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  1. Good afternoon, First time poster here since buying my Lupo. I am looking for advice on alloy wheel fitment. So my lupo needs 3 tyres replacing but instead of replacing them I have a set of 15 inch alloy wheels with tyres on that have only been driven 200 miles maximum. The alloys I have are of a mk3 golf vr6 (I have 4x100 to 5x100 adapters) so they will fit interms of pcd and centre bore as far as I'm aware. The tyre size on them are 195/45/15 and the car is on coilovers. So with the 195 45 15 tyres and the alloy specs are 6.5Jx15 ET43. Two questions I have are: Will they fit? Will there be a clearance issue in the arches? I look forward to your replys and expertise Kind regards Jordan Ps. I have attached a picture of the very same alloy wheels and my car.
  2. Right...... I was just gonna start a new readers ride thread but as I've already got one and its got photos of my loop how she was when I first bought her I figured might as well just update this one As you can see this was how it was when I first got her and if you looks further through the thread this is how she is now, I will put some more photos up of bits and bobs that went on along the way but if you follow THIS link it will take you to my project car thread that is much more detailed. GO TO THE LAST PAGE OF THIS THREAD FOR MOST RECENT DETAILS AND PHOTOGRAPHS. 1999 v reg 1.4 16v Sport Lupo to 1.8 20v turbo 423bhp Now.... Back then..... border="0" class="linked-image" /> border="0" alt="" /> border="0" class="linked-image" /> border="0" alt="" /> border="0" class="linked-image" /> border="0" alt="" /> border="0" class="linked-image" /> border="0" alt="" /> border="0" class="linked-image" /> border="0" alt="" /> border="0" class="linked-image" /> border="0" alt="" />
  3. Go to last page for most recent updates. Currently running 423bhp. How she stands at the moment. Hello, Before I start I just want to say a quick something to all those people who go on about people who pay for these kinda things and don't get a finger dirty! Its not that I don't want to do my own conversion, I'd love to do it myself but I don't have the skills required or the time that would be needed. Things that I can do myself like brakes, suspension and other bits and bobs I have but this is just too far past me, Lol! But hey if you wanna have a pop at me feel free lol! My car is a 1.4sport on a 1999 plate. I've already uprated the brakes to 280mm G60's on the front and it has black diamond drilled and grooved discs all the way round with black diamond pads as well! Its lowered on FK highsport silerline coilovers and is currently runnin on G60 steelies. The car is being done by PSI Tuning in Stoke on Trent who've had the car for about 3-4 weeks now. They've not long finished off the custom mounts and have the engine sitting where its going to be going. The engine is a 225bhp lump with a five speed box on it. Here are the pictures during.... Thanks for looking, I'll keep you updated on the progress. Sam.
  4. I'm Selling a set of Dares RS Alloys wheels, commonly used as BBS replicas. These are the silver polished lip with gold studs versions. They are in great condition with only minor wear, 1 of the alloys has minor curbing (pictured). 4 nearly brand new Goodyear f1 tyres. Tyres size is 195/45/15. Im only selling these as i have a Golf now (boo). Looking for £350, can deliver for a price within reason, pick up preferred.
