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  1. The original spoiler on my 2006 Gti (ex-Japan) was badly bubbled when I bought the car in 2018. Eventually, I tried to resolve the situation by replacing with a new genuine factory spoiler, and had it painted by a bodyshop which I know to be competent. However, within one year I noticed some micro-blistering on the spoiler and, along with some other cosmetic work, the bodyshop has just re-done it . . . and even only a day or two later, I've got micro- blisters again. I've enquired again about the possibility of wrapping the spoiler, but the prospects are not good, and exact match with L041 is not feasible. A couple of people now have contended that the problem will always recur if new paint is oven dried. Does anyone here have experience please of success with air drying? Many thanks.
  2. Hi all I’m in the process of re-spraying my spoiler on my GTI, I noticed that my spoiler didn’t come with this middle black piece, does anyone on here know what part number it is?
  3. Hi, Does anyone have a link or photos of an early 3L tailgate with an OEM Lupo GTI spoiler or other OEM VAG / Votex spoiler installed? I realize all the previously mentioned options will needed to modified to fit properly. As I am sure you are aware, the Lupo GTI spoiler would need to be extended at the tips of each side to meet up with the edge of the extended (upper area) of the early 3L gate . I am just curious if the Lupo GTI spoiler will fit somewhat properly other than the previously mentioned needed mod. Any help with this detail would be appreciated. The 3rd brake light hole would also need be filled or blacked out due to the brake light being fitted in the interior of this tailgate. My goal is to keep an aluminum tailgate on the vehicle for weight savings / higher MPG reasons. I am also open to quality aftermarket options without the split or indention in the middle. Sorry in advance if I missed another post on this topic during my search this info. Thanks
  4. as i no longer have my lupo various parts are now for sale as follows set of 4 bbs solitude 15 inch tyres us set of 4 195 45 15 tyres all good tread approx 5mm set of front doors dragon green complete set of front doors black rh front door in black bare rear tailgate flash red rear tailgate black off of gti gti top spoiler inc brake light set of golf mk1 gti alloys trantula's ???? lupo body kit, front spoiler and side skirts tdi sport wheels set of 4 genuine lupo dog guard front panel complete with indicators one in red one in black set of golf gti recaroes front and back from a three door red inserts set of 4 seven spoke genuine vw wheels complete with center caps came from a very early passat gt, kandn style filter for sdi or tdi rear lights front lights 2 front lupo gti seats approx 40k miles battery tray wheel trays new genuine vw lupo air guides for front brakes complete new clutch kit for sdi lupo 190 mm if i find anything else will add to list located bedfordshire, will post small stuff but the bigger stuff will either be pick up or send a courier, pictures can be supplied on request
  5. Description: lupo/arosa boot spoiler and tailgate. Tailgate has small dent to lower lip. Wiper blanked off. Spoiler in good condition, would benefit from painting. Spoiler sells on ebay for around £150 on its own! Location: east Yorkshire Postage: collection preferred but if interested message me and we can see if we can sort something. Contact: 07506757337 Price: £120
  6. Description: VW Lupo boot spoiler. Bought about 3 years ago with the intention of fitting to my 1.4 sport. Never got round to fitting it and it's been laid in the loft since! It is an MS Designs spoiler and it's in yellow but will need a coat of paint. There is a small crack to one side of the spoiler but if it's getting painted anyway a decent bodyworker will have it all sorted in the prep for painting. It took me ages to find this spoiler and would make a nice addition to someone's car. Message me if interested Location: East Yorkshire Postage: Collection preferred but could maybe sort out courier. Will discuss prior to sale Price: £90 Contact: 07506757337 or message here (texts would be preferred)
  7. As we all know the GTI spoiler is a bad design and allows water in which then causes paint blistering... What is the best way to seal it all back up? Light - The OEM gaskets obviously fail and I dont believe they can be bought individually as no part number is on ETKA... I purchased a BMW E36 gasket to see if that would work but isn't the best of fits... What could I replace it with? Clear silicone? Foam Tape? The light does need to be able to come apart down the road again... Spoiler - As standard there is foam tape, Should this just be replaced or is there a better substitute? again silicone of some sort?
  8. Lupo GTI rear spoiler. DOES NOT INCLUDE BRAKE LIGHT this was damaged. There is also some damage on the near side underside of the spoiler as well. £70 collected or £75 posted Ono.
  9. For sale I have a lupo gti rear spoiler complete with bootLid and wiper motor in red. The spoiler does have a slight crack on the underneath side and the brake light has a slight crack on the left hand side. Please see photos. Looking for £180 collected or am happy to post for approx £25. Located in Midlands. Many thanks Sam.
