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  1. Hey @mk2 I just made another video as the noise seems to have gotten worse haha Seems that its only on cold starts, and it happens after the revs start slowing down (ie if i start the car later in the day it will sound fine). The noise seems to stop if i put it into reverse gear too. Reckon this is something bad or just tappets? Cheers, sorry to spam you again! (Noise starts at 0:48)
  2. Yeah that's a really good shout, I will defo be changing the fluids, and will do fan belt next MOT (did cambelt just recently). That's really good to know about the weak parts, thanks!!
  3. Hey, Thanks, that's good to hear! I think i will keep monitoring it as it's sometimes been louder than in that video :) Hmm, the temp gauge hasn't been getting too high. Cheers! I'm liking my arosa!
  4. Hi, I recently bought a 2003 Seat Arosa S 1.0 with 42k miles on it. Had an original timing belt so had that and the water pump swapped. I've recently noticed an intermittent ticking noise after the engine starts, which by the time i get to the destination seems to have stopped. Does this sound bad? I've done some research and have heard it could be tappets? Are these worth changing? Also i've been unable to fill up with petrol the whole way, the dash says its at half after i fill up, anyone had this problem?
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