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  1. Ai yea I had seen that one. I may have just spent my Lupo money on a holiday so will have to wait
  2. @danno Errrrrm as eloquent as your proposal is I think I'll pass cheers. @mscherryviolet's train is far more appealing
  3. Ha! Not heard it called that before, but indeed.......where's my pics btw
  4. Lol wang's not for me anyways sorry lovely Lovely pics of an affordable motor shared on a web based platform however.....enough to make a girl blush!
  5. @Rich Ha! Nice try - Strictly Imgur, or another similar service
  6. Hey guys thanks for all this it's a big help. Going to be sticking strictly to the 1.4 Tdi Sport Polo or 1.4 Standard Arosa
  7. Okay, stick some pics on here or on Imgur and give me the link or something and I will take a gander
  8. @Rich - I'm only put off by the 160k, yea it could still go ace at that mileage but I'm gunna be doing 30k in it over the next year so might be a bit too much....BUT get some pics and I'll have a look I think I wrote off the Arouser way to soon, I really dont like the front of it but could get a mask on those ghastly lights and a different bumper and still have money spare for what a Lupo would cost.
  9. @cj1 That would be ace thanks. What kind of condition are we looking at. Cosmetic wise I don't care but it's gotta be mechanically sound amd cared for.
  10. @Sausage Duct tape?!? Sign of things going wrong that...should shift it on before it costs you too much money If you do ever want to get rid though give me a msg Haha yea I prefer the Arouser, got more of a ring to it tbf
  11. @weslangdon It's those tiny headlamps on the Rosa I can't fall for. Little headlamps are fine but they need to be simple. When they arn't they look like a squeezed version of something that should be bigger...Just doesn't sit right with me! Also I've been calling them the Seat Arouser for years and only today been corrected I think taking that big S off the front , filling in that grill behind it and darkening the lamps would look pretty sick....but thats some work! @Sausage That car is almost flinching away from you in that pic, obviously wants to be sold.......for a fantastic price. It's in black as well which is, in an ideal world what im after. Silver or white would have a sharpie taken to it
  12. Yea the cheap tax is ace! How much do you guys pay in insurance if you don't mind me asking? I've got 12 years no claims bonus and an advanced driving course under my belt so I'm hoping it's dirt cheap as well. Think they are insurance group 9 aint they?
  13. @Rich - Nice one If ya do please let me know! @Sausage - If you have the 4 x 4 then to make room you should really sell the Lupo...to me... at a fantastic rate What kind of bits has it got on it? @weslangdon- Yea I think I'd only go for an Arosa if it was mint, i don't think I'm sold on the styling compared to the Lupo. I have time on my side though so will keep an eye out. I like the older Arosa's before the facelift that left the front looking all squished. Problem is I drive over 30k a year just for work so anything with high mileage that aint thoroughly looked after is ruled out straight away.
  14. either way, thanks for the advice....off to browse Arosa's now
  15. Ok coolio, what's the driving position of both like? I'm 6'2 so little cars can be a squeeze, I realise these are tiny but don't care about rear seat space just the drivers. My Mitsu Colt was real comfy but the roof met the windscreen real low so was a pain to see out of without giving myself some major back pains!
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