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  1. VW Lupo 1.4 sport 16v - X (2000) - 75000miles - yellow - vgc - fsh - MOT + TAX Now reduced to £1350 ono VW Lupo 1.4 sport 16v - £1350 ..Reduced the price for a quick sale, but no reasonable offer refused. X - 2000, Low mileage for year ...Only 75000 miles Clean, sporty looking car with sporty alloys and centre rear exhaust (like a mini cooper) Only selling due to purchase of new car, but sad to see it go really. Its fun to drive (100hp) with cheap insurance (only group 7). Full service history. Excellent condition except very small paint blemish on rear bumper. No rust. Clean engine.
  2. Hi, We're currently competing in the BTRDA Forest Rally Championship in a 1.4l Lupo and thought we'd share some pictures of the car in action. Social Media links: http://www.facebook.com/carrsturdyrally http://www.twitter.com/carrsturdyrally Nick Carr & Joe Sturdy
  3. And we are back! The Lupo has been happily doing the job of being a great daily for the Mrs. Just a rear wheel bearing replaced last month and regular servicing carried out, the car has been brilliant! Something I have wanted to do for some time now was replace the suspension as the shocks had developed leaks and was leaning way too much in corners. I began researching kits available for the Lupo and kept an eye on various classifieds for a potential deal. As the car would continue to be driven over potholed roads and launched over speedbumps, the requirements meant a compliant ride and a s
  4. Engine code AUB I've just serviced the engine - new spark plugs, fuel, air, oil and cabin filters, topped off with shell helix 5W40 oil, i've also flushed the fuel system with red line fuel system cleaner and have been running it with premium JET fuel and Shell V-PowerI have removed and cleaned the EGR valveReplaced coil packReplaced HT leadsReplaced throttle bodyThrottle body aligned via VCDSNew batteryNO FAULT CODESProblems: The car doesn't start brilliant - turns over quite a few times before it fires upThere seems to be a flat spot when accelerating around 2k rpm sometimes, where it feels
  5. Hi, i recently fitted a lupo sport inlet manifold and throttle body to my 1.4s but ive had problems with the car such as rough idling. The car sounds as if its cammed when at idle. On occasion the car will also cut revs and wont rev at all, i do have engine codes and i have checked them, it says P0106 - MAP/Barometric Pressure Circuit Range/Performance Problem It also says fuel bank trim 1, i have replaced the map sensor but did not fix the problem. The car is fitted with a gti throttle body which has extra vacuum pipes that don't connect up to my engine. I was wondering if it was just a case
  6. Basically my car suddenly stopped working, if you go to fire it it cranks and does a very short burst as though it's about to fire but cuts out, I've had a few mechanics on it but none could find the problem, it's been in vw all week and they've finally put it down to the ecu, if you programme the immo to the ecu it will start but come back to it 5 minutes later and it will have forgotten it and need programming again, What I'm wondering is whether I could get a donor car which I've already sourced at a breakers, take the ecu, immo, transponder chips out of it and put them in mine and it just
  7. Where can I get hold of a cupholser for an xreg lupo 1.4 tdi sport? Any suggestions welcome
  8. My spare wheel isn't sitting right in the well and is bulging through the boot liner, is anybody able to get a picture of how it is meant to be because i just cant figure out what is wrong?
  9. found some 15" ats cups that i am willing to purchase but before i commit was wondering if anyone wiser than me know if they fit i know the fact they are 4x100 so they would and i understand the fact that i need to have lower profile tyres in order to keep the overal diameter the same but was looking for advice on offsets and rim width ie would they be outside the arch width. any help would be apreciated thanks harry
  10. Hey guys, bought some replacement spark plugs and I want to change them at home. I know i need a key, but would it be a difficult job to do at home, on 1.4?
