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  1. new front end , needs some praying
  2. shot of the rear . i just got some new fronts 185 45 r15 as i was just blowing through the 165-50-r15's pro's; more grip, less unnecessary wheel spinning, defiantly absorbs more through tire deformation making for a comfy ride. cons - catching alittle bit more now on the arches and looks bit odd with 165's on the back and 185's on front .
  3. Thanks mate , got loads more planned for it , going to start engine modification soon . Any body got any idea on how much Gain I'm looking at for a remap ?
  4. got some Cambridge rear lights for my honey and also did the wiper delete as it looks much cleaner , going to be ordering some pressed plates soon . also as i like actually driving the car rather than scraping it off everything everywhere everytime you go round a corner or see a bump in the road !!! so iv got some wietch rear springs to replace the FK units . they look a bit bigger and are also bit heavier , they do seem to ride better than the FK's tho , not a huge difference . i want some really uprated / possibly adjustable rear dampers as i do like to drive my car quite quick and adjustab
  5. Wrap is Off the wing , here is a pic of me on the All mods stand at fast show , found myself a helper for the wheels
  6. sprayed the engine and belt cover white , iv done this as i thought it might look quite good and also if/when i spray it orange its a much better backing colour . also spent a bit of time trying to polish the exhaust manifold cover , its better than it was but by no means perfect . also i cleaned the EGR valve (wasn't to bad ) and the bmc air filter . the inside of the filter was caked with oil and various other bits of leaf and stick . iv contemplated buying an oli catch tank , can anyone recommend me getting one ? i know its a NA engine but i still think there may be a need for one .
  7. got myself some orange tape and on the cheap tapped the air feed pipe up , i think it looks better than standard tho , also i bought some orange wire wrap to make the bay look little bit more colourful and to follow on with the orange theme . also the lights have been swapped out for the ones with black centres and i have removed the wrap on the badge and front wing .
  8. first thing to be swapped out was the original interior , sadly i don't have any pics of it in my new black 1.4 sport but iv done an interior swap on my green 1.0 interior so it in there now will post a pic of how it used to look . they are mk4 golf GTI recaros re-trimmed in brown tan leather . the standard rear seats have been covered to swell as the door cards which have been stitched . the spedo covers and A and C pillar covers have also been done . the headliner has been done in suede and all grab handles and the interior light surround in black with an LED bulb . speaker surrounds need
  9. here is a little bit more of the front , before furthermore work started
  10. iv owned this car now for about a month , iv done quite a bit already but i decided i should keep myself a record of everything iv done and see if it gathers any interest on hear. front back and side
  11. Looking clean , there is so many little .... And large dents everywhere tho . Anyone got an estimate on prices to spray the rear bumper and how would you colour match it rather than smooth it ? Just spray straight onto the plastic ? Also iv put a new air filter on and I'm surprised how much louder it makes it , might not put the old exhaust on as it drones so bad on the motorway. Changed the plugs as well , they defiantly needed a change .
  12. Rear shot . Suspension still needs to go on waiting for better weather
  13. Bonnet bra and debadge grill on and gave it a quick clean for photo
  14. Interior is coming together nicely everything matches
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