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  1. 14miles

    Looking for advice.

    Just like, water stains? No idea, they were there when I got them.
  2. 14miles

    Looking for advice.

    BTW It is a Y plate
  3. 14miles

    Looking for advice.

    Hi gang! It currently resides in Scunthorpe with me, I'm gunna be devastated to let it go to be honest but I don't have the knowledge/time/money to spend doing it up. I will whack some pics up when I get home from work but the interior is pretty stained and its got a bit of rust, it runs really well though. Thanks for all the help so far though!
  4. 14miles

    Looking for advice.

    I've got a 1.4 tdi fantasia green lupo that I want to sell. Its nearly 20years old with 163,000miles. It's got a few things wrong with it so is definitely a fixer upper. The backbox fell off last week, the window switch on the drivers side doesn't work and the bonnet handle is none existent so I have to pull a wire with a pair of pliers :') anyway, how much is my car worth? I got given it for free as my mate moved to Australia and I am so clueless about these things and don't want to undervalue it. Thanks!

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