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  1. Morning All, I've recently had to replace the high level brake light on my 05 GTi, obviously the spoiler had to come off and sadly wasn't in the best of states so needed a respray. Anyway it's been sprayed twice now by the body shop and both times I've ended up with bubbles in the finish, they've said its common with Fibreglass parts due to the air inside working its way to the surface when the temperature changes. Does anyone know a way around this, they've said they can't bake it obviously and that there's no way around it but I was hoping one of you guys may have had one sprayed yourselves and know a trick or a better bodyshop who can do it. I'm in the Walsall area. Thanks Ste
  2. Hi, I'm fairly new on here, running an 05 plate GTi and having the age old problem with the high level brake light. I got the replacement light ordered not realising its a bugger to fit. Has anyone managed to fit one successfully without causing any damage to the surrounding paintwork or the spoiler itself? If so do they have any photos? I've seen someone say that the spoiler needs to be resealed to the boot and that the water ingress generally causes the problem with the light, whats the best way of resealing it? My spoiler is also starting to bubble, has anyone got any thoughts on these two combined? Just wondering what to do for the best, someone suggested its a bodyshop job but they'll just bodge it anyway so was hoping someone may have some tips or recommended bodyshop / dealers? I'm in the west mids, Thanks to anyone who can help Ste thebear.sjw@gmail.com
  3. I was thinking of getting a Clifford system fitted, anyone got any personal experience of them? If so any recommendations of which one or where to go for it? I'm based in the West Mids, Thanks Steve
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