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  1. Hi, I recently bought a 2003 Seat Arosa S 1.0 with 42k miles on it. Had an original timing belt so had that and the water pump swapped. I've recently noticed an intermittent ticking noise after the engine starts, which by the time i get to the destination seems to have stopped. Does this sound bad? I've done some research and have heard it could be tappets? Are these worth changing? Also i've been unable to fill up with petrol the whole way, the dash says its at half after i fill up, anyone had this problem?
  2. Hi all, This might be a bit of an outlandish question but would a Volkswagen Golf Mk7 1.4L TSI R-Line Engine and 7-Speed DSG be capable of fitting inside a Lupos engine bay? I understand engine swapping is difficult, frustrating, and potentially very expensive, but the thought process was both engines are the same size (granted the Turbo) so they should both fit - and how large can a DSG be, right? Atop of this, of course, other aspects of the car would need to be changed, but most importantly I was just wondering if anyone has swapped a Golf's 1.4L into a Lupo; specifically a more modern 1.4L (like the Mk5's GT TSI DSG with 170bhp, or the R-Line TSI with 150bhp). Thank you in advance
  3. Go to last page for most recent updates. Currently running 423bhp. How she stands at the moment. Hello, Before I start I just want to say a quick something to all those people who go on about people who pay for these kinda things and don't get a finger dirty! Its not that I don't want to do my own conversion, I'd love to do it myself but I don't have the skills required or the time that would be needed. Things that I can do myself like brakes, suspension and other bits and bobs I have but this is just too far past me, Lol! But hey if you wanna have a pop at me feel free lol! My car is a 1.4sport on a 1999 plate. I've already uprated the brakes to 280mm G60's on the front and it has black diamond drilled and grooved discs all the way round with black diamond pads as well! Its lowered on FK highsport silerline coilovers and is currently runnin on G60 steelies. The car is being done by PSI Tuning in Stoke on Trent who've had the car for about 3-4 weeks now. They've not long finished off the custom mounts and have the engine sitting where its going to be going. The engine is a 225bhp lump with a five speed box on it. Here are the pictures during.... Thanks for looking, I'll keep you updated on the progress. Sam.
  4. Hi folks! Having a bit of a nightmare at the moment, decided that for my first car I'd invest in a Lupo since I've always had a soft spot for them and my wee car is becoming a bit of a nightmare. At first the car ran great, no issues, I knew the battery would need changed over but that's nothing to sort, car is clean, no warning lights, years MOT, no knocks, you all know the script. So after a couple weeks a check light came on and I used an OBD to find out that it was a P0404 which was exhaust gas recirculation, narrowed it down to the EGR valve and replaced it and the car ran perfectly fine again, at the same time as changing this I had a look and checked the filters etc and it was all clean so no cause for concern. Now the next thing to happen happened today, I drove the car and picked up my partner from work and on the way home I filled the car up, paid for my fuel and made on my merry way, as soon as I got out of the garage and making my way along the road the car started to lose power ad sort of chug it's way along, to put it into perspective I had my foot all the way to floor and I wasn't even hitting 30 in 3rd gear. Now I know what you're thinking, the tube has filled it up with the wrong fuel and I have asked myself the same question but I can guarantee that the car was fuelled with unleaded petrol. I am pretty stumped as the car ran totally fine until I fuelled it up. interestingly when I got back home, my partner she could smell a faint burning smell, It doesn't smell like clutch or fuel or oil so I can't pin point one specific thing. I do not have ace to an OBD at the moment so I was wondering if anyone has had a similar issue or any possible solutions? Thanks in advance for any tips or solutions!
  5. Hello fellas, after getting started with some maintenance I got 2 questions: Should I use 5w30 or 10w40 on my 1.4 petrol with 93k miles in a temperate climate? (never gets below 0 ºC or above 43 ºC) Is enough cleaning EGR with a brush and kitchen products? I've heard you get better results using these ones than specific EGR Cleaning products and you save a lot Thank you!
