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  1. It's why we got the tdi. We were looking at a standard 1.4 but found this one that was for the same price. We noticed that there weren't many others for sale so snapped it up 😝. It's going to be a work in progress, it's got really good body work and no mechanical issues. It needs a clean on the inside but I'm on that with 'elbow grease' Were not ones for keeping a car standard. Were wanting some decent springs to lower it but are also looking at larger wheels so we won't have to lower it too much. Eventually I want to get it on air ride.😁 Sundays going to be my cleaning day!! I'm determined to get it sparkling inside and out!!
  2. I've just got my first lupo. It's a 1.4 TDI sport. Got loads of ideas for mods!! I'm looking at lowering it. What springs are people using? Any.sugggestions for mods are appreciated!! it's silver so I'm thinking a silver, black and red theme!
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