Hia All I'm in the market for Lupo...w00p! Looking for a 1.4 TDI Sport ONLY - I'm not interested in any of the other trims. I need one for the end of May so this isn't urgent but if the right one comes around can purchase. I have a 2004 Carisma going if anyone is interested in a swap. The thing is pristine inside and under the bonnet and has just had £500 quid spent on it plus loads of extra little bits done by the old man (a retired mechanic). Its got about 9 months MOT left n'all. I'm in South Wales but don't mind travelling to pick it up . Message me if you have anything going please
  12. JRoberts

    Custom exhaust fabrication

    Hi! I want to get a custom exhaust made for my 1.4 tdi. Want something different like an up and out pipe. Just wondering if anyone could fabricate me one for a good price, something that'll replace the back box would be great, with all the mounts added, (Something like the picture added) Thsnks!
  13. Lupo_Belle

    Welsh Lass After Stats

    Afternoon All New to the site and not actually a Lupo nor Arosa owner yet but am currently looking, aiming to pick one up before the end of May, hazar! So yes hello, I'm South Wales based although I travel for work so may some of y'all on the road. If any of y'all have a yearly running cost of the 1.4 TDI Sports trim (Lupo) or the standard Arosa diesel that would be great, just going of guesstimates right now but want something more concrete before I purchase
  14. His guys looking at getting timing belt done as cars getting to the mark... Looking at parts on eBay as the garage I always go too have changed supplier and want £220 for the part... Can someone link me??? SEAT AROSA TDI 1.4 2001 PO51 ### Great help please guys love yasss
  15. D_A_N

    Rupo - the red lupo

    Hi All, just thought i'd start a "build thread" for the lols. this is the day I got the tea bag home
  17. DentedRims

    Lupo TDi Sport for sale

    Hi I'm in Kent and have a Lupo TDi sport for sale! Will let it go for £650 including the parts for a rear disc conversion! This is the write up on eBay... VW Lupo 1.4TDi £30 tax This has been my daily commute for the past two years and has not missed a beat! Regrettably selling to go down to one car. It is 15 years old so is not perfect cosmetically but runs and drives superbly! Ok so I thought I'd add an overview of the good and bad bits to the best of my knowledge so you know what you are getting! I have been as honest and thorough as I can but may have missed something good or bad. The best way to ensure you are happy with it is to come and VIEW BEFORE YOU BUY! BAD POINTS: Exhaust Rear box is missing ( I had intended on building a full custom exhaust so I didn't replace it although it isn't noticeably louder and doesn't cause any running issues). There is a burn mark just above the drivers side seat pull. No handle on drivers side seat pull! I have a new one but it doesn't stay on. I think the metal bit it clips onto has snapped! There is staining on the seats and on the head lining. The plastic surround on the rear seatbelt buckle has come apart. The wheel arches would benefit being rolled (tyres don't rub unless the car pile drives at speed). You would need to do this if you intend on lowering it more anyway. Cosmetically there are some dents on the wings and on the rear bumper and a ripple on each side of the roof. (These were all present when I got the car and I have no idea how the roof was dented?). There is some rust on the inside of the arches and below the boot handle (the roof is not rusty! A relatively common area to go on the Lupo). There are scratches as to be expected on an old car. One of the fog lamps is cracked and the other seems unusually recessed in the hole. The air conditioning system has a leak somewhere. The passenger side window does not go down. (Another common problem with all VWs of this era). GOOD POINTS: It is an air conditioning equipped Lupo (though not currently working, see above). Spare oil filter and oil included for next service. Pioneer CD player. Alarm beep on arming/ disarming enabled through vagcom. Door auto lock enabled through vagcom (doors lock when you start driving). R32 front wishbone bushes with adapter washers. Front geometry set to 1.5* negative camber, 15 minutes toe in on each wheel (although this may be incorrect by now as was done about a year ago). 5 x 15" Renault 19 steel wheels with custom made spigot spacers (8mm) and matching spare all with uniroyal rainsport 3 tyres (passenger front is brand new, drivers side has about 7mm tread, two rears are around 4/5mm but slightly lower on inside edge (the cost of running negative camber lol) the spare currently has a puncture which should be repairable! Genuine VW G60 centre caps. Coilover suspension. I replaced the bump stops at the same time. Rear window detachable sun screen. Timing belt and waterpump was done at about 148k. Last service at 162k. Currently on around 167k. MOT'd until Feb 2017. Remapped from 75 to 100bhp including EGR delete (Blacksmoke remap makes a remarkable difference to driveability). 280mm Big front brake conversion. I also have all the parts for rear disc conversion including rebuilt and painted calipers (to match the front) and 22mm front ARB (currently 20mm) with droplinks / bushes to suit but this will be available seperately. As listed above there are things that need sorting out but overall A FANTASTIC LITTLE CAR THAT NEEDS TO BE SEEN Located in Ramsgate Sold as seen. Viewings welcome. Good price for quick sale.
  18. Benbiroe