  6. Has anyone ever swapped a Honda B series engine or anything similar into their Lupo? Is it even possible? I know a Polo GTi conversion would be miles easier but tbh if I was going to put in the effort to engine swap I'd want to make something a bit more unique. Any help or information is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance 👍
  7. Hello fellow Lupo nuts who are still here. I’m looking as swapping the 1.0 MPI engine out my MK1 Arosa for a Lupo Sport 1.4 16v. Now I know the basics but asking for some help clarifying some bits... - Key/immobiliser. Since my Arosa doesn’t have an immobiliser do I need to swap the barrels and interior wiring loom?? Especially if the Lupo doesn’t have an immobiliser as well?? - Driveshafts. I’m assuming they are the same and my 1.0 ones will do the job? - Engine mounts. I’m assuming the 1.0 and 1.4 ones are in the same place? its not a massive engine swap so I’m hoping it’s not a complicated one?? The Arosa is off the road so don’t need to do it quickly! If I’m getting bits from a car for ‘breaking’ what should I be asking for?? Many thanks in advance!! Sam
  8. Here is some things you will need for a conversion. Feel free to add things or take things off the list. Im learning too, just wanted to start a list and talk everyone through my process! Thanks
  9. Hi looking for a working engine for my Lupo Gti, preferably an engine that is running and from a 6 speed Lupo. anyone?? 07958682511
  10. Hi Guys, Yet another addition to the endless threads about engine conversions for the Arosa / Lupo. Ive been given a 1.0 Arosa that has great sentimantal value to m. I had always intended doing a major conversion on it when I got it, like a 1.8t or the likes however seeking the work involved ive been turned off the idea. Recently a 1.4 tdi arosa of the same year has come up for sale, and I wondered if anyone has done the 1.4 tdi conversion on the 1.0 petrol or if theres any info out there ?? This is really just a spare car to have around, and perhaps used on the occasional commute to work but it definately needs more power and the 1.4 tdi route seems the way to go given the tunability and torque. All info appreciated
  11. Hi, I want to apologise if this was covered already but I don't have an idea what I am searching for so it's easy for me to ask you. Got my new Lupo a few days ago. It's 1.0 engine and so far is been spot on. However, I just start cleaning the engine bay today and spotted something missing. I can't remember what should be there from my 1.4 I just sold a few days ago. It will be really great if anyone can help or point to the relevant post on here or any useful information. Thanks
  12. Hi, im looking to do 1.8t in Lupo but I'm not sure what engine mounts to use. Would anyone be able to help me please?!?
  13. I just changed the engine on my VW Lupo 1.0 E for a 40k engine and it sounds like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INvsmf8tRR0&feature=youtu.be Is that the sound of broken lifters or what? I thought that changing the engine would solve my problems..but I'm afraid I might be in for another nightmare It's got a new cam belt, and new 5w30 longlife oil. Any help always much appreciated!
  14. Hi all, I am looking to replace my 1.0 litre lupo with a 1.4 engine from another lupo, I was wondering if it was just a straight swap, so it just bolt's in? Also, when I get the engine I want to install a BMC CDA Induction Kit and was just wonderin if that's easy to install aswell. Cheers, Luke
  15. Hi all i was wondering what performance mods i could do to my 1l to make a bit more power? I looked at k and n induction kit but wasn't sure of it would do much. I read somewhere that you can fit a sport inlet and gti throttlebody. Would that ne suitable for a 1 litre? Is the sport inlet a lupo 1.4 inlet? Not sure what i can do engine wise Thanks
  16. Does anyone have a good condition GTI standard airfilter box for sale? Mines running a Sport one at the moment, but they don't have the lug on the cover to hold the engine cover on the n/s, so need a GTI one! Thanks in advance
  17. Hi all new here and looking for advice with my 2003 gti - I keep getting black specs up the back of my car it's had a bottom end rebuild 10k ago so I doubt it's the piston rings, it's fitted with a scorpion power flow cat back the black specks seem to be carbon out the exhaust and accumulate over a couple of days after washing the car - anyone on here experienced this at all ? Any advice appreciated - thanks
