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  1. Originally from falkirk, now stirling
  2. I ended up buying this car haha (someone bought it from the auction and sold it to me) looks a bit different now...
  3. Got bored of driving an everyday Corsa so decided to get a Dub. Picked up a reasonably clean 1.0 LUPO E 2000 W reg for a decent price. Done some work on it but only had it for a month, nearly ready for the road now. First task was rip the horrible bump strips off and de badge. (My Lupo on right) Next I ordered up a set of coilovers and fitted new discs & pads, Lowered it right down but was too low for a Daily Driver so raised the front a touch. Next to arrive was wheels, 15" x 7" Lenso Bsx Running 165/45/15, A bit of stretch but not too much.... just what I wanted. Apart from other sm
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