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  1. Cheers guys, the car has been a huge success this year, the only thing we've had trouble with is the standard bottom arms not being up to the job! We won the championship and will be using the car next year as well. In response to 'Silver!', we don't actually come to Scotland with this championship unfortunately, the Carlisle Stages Rally is as close as we get (most of the stages are in the Kielder Forest complex). We do a tarmac rally on the Otterburn ranges too but that's also a bit of a drive from Perthshire!
  2. Hi, We're currently competing in the BTRDA Forest Rally Championship in a 1.4l Lupo and thought we'd share some pictures of the car in action. Social Media links: http://www.facebook.com/carrsturdyrally http://www.twitter.com/carrsturdyrally Nick Carr & Joe Sturdy
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