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  1. 15 quid each i did the passenger side. its a little tricky and you will need multi splined socket and another set of hands
  2. mine has only ever gone off once.
  3. i ended up getting the sportex one of flea bay for £208 bucks. it has a nice tone to it, and the black sooty dots that were coming out have now stopped. i have to sat there was loads of water in the old box from where the car had been pressure washed which wasnt helping.
  4. Hi guys im beginning to hate my lupo sport i have one of the dreaded ETB gearboxes. the car is popping out of reverse gear all other gears are working fine. is this an easy fix? are their any alternative gearboxes that will fit? the car? Thanks Erol
  5. I'm getting mad prices ! Over 350 from Vw and custom pipes 280 ! Surely there's a cheaper way?
  6. a quickfit jobby? i used to work for the company who supplied these garages with exhausts and service parts. my guys advise the standard box is main dealer only? is this true?
  7. i really need some help, I'm need to replace my rear exhaust box however the ones im looking at are all different. my lupo is a 1.4 16v 100bhp with the centre exhaust. there are some sportex ones on ebay. the sellers say they will fit however my exhaust hangers look different? my rear box looks like this ebay item no. 230621645877 however i dont really want to spend £200 . any suggestions?
  8. mini clubman gt 1275 fitted with a Swift tune 1380 road rocket engine. 6 point role cage. how the hell do you upload pics on here?????
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