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  1. SuperBox670

    Lupo 1.4 tdi

    Thanks Rich, that makes me want a Lupo tdi even more
  2. SuperBox670

    Lupo 1.4 tdi

    Wow cheers all for the replies, wasn't expecting so many! Used to own the asz 1.9 4 pot version of the diesel in the 1.4tdi. Awesome engine and run it up to almost 250k. Flexible on the mileage as long as it's in good condition, but I've driven a long way before to find my old Fabia VRS, only to find the condition not as described... I quite like the polo 6n2 1.4tdis but I guessed the lupo would be a little quicker and more economical being a lighter car. I think the sdi will be a little slow for me as I'm coming from a fiesta ST Question on the servicing though, seen one which is 14 years old 84000 miles and 9 service stamps. Now I know it's important to keep these serviced regularly to keep them going but what about if the car hasn't been serviced every year, only every 10000 miles? Thanks in advance, SB670
  3. SuperBox670

    Lupo 1.4 tdi

    Hello, Looking for a lupo 1.4tdi as a commuter. Only seen 1 on auto trader but it's in Scotland, so a little too far; (393 miles), to not know if it's any good. Live near Banbury but happy to travel 100+ miles for the right car. If the car has been maintained with FSH, i would be happy to buy one with around 150k miles on. Preferably no rust but I know these cars are getting on a bit. Thanks for looking.

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