  18. ive got a few questions here and i think someone here could answer them so here goe's is it possible to drop a 1.8/2,0 turbo engine in the arosa from say a seat leon or VW passat or something any idea's on getting rid of the sticky resin thats been left behind by the door trims? im thinking of using the stuff they use too take off adverts from vans and bus's but not sure if there's something better than that? weird whinning noise coming from my engine bay,i fear that its on its last legs as it has done 117,000+ not sure if it's some bearing or something but the faster i go,the louder it gets doe's anyone know where i can get my steelie's banded? (glasgow area)
  19. First of all hello to everyone, I am new to this and will probably annoy most of you as I am sure this has been covered before. I I am in the middle of an engine swap, I have a 1.4s (75hp) and am looking to swap for what I believe to be a (100hp) 1.4 sport engine, this is out of my friends car and was a second engine to him so don't know much about it... Went to fit it yesterday to get it all hooked up (on my origional ecu) didn't fire no spark, then went to switch his ecu to find out it is totally different, so would I be able to just switch out the engine loom of his car (100hp engine) if so how do I go about doing this? Where does the loom go to? Thanks in advance Kyle
  20. So basically i got new leads and plugs fitted on my lupo, and drove it home from the garage. the engine got really hot, and my oil light came on, I had to drive around with the heaters on full to cool the engine until i got home. Discovered that the thermostat had gone, got that fixed and hoped that the oil light would go off too. Nope. It came back on a week or so after. Ordered a oil sensor and filter, and had it serviced today, and still the light comes on. It isn't constant, and in the 3 months of owning it, it's come on 4 times. Anyone know anything ??? What could it be, the mechanic at the garage said it could be the oil pump. But I don't want to get things fitted if it going to be wasted money and not actually fix the car this is my first car, so I'm in love with it and I'd be heartbroken if I had to scrap it!
  21. Now sold
  22. hi i dont know if this has already has been posted or not i cant seem to find it if it has! i will be getting an engine conversion done in the near future to a 1.8t and i was just wondering as to what gearbox would be the best to fit? should i stick with the gearbox that is with the original engine or should i change it to something else?? any help would be greatly appreciated. cheers peeps or any links to some gearbox threads
  23. Hello all, First off, I know this has been posted lots before but honestly the information seems so scattered and varied and I'm not sure how applicable all of it is to my situation so I'm sorry for reposting this...please don't murder me Anyway I've come into the possesion of a 6n2 GTI engine block from a local vw dismantlers. My little (AUC) 1.0 litre has s*** the bed so I planned to do an engine swap anyway but then I got this engine for basically nothing. I know the best way to do this is to buy a complete Polo GTI that's been rear ended or something and begin swapping everything over but I don't want to buy one that's already sold some essential parts I need. So from my understanding this is what I need now from another polo with the same engine code as the one I have (AVY) Gearboxengine loominterior loomECUradiatorfuel pumpfront hubs/carriers/calipers/discsand the ignition barrel. Is there anything else?How does the AVY fit onto the AUC Engine mounts, I think I read somewhere new mounts will need to be made am I right?And also are any of these parts interchangeable between GTI polos and GTI lupos, just in case I can't find the part on a polo maybe I could use the GTI lupos. I've found lots of posts and some even talking about guides for this sort of thing but none linking to them and I can't seem to find it through the search on this forum (Probably because I'm not a huge forum user but still...) Any help would greatly appreciated. Cheers!Thanks so much!
  24. New to this forum lads and lasses! Got a 1.0 Lupo mpi, however engine has knackered up on me and im replacing it. current engine code is AUC however with the ecu and loom i currently have, am i able to put another engine in it with a different engine code? it'll remain a 1.0 for insurance purposes but just need some light shed on it! Cheers in advance
  25. Hi Guys, Got a problem with my Lupo SDI, When the car is cold, I can hear a loud squeaking noise from the left hand side of the engine. It looks as though it may be the belt (lower part of the engine) Does anyone have an idea how to check this? I've never changed it, had it over a year, car's done 30k miles, no idea when it was last changed. Many thanks
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