  5. OllieLup

    BBS RX2

    I've got some bbs rx2's which I had planned to put on my lupo, I bought some cheap 195/50/15 tyres for them As that's what the guy at the garage and my dad recommended,I personally thought they looked way too fat but accepted it and put them on, after only about 3 days id rubbed most of my inner arch out and the tyre wasn't looking great, wondered if anyone knows a good narrower skinnier tyre size which looks alright and what spacers I might need to get a better fitment. Pictures show how it sat with them on, wondering if I'd need to raise it at the front at all. Cheers for any help guys. -Ollie
  6. Hi guys, just after some help, just bought some bbs rx2 wheels for my lupo, and I've seen on other threads that I'll need to buy different bolts to make them fit, if this is the case does anyone know which bolts? cheers, Ollie
  7. Straight set of BBS looking alloys. If they are for a show car then they will need a referb. They were painted and not powder coated hence why the paint has come away with any little knock. There are screw holes to put fake bolts into them to make them look more of a split rim but I never bothered. The tyres are just over a year old with about 600 miles on them. Prefer local pick up but will travel a little to help the buyer. Deposit required to secure sale. £280
  8. For sale Bbs rw 001 4x100 15x7 et36 These are a very rare set of wheels As far as i know only like 3 or 4 sets of the 15 inch 4x100 Centre bore is 57.1 No swaps just cash sale These have been prepared for painting So ready for refurb £375 ono
  9. Hi has anyone got an idea what locking nut this is and how to get it off I have got them on with BBS RA's the person who I brought the car off had lost the locking nut and I need to take the wheel off to check brakes and do some work on the car....I am however finding it hard to get a key or know what key to even get for this locking bolt, I would like to be able to use these nuts again so don't really want to break them in anyway but really need them ASAP. Thank for anyone who can help with this issue.
  10. Hi Guys, this is my Seat Arosa Limited Edition FR 1.4 16v 101cv Sorry for my terrible English Modifing List... Exterior: - Electric Golf IV R32 mirrors - Lupo GTI spoiler - Toe links + front brushes Aero Twin Lupo GTi 's - Toe links and rear brush Aero Twin 's Polo 9N - Arrows black tinted side - Written on the front of Lupo Sport 16v 16v - VW Golf V aerial glossy black - Seat Arosa mk1 Rear lights Coilovers: - Lowtec 9.2 front, Kw Var.1 rear Wheels : - Summer mode: BBS RW 001 7x15 et36 and Oz Turbo ABT Edition 7,5 et25 front and 8 et22 rear Oz turbo ABT edition 15x7,5 front 15x8 rear - Winter mode: Pirelli Wheels 6x14 et38 and RH Cup 14x7 front 14x8 rear Interior : - Passat W8 interior light - Audi TT MK1 pedal - Courtesy lights door Golf IV - Light the boot of the Golf IV - Vw Bora keys with remote control - Knob Seat Ibiza FR 5-speed Original Seat - Flashlight Led VW Touareg - Woofer door Lupo Gti - 12V socket in the boot of the Golf IV - Polo 6R dimmer switch with chrome Audio: - JBL Speakers in Rear - JBL Speakers Front - Sony Radio 480 Engine: - Audi R8 Oil Filler Cap - Liquid G12 cap Audi R8 adapted for Seat Arosa - Cover engine 6N2 Polo GTi 1.4 16v Seat with adjustments - catch oil - Kat 200cells - Silencer Novus Winter mode 2013:
  11. So! i thought it was about time i started posting on here instead of simply creeping... so ill start from the beginning. bought the loop close to 3 years ago, in a sorry state, but all the beauty of "bought not built" my apologies also for the mega long first post. so naturally i started into the cosmetic things before the mechanical... naturally the first thing was wheels, picked up a lovely set of bbs rms in fabulous condition for a steal, only problem being they are 7.5j and 8j. with the other whip and the mates 306 I know what you may be thinking... wide enough right? no sir... the front arches were rolled and the rears rolled and pulled heavily, using alot of *ahem* isopon. and for some reason i beliveved camber was necessary... after all that fuss was over the obligatory polishing and waxing frenzy began... then came the boot building.. rashest job you will ever see from the few pictures... who said max power was dead?
