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  1. Havent had a fat lot of 'extreme weather' but it snowed a bit
  2. Hahaa cheers Alex, thatd be my dad's RS parked on the other side of my car lol Im really impressed with the bolts to be honest, ill also be replacing the locking nut for my spare neochromes for shows
  3. Managed to grab a few quick snaps of the car over the weekend, I want it just a touch lower so the arch gap is even all the way round
  4. Cheers man! The scirocco seats were an absolute nightmare to fit if im honest haha! Re-routing the cold air feed is on my to-do list but my exhaust is rattling on the underside of the body of the car so that will be the job for the weekend unfortunately
  5. Looking good with the new lights and spacers on! I see you managed to de tango them in the end then
  6. Inbox me Keelan and ill tell you what you need to know
  7. Yes your right there is, However the K&N's are very well made and as long as they are kept in good condition and oiled/serviced when required they stop particles almost as good as standard paper ones.
  8. K&N Short term review: Ive had the K&N panel filter fitted for a couple of days now and so far so good! From cold there is no difference at all however when the car warms up the K&N really starts to show off, The throttle lag problem has been reduced (possibly due to the change in air pressure in the airbox) and overall the power has defiantly improved (Im currently running a 4-1 manifold and catback). I was hoping for more noise to be produced from the K&N however there is not much difference at all. Also the car does take slightly longer to warm up which goes to show that there really is a better airflow over the standard filter. Future plans in terms of airflow is to scrap the standard air feed hoses and route a cold air feed from behind the grill (Keeping things tidy) which will get more air into the airbox and possibly a noise/performance improvement. I have also been looking into drilling a couple of small holes in the airbox and smoothing the inside just to get a bit more noise (Airboxes are cheap and easy to replace if it doesnt work out). Pictures below: NOTE: I have stuck the K&N sticker on for information purposes and the next 2 pictures is how id like to route the cold air feed (without the BMC CDA and straight to the standard airbox obviously).
  9. I had a half day at work and I managed to sneak in a bit of wrapping.. Its a sparkly, glittery, purple wrap that the missus brought for her Lupo but I thought i'd test some to make sure it works Also my exhaust flexi has been made up now and will be going on over the weekend as im currently running without one and its vibrating like f**k Cant wait to use my Dual Action polisher that my parents brought me for christmas, just need the weather to perk up a bit. And this is the best smelling Airfreshener ever off the missus (Ironically).
  10. Cheers Adam, Hoping no one else copies me lol. That was just Autoglym Shampoo mixed with hot water whilst im waiting for my Cherry snow foam to turn up haa
  11. Tonight I brought Arnold into the garage to swap over to the K&N airfilter. The old one has only been in there for about 5 months but still was a bit grubby. Also gave the inside of the Airbox a quick wipe to get rid of any dust etc.
  12. Cheers Lads! They remind me sort of how it used to look on the Rota Grids! Also drives nice and hopefully wont have any arch problems at all due to slight stretch
  13. Today started off with a very dirty car on G60 Steels! (The plank of wood is so i can fit the jack under the car easier) Looks totally different cleaned and with the new wheels on, I will be going lower don't worry (Car was raised for winter). Also I sold the BMC CDA induction kit as I want to keep the OEM look to the engine bay so I brought a K&N Panel filter instead and ill be re-routing the air-feed to make it more effective.
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