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  1. HarrisonK

    CSR Spoiler?

    Has anyone got this spoiler or a better picture of one? Im after a GTI spoiler but been hunting for yonks and no luck! I found this instead and looks similar but its hard to tell. Thanks in advance http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=151449059407&alt=web
  2. email me at hbkerley@yahoo.co.uk Thanks!
  3. Okay will do, thanks for that
  4. Hi guys, Ive just got a set of BBS reps for my lupo and they are wrapped in some stretched tyres but I am unsure as to what the air pressure should be? They are 15x7 wheels with 165/50r15 Nankang tyres. Does the stretch make a difference to the best air pressure? Thanks in advance.
  5. When im home il get out and compare those pics against mine, cheers for the help!
  6. Im just wondering if anybody could help me identify my wheels? I cant get a picture atm but my lupo is a 1.0 2003 if thats helps? Is there a way to see if they are G60s? Cheers
  7. Okay guys, thanks for the guigdance! She's going back to the dealers today with what you've said in mind so should hopefully get it sorted soon.
  8. Hello all, new to the forums as I have just bought a lupo. After going on a test drive which was fine I took the lupo home, on the drive back i started to struggle finding the gears along with some grinding. At home I had a little look but not sure what im looking for? The gears will change but I have to put the clutch all the in with extra force for it to change smoothly. I have spoke to the dealer and they have agreed to take it back and have a look tomorrow. I did some research and apparently this is a common problem with lupo's? Has anyone got any guidance/experience that could point me in
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