  12. Mega rare set of 16" alfa romeo split rims 4x98 PCD Width unknown, most likely 6.5-7J ET unknown Tyres are all 205/45/R16. Quite good ammount of thread on all of them, but theres also camber wear and the tyres seem to be old as they have cracks. Wheels appear to have never been split £650 ONO
  13. Don't be turned off with no photos can't upload any For sale my loved seat arosa Orange/bronze With only 83k miles Serviced every year Brilliant on fuel and insurance ideal for first car Has a 'big green induction kit' Straight through sportex exhaust system sound lush Wired up for an epic sound sound system sold the subs the other week But speakers are still amplified and dyno mat around the doors for perfect sounds Lenso 15" sprayed same colour as car with Toyo proxy's all round Boot doesn't open anymore, never bothered me due to 2 ten inch subs that use to sit in there Selling due to getting an mk1 mx5 Ask for photos won't let me upload any on here Text me for more details 07850422220 Portsmouth area
  14. Hi guys, Ive just got a set of BBS reps for my lupo and they are wrapped in some stretched tyres but I am unsure as to what the air pressure should be? They are 15x7 wheels with 165/50r15 Nankang tyres. Does the stretch make a difference to the best air pressure? Thanks in advance.
  15. Onyx


    Ive got a set of 14 inch BBS RZ wheels on my Arosa (BMW E30 wheels), and ive been searching for weeks for centre caps. They are ridiculously expensive! Ive seen some posts saying that the centre caps from other models will fit too? But i dont know for sure. Has anyone else got these wheels? or had this problem before? Ive been looking on ebay and have found these at the moment which are way cheaper than what I normally see.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bmw-wheel-centre-caps-bbs-golf-masda-/171391384693?pt=UK_Cars_Parts_Vehicles_Wheels_tyre_Trims_Trims_ET&hash=item27e7b8fc75 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-BBS-Centre-Caps-X-4-/111412084615?pt=UK_CarParts_Acc_Wheels_tyres_Rims_Car_Wheels_ET&hash=item19f0ad7f87 Heres a pic of my wheel..
  16. Hello, i'm a new member hailing from the south west of england, i currently have a Black Lupo Gti, powder coated purple BBS RM's, with grill trim and carbon fibre wrapped badges to match, JOM Coilovers, JL Audio tweeters, front and rear speakers, BMC Induction Kit and personalised number plate. I have big plans for this car so watch this space. Pics below: :thumb up:
  17. Bought some nice new alloys, BBS 14 (cant find center caps for) fitted them coil-overs are all the way down, no adjusters, I was wondering what the best tyre size so they don't scrub and I can stay low I was thinking 165/55/14 or 155/55/14 any one With pictures help or experience
  18. Hi, I have been on here for almost a year,loved Lupos for quite a while and always been into Vw's since I was a child, so its about time I got one and its happened, picked myself up a Black Lupo 1.0, saw her on Autotrader and she was in Yorkshire and I couldn't turn it down, bit far but every time I would find a Lupo for sale near me (being down in Cornwall) they would always be sold or have someone waiting to buy it, so after finding this one, I could not turn it down, and the price was great, so I called the garage up and they still had her available so after some very short decisions we put a deposit down, we were planning to collect her, but the garage had a friend that had a Low Loader and was willing to bring her down to me, this took the trouble out of getting her, so we paid and on the 30th of June she arrived at 7 in the morning. Later in the day I took to cleaning and got her shining and that was it for a couple of days.
  19. spy

    Wheels for GTI ?

