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  1. Fa51wan

    Coilover advice

    When I search on eBay I can't find just the bags it's always with the management. I'm guessing bigger air lines are quicker raising?
  2. Fa51wan

    Coilover advice

    So get a kit from airlift then get some bags off eBay? Would they handle the same as a better make bag?
  3. Fa51wan

    Coilover advice

    I like the sound of the height sensors. I wouldn't know what bags to get. Been told ocd can supply bags to fit.
  4. Fa51wan

    Coilover advice

    That's what I want to hearπŸ˜‚I want air so bad but get a lot of mixed opinions on it. Some people love it others hate it same as anything. If I were to get it I would go for something like the Air lift performance 3H kit. But I've been told air lift don't do bags for the lupo so wouldn't know where to start
  5. Fa51wan

    Coilover advice

    But it's quite round where the two bolts attatch? I'll look into that tho. How do you mean?
  6. Fa51wan

    Coilover advice

    I know air will never be as good for handling but at the end of the day I don't track it. It's just the practicality for me especially the way tdis are getting hard to come by. Just worried if the guard is for lupos in general and the sump on the tdi is lower I might have problems fitting it. In which case might be easier and ppsibly cheaper to get one made or make one myself.
  7. Fa51wan

    Coilover advice

    Cheers mate. Only just had the sump replaced so can't be bothered with the hassle of taking off to fit a guard then filling with oil again (had new oil put in few days before the sump went πŸ™ƒ) Might be stupid but could I not just attach a sheet of metal to my plastic guard?
  8. Fa51wan

    Coilover advice

    Not on a tight budget as I was thinking of going down the air ride route but think it's a little too pricey for my liking. Seen that sump guard before, unsure of whether it will be any good or not tho?
  9. Fa51wan

    Coilover advice

    Cheers mate
  10. Fa51wan

    Coilover advice

    Quite like the height it's at now but don't want to risk killing my sump again so either same height but need to sort out a guard or a inch higher. Was in my mates clio 197 and made me realise how bad mine handles (currently got eBay coils 😳)
  11. Fa51wan

    Coilover advice

    Can anyone recommend some good coilovers for my tdi? Want something that handles well without having to be stupid low.
  12. Fa51wan

    Window seal

    Does anyone know the part number or where I can get the bottom window seal from? Also how does it come off?
  13. Fa51wan


    Which is? πŸ˜‚
  14. Fa51wan


    How can I get more turbo noise (1.4tdi)?
  15. Fa51wan

    Lupo 1.4tdi

    It's fine

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