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  1. yeah i have heard ive read through a few and they use different gear boxes!!! i will have another look through and see what i can find!! cheers for the help tho bruv!
  2. hi i dont know if this has already has been posted or not i cant seem to find it if it has! i will be getting an engine conversion done in the near future to a 1.8t and i was just wondering as to what gearbox would be the best to fit? should i stick with the gearbox that is with the original engine or should i change it to something else?? any help would be greatly appreciated. cheers peeps or any links to some gearbox threads
  3. Well evantually i do want to put a 1.8 20v turbo into it one day thats the plan so touch wood i can get to that but cheers peeps i will look into them and maybe get some stuff done
  4. Well ok then a cheaper option haha lol but i have a 1.4 16v dude and really some spark plugs might have to try that option
  5. hi people i dont want to do anything thats time consuming or changing an engine just yet i was just wondering if theres any little mods i could do so my car would go faster, ive already tried go faster stripes but that doesnt work i have fitted an aftermarket air filter anything else i could try before changin engine?
  6. ahhh cheers lads i will get some of them then cheers boys
  7. well funny thing about that i bought it second hand and it didnt have one yeah if no one gets there first be my guest
  8. hi people my oil light has came on and i was just wondering as to what oil i would need to put in i have bought some 15w/40 was wondering if this would be ok or i would need something else.
  9. hello there people i cant seem to find a switch for my front fog lights if i have any? can someone please locate me the switch?
  10. ahhh i have some sheet of stickerbomb to do something with and im trying to think of summit to do with them but not the norm of what people do just dont know what yet? any ideas would be grately apprechiated
  11. hello there people just trying to gather some kind of idea of what people think to sticker bombing cars? i know i dont need anyone to tell me weather there cool or not just trying to put some feelers out there if you think they ruin a car or make it?
  12. yeah not really fussed about the value expect of the car to be fair but yeah want to remove the vw bit and smooth it over so just wanted to know will it be easier to buy a debadged boot lid if anyone knows of anygoin and replace the exisitn one or to attempt some diy bearing in mind my hand eye coordination skills are that of a mole!
  13. hello people of the lupo world im after a little bit of advice. how easy is it to debadge a lupo boot and get it smooth? just the badge section i dont want to take the handle off. or another way how easy is it to fit a debadged boot to my lupo?
  14. where did you get the autobots badge from i need this in my life??
  15. mate this car looks fantastic im looking at changing my engine this looks a good thread to follow cheers mate i shall look over this more carefully
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