    Hi all, I am on the verge of buying myself a GTI and I am already thinking about changing the wheels. The car will probably be black and I was thinking that a set of black wheels with chrome/stainless rim would look good on it. I think I want to stick to 15" wheels so that the ride and handling is unaffected and close to stock. I would welcome any recommendations that people have tried and know they will fit the Lupo. In addition, any advice on offsets etc I should be looking at that would fit the Lupo and avoid arch rubbing etc
  20. my lupo 1.4s with a ko3 turbo air ride.... Lupo by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr so she is rolling on bbs ra's air ride and uprated brakes Lupo by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr the engine: has a ko3 turbo, front mount intercooler, 5 bar manual fuel pressure regulator, race oil cooler, manual boost controller, k&n air filter, atmospheric waste gate, spaced out spark plugs, silicone and braded pipes..... turbo Turbo bits by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr race oil cooler Turbo bits by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr Turbo bits by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr intercooler Turbo bits by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr Untitled by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr up rated brakes Untitled by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr air ride Untitled by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr Untitled by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr Untitled by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr all together Lupo by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr Lupo by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr Lupine by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr rake! Lupo by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr Untitled by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr Untitled by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr Untitled by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr that's her so far but more to come
  21. Got bored of driving an everyday Corsa so decided to get a Dub. Picked up a reasonably clean 1.0 LUPO E 2000 W reg for a decent price. Done some work on it but only had it for a month, nearly ready for the road now. First task was rip the horrible bump strips off and de badge. (My Lupo on right) Next I ordered up a set of coilovers and fitted new discs & pads, Lowered it right down but was too low for a Daily Driver so raised the front a touch. Next to arrive was wheels, 15" x 7" Lenso Bsx Running 165/45/15, A bit of stretch but not too much.... just what I wanted. Apart from other small touches that's about all that I have got around to doing, pretty pleased with the results. Got a few bits of paintwork to fix up, exhaust and possibly a roof rack and i should be sorted. (Some glue left on from bump strip in this photo but it is gone now haha)
  22. This thread will show my progress on my first car, Seat arosa mk1 in flash red. I bought the car in January 2012 knowing basically nothing about cars, so when i saw the ad for the arosa i instantly asked my mate if it was a good car as he had one himself, he said yeah and i should go view the car a couple days later i ended up buying. so here is how i bought the car: So when i bought the car i knew it was lowered but i never knew by how much. After having a grinding noise coming from under the car i took it to a garage to find out the drive shaft had come loose, this was in result of the car being so low, they then told me it was lowered 100mm, i was shocked and knew this was to low as i live on speed bumps, in time it was just going to do damage to the car so therefor i booked in to get raised, the bonus of this was my mate had a set of black alloys which i tried to fit on previously but the car was to low and the arches where rubbing on the wheel so i took them to the garage with me and got them fitted after it was raised. With the black alloys fitted it is currently looking like this: The red and black just makes the car look so much better in my opinion, after having the car raised it now sits lowered at 40mm, from going to 100mm to 40mm is such a massive difference and i will defiantly be going lower when i get a different set of wheels in the future, however i am going to Ibiza in a few months so i will be saving for the holiday rather than mods at the moment! My Future plans: Get rid of the yellow film on the front lights, replace a cracked outter shell wing mirror(drivers side) Sport exhaust (center exit) Make the car all fresh n new with a full service kit and servicing. BBS alloys Leather interior Double din touchscreen dvd player paint work touch ups Thanks for viewing and look out for updates in the future All feedback welcome, -Matty
  23. Hello everyone, as you may be aware, i have a new car its a 2004 reg Seat arosa s, I sold my old polo as some of you may remember ( if you dont ill put up a picture) and the lad that had it has crashed it within.. 5 days, shocking really, word of advice to everyone, choose carefully who you sell your car too, i regret it a hell of alot, any ways from now on itll just be pictures My old polo The New whip Tbh i havent got many pictures of sally, as i have been major busy, but ill get some pictures up soon... oh and these came this mornin " can you tell what it is yet "
  24. Polished BBS RM 15x7 inc baskets and dishes, chromed BBS bolts and valves, polished custom centre hex's and centre ring. 165/50 Bridgestone Potenza's 4x100 Fully polished and finished by Daz and Mike the Polisher at great expense. The wheels had no expense spared when I had them built February last year in time for UDubs. The only marks on them is slight rubbing on two of the tyres where I got abit adventurous with lowering at VW fest but theres no damage to the actual wheels. I can go on all day about these wheels but I wont, theres not a single fault on them and there in MINT show condition. They were used for purely show wheels last year, put on the night before and covered over night to protect from any elements, driven to the show, washed off and dried and then taken off as soon as I got home. The comments and attention they recieve is unreal. If you are seriously interested Contact me. Adrianf1rth@hotmail.co.uk 07886044675 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=629763269 PRICE £1400 open to offers, they need to go I have no more use for them as the car is going too.
  25. As title after 2 polished dishes good condition swap for 1' dishes in good condition or will buy for reasonable price Cheers Chris
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