    1.4 TDI

    Just put down a deposit on this Lupo 1.4 TDI. 95k on the clock, one previous owner and only ever serviced by VW. Everything is stock, so will be looking to change a few things over the next month so will be looking to make a few mods.
  19. Stephenpurcell

    Mysterious black arosa stripe wtf is it?

    Right so i was looking for a new car and i was going to be a right weirdo and buy an mx5 or an ibiza or something but i decided on this..i went to see the car and saw this massive black stripe down the side of the car, with two small stripes either side, was going to just peel it off when i got it home but now I'm not so sure...was just wondering has anyone else had or seen this on another arosa? Doesn't look like someone else has put it on and if they have it's a decent job..(i think so)...is there anyone out there seen this before? Curiousity is killing me..Can't find anything online..anyone know if it's standard or aftermarket?
  20. Hi, Selling my Kyalami wheels. From 02 TDi usual wear and tear with a mixed bag of tyres (1 new, two fine, one close to legal tread limit). Been off the car since Christmas, so now needing to sell and make some space in the garden. For pictures please see the Gumtree add - https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/vw-oem-14-inch-4x100-alloys-with-tyres-lupo-polo-arosa/1165763713. Thanks for looking £100 ono Located Edinburgh, EH10.
  21. Reluctant sale Genuine Lupo TDI handbook £20 ono £5 postage Used, some service parts filled in but car sadly long gone ? I'm based near Ely Cambridgeshire if you wish to collect. Thanks for looking
  22. Hello guys! I am new here but found the forum on google and seems really helpful since it's in english and all the others are in languages I can't speak. So here is the thing, I've brought a Lupo 3L from 2002 with 145k KM! It's in good shape, still has the automatic gear working OK but I've found some small problems or maybe it's just the way it is. First off, many times when i try to turn the car on, it powers up and 3 seconds later it goes off. Sometimes I have to repeat this 4 and 5 times to turn it on. Battery is good, I've tested (612 mah of the 650mah). Worse is that sometimes Start-Stop engages (normally it doesn't) and when I want to return back to drive the car goes off again. The automatic box was supposedly fine tuned but I don't know what it might be. Other thing intriguing me, I know the car doesn't have Power Steering by default. But honestly it's too hard, i've drove older ford fiesta, fiat uno, fiat panda and the steering was way more consistent. The first half turn is smooth but the rest jesus christ, you have to eat an ox to do it. But in reverse steering is way smoother like being assisted to be easier. Is it supposed to the steering have any electronic component to help assist on drive? And if not and it's just like that, how easy / costs you have to put power steering on Lupo 3L ? Apart from that I'm enjoy it, it's a nice little car with very low consumption! And it's a VW which delivers some quality and safety. Any tips to make it better, have even more fun and enjoy it are welcome! Thanks!
  23. riskydiscodan