  11. Hi guys, been here a while now occasionally popping my head up and saying some stuff! I've been given some HID's, they're a H7 bulb with a kit and run at 2300V! And they're bright. Very bright. I was thinking of running them in my fog lights as the bulb for the main and dipped beam is different yada yada yada! I reckon they'll fit in the fogs! If not then ill have a play around what do u guys think? Matt
  12. Hello ladies and gentlemen of club lupo i wish to present to you my lupo "lois" my 99 1.4 16v which has had a sport put in it (apparently) atm i have a custom skip exhaust (as in an exhaust out of a skip) coilovers which are being replaced for lowering springs and im in the middle of chucking some Kyalami alloys on
  13. Hi guys, The other night my 1999 lupo 1.4 sport battery died so today I gave it a full charge, checked all electrics, lights etc however the sunroof seemed to be dead when I turned the dial to open it. Maybe this could be a blown fuse or something I'm not to sure and need a few pointers Cheers guys, Piers
  14. this is my thread of my car! i've had my car since i was 15 and im now 18! so ive found some photos from ages ago to show how i got it and stuff! hope you enjoy ill keep you updated on new mods and general stuff! This is how i brought it for £150! the headgasket has gone and needs new brakes and lots more! i've already sprayed my badges and added a few stickers i got it off a old american guy! First mod was to take the rear wiper off! [url=http://s1271.photobucket.com/user/tommysmee123/media/P1020233.jpg.html Coilovers came! Lupos off to get fixed! and mot'ed had to higher it to fit on low
  15. Hi, Just changed out the front brakes to Brembo Max discs and pads and really happy with the result.... but all that keeps getting shown up by those rusty looking drums on the back. I am wondering if anyone has a sport rear axle with discs that I can buy or knows of a place I can get one!!?? I'm in Aberdeen FYI Thanks alot
  16. Sup, im jamie, im 19 and i live in whitchurch shropshire. after a horrible history with cars, some good some bad i ended up with my second vw, my lupo http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/smile.png and i have to save i love it, got a great spec and a completely standard blank canvas apart from the horrid alloys. spec. -electric windows, mirrors etc - electric sunroof - full leather with heated fronts - air con the luxuries iv never had before http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/biggrin.png near mint body work apart from back bumper, 70k miles,
  17. Hi guys im beginning to hate my lupo sport i have one of the dreaded ETB gearboxes. the car is popping out of reverse gear all other gears are working fine. is this an easy fix? are their any alternative gearboxes that will fit? the car? Thanks Erol
  18. hi, im jordan.. im new to clublupo...go easy on me please! haha usually go onto swdubs but got pointed this way from a few people..!! picked up my new-ish lupo sport today i got it at pretty good bargain from a dealer who got it under part-ex... theres a few things wrong that need sorting, but should be a fun little project and a nice base car!!! decided to play around with what i had laying around.. debadge before: after then i decided i wanted all black badges on the rear, so i took that off before: after (f*cked it up and need to do it again) then i was 50/50 about doing the fro
  19. Hi all! im a newbie to the vdub scene & modifying but will try! i no my account says member since 2012 but its a lie! i made an account years ago as i always wanted a lupo. now its 2013 and i finally have myself one! a little 1.4 100bhp in black only pic i have is my dp but pics will follow soon when more mods happen! cheers guys & gals
  20. Hey fellow Lupo'ers, Tom here. I feel that its about time that I make my on topic for my Loop. So I've been on these forums since last summer browsing for ideas and general boredom killing. So I past my test last May than 2 days kater jetted of to America to work at a camp for my summer., During this time my old man decided to go out and purchase me my very own Lupo... ( Not quite a surprise, only car I wanted to start of with and told him to keep an eye out while away) Anyway got back late September so only really been driving it for a few months so nothing really major done to it yet, but ha
  21. Reppin! Finally got a Lupo! And it's a Sport as well. Not taken many pictures of it yet as it's had to have work done to it and I've not been in the mood. Bought it for £2500, done 100k miles but seems to drive perfectly, (coming from my dad) it was loooow, helpers out and everything, but had to raise 35mm it so I could get it over a speed bump at the end of my road Happy as hell with it though! Amazing looking car when it's clean, previous owner was Carly1990, here's a link to what she done to it: http://forums.clublu...90 More pictures this weekend! Dunno what I want to do to it yet, wil
  22. Hi everyone, Not much of a poster on here...more of a lurker. So I thought I'd post a readers ride blog of the gfs loop and my Ibiza. The lupo was bought already modified, somethings I like, but not too keen on the wheels myself or the audi s-line badge on the back... but Amie (gf) wont let me take it off. I tell her it looks crap but she wont listen!!! Lupo Spec: 1.4 16v 100bhp momo 15" alloys split spoiler headlight brows standard suspension standard exhaust Some pics for you; I try my best to convince her to get new wheels at least.... she wanted to at one point, nearly had some bbs rx's
  23. After a 121mile each way I finally picked up a Sport as I've been after one for a couple weeks. It's not exactly in the best condition body-wise as the previous owner's ex girlfriend kicked in both rear 1/4s, boot, bonnet and a wing. But I got it quite cheap My mate had hardly used pads and discs off his polo gti so I decided to fit them but the discs were too thick!! Bought some standard discs in the end but still used the green stuff Mods: - Coilovers (not sure what they are but theyre comfy) - K&N Air filter - Catback system Plans: - Replace engine - Make the car mechanically
  24. Hey guys.. Im reece, 19 year old that bought my lupo as my second car after owning a 73 beetle for a year. After going through your forums countless times for advice i have decided to become a member. My Lupo is a 1.4E in red but the previous owner chucked a 100bhp lump into it (i don't know the engine code but if you can give me advice il appreciate it) Cheers... Reece
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