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  1. Ahh thank you! Yeah I'm really into 1950s America - definitely the inspiration for my little loop
  2. Thanks guys, that's really helpful I've done some more research and I'll probably go for APs if I'm honest, just because I'm not lowering it much at all and the leftover money can be spent on my interior Shouldn't be too long before they're on so I'll keep you updated!
  3. ...I'm moving to Epsom in 2 weeks!! Hahaha too weird Yeah that's me, sky blue with white wall tyres and a few stickers Soon to be lowered.
  4. Yep that would've been me! Live in Sutton but drive to Redhill everyday for work
  5. Welcome I'm in Kingston all the time so hopefully I'll see you driving around!
  6. Which lowering springs should I buy, guys? Bear in mind I'm not going to go super low, just enough so it stops looking silly... And I'm looking for a really comfortable ride - don't mind spending a bit more if that makes the difference?
  7. Thank you all for your kind comments
  8. Thanks I can't wait either!! I'm reallyyy sorry if I'm telling you something you already know, but I had planned to do the same thing (but with blue instead of red) and I messed up. I bought the popular chrome full moons that have a lip around the edge. And when I went to fit them where they dip down about an inch inside the edge it hit the steelie and I couldn't push them on any further (as hard as I tried!!). So unfortunately I'll have to try to flog them. So anyway, as they're designed for hot rods those kinds don't fit standard steel wheels, BUT baby moons will fit, or smooth full moons l
  9. Hi I bought standard tyres and then fitted white wall inserts between the tyre and the edge of the wheel. I got mine from here: http://www.vintagetyres.com/item/465/15-inch-vts-whitewall-trim--15- They're really good, you just need to clean them regularly with a bit of white spirit on a cloth to keep them bright white. They'll never sit 100% flush against the tyre as they're really meant for hot rods, but they still look great (I think!)
  10. Nah, they're just standard tyres with whitewall inserts over them.
  11. Thanks Matt I agree, I don't like them at the moment because there's far too much blue. When the hubs are on there should only be about 1/4 inch showing around the edge. Hopefully they'll look a bit more subtle then
  12. I've been so rubbish at updating this recently - I'm sorry! So, it was time for some DIY. I bought some new steelies and primed them: Then I sprayed them blue: I've never done anything like this before so they weren't perfect, but I'm really proud of them. Also I'm putting hubcaps on them so most imperfections will be covered anyway So the next stage was to visit my local, friendly tyre place to have everything fitted together: Et voila: Now, I did buy some full moon chrome hubcaps...BUT THEY DON'T FIT So I've had to go for my back-up option, which I actually prefer now. They're being d
  13. Hi I use photobucket and that seems to work fine, if that helps. Would be great to see some photos if you can get it to work
  14. Cheers Matt, I may well pop down then
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