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  1. Mine vibrates constantly but only stops when on a right sweeping bend.. So starting to think it's a bearing but Mehh Getting a new car next month so may break my tdi not sure
  2. I just took it down to a ATS place because I thought the discs looked like they were due so I took it down to the local garage also to get the fluid changed as well but this was early jan so changed disc brakes myself last night and it's still vibrating I think it might be the wheel bearing but I'm not too sure if it's the calipers sticking any suggestions
  3. Hi guys Basically when I go over 50 the brake disc (passenger side) is vibrating hard but if I take a long sweeping turn right its stops and no noise or vibration... I know it's rubbing because I got outside and the wheel bolt were hot as f#&£ but I thought they might of been loose... I though it might be a warped but if it stopping on a right bend im a tad stuck... Just orders new discs to replace but would like to see what you guys think??? Weird thing is it's just had a brake check so
  4. That blue dou All im missing is the leopard print seat covers and I'm good to go lol
  5. That blue dou All im missing is the leopard print seat covers and I'm good to go lol
  6. Mehh you either love it or you don't ?? it's okay a remote so it's handy when it suits
  7. Hi everyone Anyone added in led lights into footwell or dash anywhere! Just installed some myself and love them however just have to find the best place to position them! Show me you LED ???<3
  8. This is the item number of the part I'm thinking about however this is the same listed 30 cheaper but parts look totally different 182386724540
  9. His guys looking at getting timing belt done as cars getting to the mark... Looking at parts on eBay as the garage I always go too have changed supplier and want £220 for the part... Can someone link me??? SEAT AROSA TDI 1.4 2001 PO51 ### Great help please guys love yasss
  10. That was my first car. Yes saxo calm down lol. I loved it Well joey anything unique on your cars!?!?? Need ideas as I'm getting bored of my interior lol
  11. Hi everyone! Anyone had to solder the connector back onto the rear window... Previous own broke it and through summer it hasn't bothered me but now I kinda need it lol Tried re soldering it but it's so awkward to get to!!! Anyone has any advise or????
  12. Previous installed kits on my old saxo lol along with footwell lights
  13. Well led strip lighting to a remote either BT controlled by my phone or a control unit in the dash however just deciding at the moment Not too sure if I want just sides or all over
  14. Mix opinion off friends however I like it. It's covered over many scratches on the paint work and were it's slightly fading. Roof this weekend and then I'm thinking of finishing the body with a satin dark grey. Then probably sticker bomb the inside because the previous own manged to scratch deep gashes into the sides... hope it wasn't off his GF heels lol Slowly but surely. prep is key
  15. Zip ties are also acceptable as that's how I'd going to be installing a underglow kit lol
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