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  1. Super, that's really helpful, thanks. Yes, I think the clutch might need adjustment rather than replacing as it's biting well (and sounding good/stalling when trying to take off with handbrake on - that old chestnut!) But the pedal doesn't feel right and the stick is stiff to engage with the gear change feeling a wayward at times. I'll see what the garage says when they give it a once over tomorrow. Despite the gearing issue - picked it up this morning and smiled all the way to the valet! Such fun 🤗
  2. PerfeCt thanks @mk2. Great advice. I’ll get it into a local garage this week. Looking forward to getting it right and enjoying it. It’s been a few years since we sold our tdi ... regretted every minute of it!
  3. I’ve got a rattle while idling (goes away when clutch is pressed - pedal is very loose feeling at the top) Also we have a very wobbly gearstick. Could the two be connected? Is it clutch and release bearing, or could it be something more in-depth? Gear linkage perhaps? Rattling doesn’t persist while driving, all gears engage. Car is on 61k and hasn’t been used much (a few hundred miles) in the past 2 years. Any advice welcome. Thanks.
  4. Just sorted my wheels out with a rub-down and respray. Very satisfying work, I recommend it. I went for 4 coats (let the paint cure between coats) of satin black and picked up some domed centres from a vw show. Before, process and after pictures.
  5. Gumtree link updated - https://www.gumtree.com/p/volkswagen/vw-lupo-1.4-tdi-£30-tax-fsh-low-miles-12-months-mot/1229343803
  6. Gumtree link update - https://www.gumtree.com/p/volkswagen/vw-lupo-1.4-tdi-89k-miles-12-months-mot/1228972623 Some shots of the interior
  7. Hi Kirsty, great that you're on here too. I remember you seemed really upset when you sold us him/her. I don't have your contact details anymore, but you can email me them through the gumtree ad and I'll give you a call. Really reluctant to sell, as you know it's such a brilliant wee car, but he's just not getting the use now that we've moved house/i've changed job. Gumtree details here: https://www.gumtree.com/p/volkswagen/volkswagen-lupo-1.4-tdi-sport-12-months-mot/1228186454
  8. Hi, Selling "Larry" as we unfortunately no longer need two vehicles and he's just not getting used. Rare wee car, especially with this low mileage and great service history. 88800 miles£30 per year road tax50-70 mpg12 months MOT (4/4/2018). No advisories (pretty good for a 15 year old).Good tyres on 15inch wheels - wheels would benefit refurbishment, though there's nothing physically wrong with them.Interior is original (red and grey) and in good condition. Split folding rear seats. Exterior bodywork black, usual city car marks.Front fog lights.VW fitted 6 CD changer and tape deck. Power steering, height adjustable steering column and height adjustable driver's seat. The driver's window controls are temperamental (needs a new switch to fix) and rear wiper spray isn't spraying (wiper works fine).Timing belt/water pump changed at 60k miles. Recent new front brake callipers, rear brake lines and cylinders, relatively new exhaust. These are very rare and this one has been cared for - as is evident from the mostly VW main dealer service history, big folder of receipts for all work done back to 2004 when purchased from VW Stirling dealership. Car located in Edinburgh. Email to arrange viewing. £1500 ono. Thanks for looking.
  9. Hi, Selling my Kyalami wheels. From 02 TDi usual wear and tear with a mixed bag of tyres (1 new, two fine, one close to legal tread limit). Been off the car since Christmas, so now needing to sell and make some space in the garden. For pictures please see the Gumtree add - https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/vw-oem-14-inch-4x100-alloys-with-tyres-lupo-polo-arosa/1165763713. Thanks for looking £100 ono Located Edinburgh, EH10.
  10. Absolutely nailed it. Brilliant suggestion, thanks again sausage. Lovely, quiet doors for the first time in my 2x lupo owning history. Cheers.
  11. Thanks sausage, I wondered what that little bolt did! There's play on the bottom hinge so will give the adjuster a shot and see how we get on. Will let you know, cheers.
  12. So, I've been searching the forum and cant see this elsewhere, so let's see if anyone any experience of this issue. (Apologies if dealt with elsewhere - this is my first post) The doors on my lupo have been cracking on opening/closing - I've noticed the plastic around the checkstrap pin was oblong - so I ordered the brass inserts. The other thing is that my doors have been moving up and down when opening and closing - not dropping as such, just an up-down, up-down movement (visible in the bottom door hinge) as the doors are opened/closed. Doors are still closing snuggly on the lock. I removed my check straps and the doors weren't moving up and down any more. I received the brass check strap inserts and reinstalled the check straps - solved the cracking problem, but now the doors are moving up and down again. My question is - is the vertical movement due to defective check straps? or have my door bottom hinges gone? Any ideas? Cheers folks
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