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  1. which ones fit cos i can't find them.... vw/seat/audi anything?
  2. its a stinger i have one too but getting rid cos im stocking my lupo
  3. i have no middle box its a really good idea.... its quiet until 3000 rpm then it screams. a bystander said mine sounds like a rally car lol
  4. to bring back an old thread the lupo looks like its been to war in its stock height glory
  5. hey members so after realising i cannot afford a new motor i shall stick with the lupo, but make it acceptable. the previous owner well and truly screwed the paint job up by replacing the bumpers then painting over the top; no primer. so i have a red lupo with blue chips everywhere. but my question is, i need my front bumper, indicator panel, bonnet, roof and rear bumper painting. should i get these painted or get the whole car painted, the original colour
  6. where abouts in the engine bay is this?
  7. Well ive got to move out seen as though i live with an heroin addict, thats also a wife and child beating scum bag so id rather go without coilovers and put some money in savings.... if i did'n't like being under the thumb i would have ended the relationship 4 years ago its actually an AHB in the car? it came up as sdi... its wrote on the block
  8. i checked on the side of my engine and it had abh wrote on it but that's the sdi so thats not the right code or i have the first diesel to run on petrol
  9. shes not like that either... shes right in a way, but the lupo is going to stay but no big mods only budget, until i buy my house some time this year, when il be buying something bigger
  10. shes not blonde mate or it would be a genius plan... thought about getting rid of the lupo but i can't afford too....
  11. well i put my new springs and dampers on and the ride is terrible. handling is great but the smallest pot hole feels like a mine. so time to buy new dampers.. i don''t coil overs i get too much hassle from girlfriend everytime it gets lower anyway hear is a picture of my exhaust seen as though the other picture is tack...
  12. i just had the middle box cut out on mine sounds mean
  13. The passenger side front has lost alot of oil and is super stiff... so im getting stock dampers on the front keeping the dampers on the back and lowering it 40mm all round
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