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  1. Might not look oem but it's definitely different, i kinda like it..for now, might get bored of it and rip it off one day, still undecided on it...
  2. Lolol It was only a sh*t joke to be fair i do really like mx5s and i really wanted one it's just finding the right one..and was kinda in a rush to buy another car fast, dont regret my choice.. yet...i had a lupo before this car as well only sold it in march and i only really bought this because i missed that car, still going to get a 5 one day, - and thanks for clearing that up, i thought it looked pretty bad at first look then i cleaned the car and sort of liked it after a few days? Just wanted to hear other peoples opinions, cheers
  3. Right so i was looking for a new car and i was going to be a right weirdo and buy an mx5 or an ibiza or something but i decided on this..i went to see the car and saw this massive black stripe down the side of the car, with two small stripes either side, was going to just peel it off when i got it home but now I'm not so sure...was just wondering has anyone else had or seen this on another arosa? Doesn't look like someone else has put it on and if they have it's a decent job..(i think so)...is there anyone out there seen this before? Curiousity is killing me..Can't find anything online..anyone know if it's standard or aftermarket?
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