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  1. Thanks for the suggestions folks! Thought I'd give a wee update, I took the fuel filter out and replaced it and checked the fuel and it seems to be clean, I checked out the spark plugs and they were worn almost completely out so I've replaced them with a good set of BOSCH plugs and replaced the fuel filter, before I done that I let it idle for a while and it would sit okay for like 30 seconds and then it would sort of chug away and gurgle almost so I checked the fuel pump too and that's drawing through perfectly fine, after changing the parts it starts up and ides perfectly. However, I took it out for a test drive and it runs perfectly fine and zips about in high revs but when it decelerates it seems like the revs do not come down as quick as they should, and in low revs it still sort of chugs along so I put an OBD in and it still comes up with the P0404 code but this time for performance? has anyone else experienced this? I let my dad have a run in the car and he noticed the exact same and he reckons it's maybe the Carbs? Thanks in advance for any suggestions and hopefully it's not a death sentence for the wee car, it's a belter to drive and I've got P slots waiting to go onto it I've had for ages 😂
  2. That's something I've never thought of, I can definitely see that happening pretty much 9 times out of 10, I'll start it and let it idle and see if it flushes any unwelcome fuel mixtures! I'll have another check over and see if there's anything out of place and thank you for the welcome ! 😃
  3. Hi folks! Having a bit of a nightmare at the moment, decided that for my first car I'd invest in a Lupo since I've always had a soft spot for them and my wee car is becoming a bit of a nightmare. At first the car ran great, no issues, I knew the battery would need changed over but that's nothing to sort, car is clean, no warning lights, years MOT, no knocks, you all know the script. So after a couple weeks a check light came on and I used an OBD to find out that it was a P0404 which was exhaust gas recirculation, narrowed it down to the EGR valve and replaced it and the car ran perfectly fine again, at the same time as changing this I had a look and checked the filters etc and it was all clean so no cause for concern. Now the next thing to happen happened today, I drove the car and picked up my partner from work and on the way home I filled the car up, paid for my fuel and made on my merry way, as soon as I got out of the garage and making my way along the road the car started to lose power ad sort of chug it's way along, to put it into perspective I had my foot all the way to floor and I wasn't even hitting 30 in 3rd gear. Now I know what you're thinking, the tube has filled it up with the wrong fuel and I have asked myself the same question but I can guarantee that the car was fuelled with unleaded petrol. I am pretty stumped as the car ran totally fine until I fuelled it up. interestingly when I got back home, my partner she could smell a faint burning smell, It doesn't smell like clutch or fuel or oil so I can't pin point one specific thing. I do not have ace to an OBD at the moment so I was wondering if anyone has had a similar issue or any possible solutions? Thanks in advance for any tips or solutions!
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