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  1. Fa51wan

    Window seal

    Does anyone know the part number or where I can get the bottom window seal from? Also how does it come off?
  2. Fa51wan


    Which is? 😂
  3. Fa51wan


    How can I get more turbo noise (1.4tdi)?
  4. Fa51wan

    Lupo 1.4tdi

    It's fine
  5. Fa51wan

    Lupo 1.4tdi

    I've just bought it this morning, drives well but drivers window doesn't go down all the way it stops a fee inches before any reason for this?
  6. Fa51wan

    Lupo 1.4tdi

    Okay thanks. Also it didn't have the engine cover and engine was very clean as if he was hiding something. Is it fine without the engine cover as I know the 1.0 has the air filter in the cover?
  7. Fa51wan

    Lupo 1.4tdi

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a lupo 1.4tdi and went to look at one the other day everything seemed okay but there was one thing I noticed that I wasn't sure about and the guy didn't know why it was there either. There was duck tape on the catch of the boot lock covering the torx bits. Could anyone tell my why? Also is there anything I should look for when buying a tdi?

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