  10. Selling my lupo gti spoiler as i'm selling my car. Reflex silver in colour. Very good condition, some small paint bubbles but not very noticeable. looking for £100 posted will get photos up later
  11. There isn't much option to get my hands on a GTi 3rd brake light, other than the dealers, eh?
  12. Hi, Just bought a Lupo GTi (2001) and trying to get it sorted. I had to get a new spoiler brake light and bought it direct from VW. It arrived and doesn't fit. I've heard somewhere about modifying to make it fit. Is this common?Do I modify the spoiler or the light?Does anyone have any pictures or tutorial?Thanks in advance Ben
  13. Hey guys, I'm new to this so apologies if I've posted in the wrong place.. I have a standard 1.4 Lupo (as far as I'm aware...) but it has a spoiler with a brake light in, like that of a GTI. It was owned by some elderly lady before me so I very much doubt she had this added on. Does anyone know why my car has this, or is it just one of those things? Not complaining but my boyfriend has an identical Lupo, just without the spoiler, and is becoming increasingly jealous... Any ideas? Cheers x
  14. Right, i have known for a while now that the spoiler fouls on any non GTI but i bought a spoiler regardless, i have just test fitted it to find out the extent of the fouling on a polo 6R aerial and it is quite significant, even on the shorter aerial. Has anyone found a fix for this because i have just thought would it be possible to just put/weld a spacer on the hinge stop to restrict the range of the boot travel?
  15. BenStanden


    Hey guy's i was wondering where the best plave or way to get a 1 peice spoiler for a 1999 1l lupo? I've already been browsing the net and found some for like £180 but was looking for something more under £100.
  16. I'm looking for a gti spoiler but can't seem to find one. Is the Rieger spoiler any good? Does it have a gap between the roof and the spoiler? Also what do you do to the brake light if you put one on? And is it easy to fit?
  17. Right, i've bought a GTI spoiler off eBay but it has come with no fixings, i want to fit it properly onto my arosa, i know this will involve drilling through my bootlid.. sketchy business What fixings are there because on the parts diagram: There seem to be some sort of spacers (part number please)? What size (and how many) bolts hold it on and what size holes get drilled for them? Any info on this would be a massive help.
  18. Does any one have or know anyone who has a: LUPO GTI SPOILER for sale please contact me on here or text me if so... Thank you, Owen.
  19. I have just got a Lupo 1.0 and looking for a spoiler preferably from the GTI. Anyone got one for sale?
  20. Anyone selling Lupo GTI: -SideSkirts -Front& Rear bumpers -Spoiler please message me if you are or you know where i can get these !! Thankyou.
  21. Morning All, I've recently had to replace the high level brake light on my 05 GTi, obviously the spoiler had to come off and sadly wasn't in the best of states so needed a respray. Anyway it's been sprayed twice now by the body shop and both times I've ended up with bubbles in the finish, they've said its common with Fibreglass parts due to the air inside working its way to the surface when the temperature changes. Does anyone know a way around this, they've said they can't bake it obviously and that there's no way around it but I was hoping one of you guys may have had one sprayed yourselves and know a trick or a better bodyshop who can do it. I'm in the Walsall area. Thanks Ste
  22. Hi, I'm fairly new on here, running an 05 plate GTi and having the age old problem with the high level brake light. I got the replacement light ordered not realising its a bugger to fit. Has anyone managed to fit one successfully without causing any damage to the surrounding paintwork or the spoiler itself? If so do they have any photos? I've seen someone say that the spoiler needs to be resealed to the boot and that the water ingress generally causes the problem with the light, whats the best way of resealing it? My spoiler is also starting to bubble, has anyone got any thoughts on these two combined? Just wondering what to do for the best, someone suggested its a bodyshop job but they'll just bodge it anyway so was hoping someone may have some tips or recommended bodyshop / dealers? I'm in the west mids, Thanks to anyone who can help Ste thebear.sjw@gmail.com
  23. hey guys, been looking at this forum for the past 2 years and finally got my arosa! (sorry its not a lupo, am i still welcome?) also got a carbon fibre 2 pc spoiler, it is for sale though as im non too keen on it :-) dont know how to put photos on, help would be appreciated, here is a link http://s1142.photobucket.com/albums/n617/spenny4917/red%20arosa/
  24. Where the heck do i find the kit to make my loop look like this? just found this on google, of course, and i love it. wasnt sure it was a loop at first but i think its pretty sick. anyone any idea where you'd even start to get a kit like that? Cheers xx
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