    VW Polo 1.4TDi, GTi, 9n3, £30 Tax

    Make:VW Model: Polo (9n3) MOT: Aug 2016 TAX: £30 per year Engine size: 1.4 Fuel type: Diesel Description including modifications: Very cheap reliable car, done over 11K miles to and from work Alloy wheels with good tyres - one is brand new Air conditioning is ice cold Electric windows and electric heated mirrors Driver, Passenger and Seat Air bags The interior is in great condition, the exterior has the usual wear with a couple of normal car park dents (one on each side) VW service history until 2011 then independent afterwards. Last service at 88,650 miles which included new pads/shoes and discs, as well as wheel cylinders. The brakes have had a total over hall. Drives very well, had the wheel alignment and tracking done when I got it - need to for the miles I do. Comes with 2 keys, both central locking fobs for the alarm system. The car is a cat d, it had a cracked front bumper (paint was intact) and a broken tab on a headlight from the bumper moving when I got it, I was surprised that it hadn't been fixed as it looked like a parking mishap. I had the bumper, bumper bar and front panel replaced to make sure it was totally fixed and reliable as I can't afford to not have a car for work. Rather than replace like for like I requested the updated GTI front end and lights which I think makes the car look newer and more appealing. The only other thing to mention is that the clutch release bearing sometimes chirps in 1st gear, its always done it and never got worse. I've asked 2 different garages to check it wasn't the clutch and both said the clutch was good, it never slips and it drives perfectly. Location: Ashford, Kent Images: Price: £2595
  24. Make:Seat Model:Arosa MOT: 1 yr TAX: £30 per year Engine size: 1.4 Fuel type: Diesel Description including modifications: Full service (air, oil, pollen filters, proper oil, glow plugs and a new battery) All Top Mounts replaced front and back Both front wishbones and bushes replaced Anti Roll bar bushes replaced Ball Joints replaced Camber and tracking done 15" Lenso BSX wheels and 25mm PCD Converters Recently had a full service, new coilovers (not cheap ebay ones) and 4 new tyres less than a 1000 miles ago Timing belt and pump changed 2yrs ago, great service history Really good little car, been usng it as a 50miles a day comute car (car park at work is tiny) Handles well on the coilovers and isnt too bumpy, I'm old so that was important :-) Location: Ashford, Kent Images: Price: £1895
  25. Arosa Write Up Seat Arosa 1.4 TDI S 2001 I have for sale my beloved mk2 1.4 Tdi, I used this car to commute to work but have changed jobs and can walk to work. It will easily return 60mpg+. As a car enthusiast I love to enhance cars and have spent a lot of time and money to make this car fast, economical and yet look as standard as possible. All parts have been replaced with either original or OEM and I have all the documentation. Mature driver and always driven with mechanical sympathy. Dblock is my brother so you know the car has been treated well. It has all the usual mods. 100bhp remap which makes it faster and more economical. The 0.622 5th gear mod which does 70mph at 2krpm. This means super quiet and efficient cruising. The mod cost £300. All the normal wear and tear items have been done like the stat, temp sensor and suspension work and a clutch. So the car is good to go. Engine is sweet and is serviced every 6000 miles (half the interval) using the proper PD 505.01 spec oil. Gear box oil is also proper VAG stuff. Coolant is G12++. The car has been treated very very well. I bet you can’t find a car on sale that has been treated as well as this one. We have 2 Arosa Tdi’s in the house so we know these cars well. Please have a look at the ad on Gumtree http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/seat-arosa-tdi-14-30-road-tax-60mpg-1-year-mot-fsh-like-lupo-turbo-diesel-just-serviced/1124637582 · 2001 1.4 tdi · Canica Blue · 92k miles · Full service history · MOT 1 year no advisories · £30 per year road tax (Post 2001 model so cheaper tax £30 compared to £150) · Remote central locking, Electric Windows, Cabin Filter, Light Interior · HPI Clear · £2000 ono Works that have been carried out: New key fob (comes with 2 keys) Cambelt change, water pump and coolant flush @75k Headunit with iPhone compatibility Thermostat Coolant temp sensor New car battery with 3 year warranty Front brake discs and pads Front wheel bearings Ball joints front Suspension bushings front Inner and outer track rods Professional wheel alignment EGR delete with race pipe Remap (100bhp safe, more power and economy) Diesel tank ventectomy (can put in more fuel) Turbo N75 Valve Brake light switch Aux belt K&N air filter Diesel purge (cleans fuel system and injectors) Carbon pollen filter Boot tray Gearbox oil change Gearbox rebuild Clutch 5Th gear Mod (Higher gear ratio for better mpg) Relay 109 Rear brake cylinders Front exhaust flexi Bad points Starter squeels on startup (common VAG issue, doesn’t affect startup and easily remdied) Bodywork has some age related scratches and one golf ball ding (overall very good condition) Some very slight rust Squeek from inside car which I think is the boot (common issue, also easily remedied) http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t362/kessarsalimi/IMG_6141_zpsdvdzmgm4.jpg~original http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t362/kessarsalimi/IMG_6143_zpsfwg07cvn.jpg~original http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t362/kessarsalimi/IMG_6146_zps2vuvao8x.jpg~original http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t362/kessarsalimi/IMG_6148_zpshqeysgsc.jpg~original http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t362/kessarsalimi/IMG_6153_zpsoswsp9pd.jpg~original http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t362/kessarsalimi/IMG_6156_zpsmisiwez1.jpg~original http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t362/kessarsalimi/IMG_6159_zpsd0ueur03.jpg~original http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t362/kessarsalimi/IMG_6164_zpsa81fsefq.jpg~original

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