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  1. This chap on YouTube appears to have changed to manual box https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrL8dRUJCJ0
  2. To be honest Sausage I’m not sure about the SDI gearbox though I know the 3L gearbox was designed to be as light as it could be.
  3. Here’s a link to the 3l self study guide. http://www.volkspage.net/technik/ssp/ssp/SSP_218.pdf should give more insight into the gearbox and the whole car.
  4. Weslangdon - I've read that some have converted back to a standard box, though tbh cant remember anyone doing it the UK. Been a while since I researched it though and it would add extra weight to the car amongst other things which defeats the purpose of the 3L. Though my feelings about that don't matter, the next buyer could do with it as they choose I just rather it be used again. Sausage - I'm not in a great deal of a rush, though my other half is. The last time I tried to start it, it ran but stopped straightaway (immobiliser issue) so i'd have to say no it will not go under it's own steam.
  5. Yep Rich Cornwall appears to a long way from most places, sorry about that. That was my thinking Mk2 as there aren't many in the UK. Some years ago I remember reading there were only 10. I had every intention on getting it back on the road but time moves on and I'm not getting time to sort it. My other half has been, In her opinion "very patient" and I suppose eventually I've told her she's right, I'm not getting round to doing it so it has to go and when it does, it will be a sad day.
  6. Thanks for your responses rab. The intercooler / pressure hoses where all good. After much time and head scratching I eventually found that there was a blockage in the fuel line and once cleared was back to it usual performance and economy.
  7. Many thanks for your reply rab. My apologies for the way I wrote my post as it sounded like the the Vains were ok because the output test on the N75 was good. I replaced the vains about 10 months ago and all was ok. Currently vains are not sticking. When they did I got a positive boost error. Current error is negative boost related. Any other suggestions, your knowledge is aprreciated.
  8. I was hoping that there are still a few proud owners of the lupo 3l and that may be able offer me some advice. My problem: over the past 6 months the fuel economy has slowly reduced and more recently has started to go into limp mode due to reduced low end boost. There has also been a noticeable drop in overall power especially when engine is cold. Having done lots of research with results from vcds and Vws with similar problems I have checked vacuum pipes and boost hoses for leaks. All ok. Changed fuel filter, cleaned out fuel pump and fuel cooler. No difference. Output test for n75 appears to show it is working correctly. No sticky vains. My readings from vcds for the maf does not reach the minimum as the suggested 600 at full load. Though it does get close at approx 540ish. I also noticed that when graphing the boost It will not stay stable and slightly dips and rises. So my questions are: Is this maf result right for this 1.2tdi engine. If not does anyone know what it should be? It's a pricey part and have read of some that have replaced it to no avail. Any other things I may want to try to solve the problem. Any help would be much appreciated
  9. Really helpful, just what i needed to hear. thanks again Oh and thanks for the warning All the best
  10. many thanks Derv, sounds like I need to splash out the cash and get one direct from rosstech and thanks for the basic settings procedure. do you know if the rosstech lead and vcds will give me the ability to find and correct errors for the 3l. as I mentioned rosstech don't seem to list the car or engine. thanks again derv
  11. I was hoping someone may be able to give me advice on the most cost effective way of using some sort of vcds / vag.com software and interface for doing basic hydraulic settings and error code checks/ clearing for the lupo 3l 1.2tdi. I recently completed some essential maintenance on the hydraulic system; accumulator, gear actuator gasket and pipe seals. I understand that after this type of work a basic setting should be done. the hydraulic system appears to work fine with 6 changes before pump kicks back in (only 3 before accumulator changed) and no unwanted noise when changing gear, however I would like to be able to do the basic setting to avoid any possible future gearbox problems. I have read quite a bit about vcds / rosstech and it appears that I could use registered vcds lite and a third party interface, but I would like to know from others who may be able to advise me if this is the case or any alternatives. my only concern is that when I search rosstech website there is no information on the 3l, just the hydraulic system (or perhaps i'm looking in the wrong place). any advice would be appreciated many thanks
  12. I would like to introduce myself as a new member. i think like many others, i have used forums for reference only and this is the first one i have registered for. I am a proud owner of a lupo 3L 1.2tdi and i hope to be able to share knowledge of this unusual gem of a car.
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