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  1. Basically I took my scuttle panel of to clear all the leafs out ! And when I was doing this j noticed that there was a plug that had been blanked of and was wondering what this plug is for! It's got a orange and brown going to it .... Thanks Dom
  2. is it this saturday ?
  3. you push the front of the plastic that you can see away from the knob thing and theres a screw behind it
  4. I'm in gillingham Kent mate text me and we can arrange a viewing!!
  5. liam you best tell sam to pull his finger out and do your car!
  6. if we get moved on we will go to asda car park! its 2 mins away!
  7. I've got a 1.4 75 brake one if your interested ? 07545470543
  8. is there a diffrence in the gear ratios in the 100bhp gearbox ?
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