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  1. Straight set of BBS looking alloys. If they are for a show car then they will need a referb. They were painted and not powder coated hence why the paint has come away with any little knock. There are screw holes to put fake bolts into them to make them look more of a split rim but I never bothered. The tyres are just over a year old with about 600 miles on them. Prefer local pick up but will travel a little to help the buyer. Deposit required to secure sale. £280
  2. Hi All, I have had an engine conversion done and its almost there but we have hit a stumbling block. on full repression of the accelerator I am only getting about 10-15% of the butterfly valves open on the Carbs... Tried tightening the throttle cable but not much progress. Has anyone else done this conversion from a 1ltr to this engine and can give advice on what to do to cure this problem.
  3. And this is what came out of the Drivers seat.
  4. Ok so I found some Lupo GTi Seats on eBay. Gray in colour with red stitching, very chuffed and they are lovely to sit in. So much nicer than the standard ones. They have come out of a smokers car so I decided to give them a clean with the VAX. this is what came out of the passenger seat..
  5. Think I'll have a look on eBay and see what I can find :-)
  6. "simple clean and effective"... The way all "Dubs" should be. Thanks for the positive comments guys. Interior needs sorting, need some decent GTI seats or sports seats. Not sure what the colour is I'll have to have a look for the code on the sticker and let you all know. I will have to find out as I am looking to get the car blown over to freshener her up. I have a similar colour on my VR Syncro. Thats in the work shop also LOL
  7. Just need to sort some of the scratches and dents on the body work from where the Mrs has been driving for the last year. Currently looking for some new front seats to put in her.... Wheel center caps are now here ready to go on, along with wheel bolt caps. will update again soon. Oh and I will give her a dam good clean and then use some Zaino to bring out the shine. Scott. p.s. all i need now is a mashed TTRS and the internals will be going into this little one... bring on the fun !!
  8. So the girlfriend decided she would scrap her MK1 Arosa because the pedal box had gone. In her mind the car was not worth anything being a 1.0 liter so she was going to just get rid. I persuaded her to give it to me, after all a free car is a free car. How I got her... a little unloved and battle torn LOL. Wheels bought from eBay for £56 and then refurbished. wheels are a 7.5j but I manage to squeeze a 195 40 x 16 on them ;-) With wheels but NO coilovers. Now with Coilovers... VERY HAPPY !!
  9. looks lovely... if it were mine I would bin the stickers though...
  10. Saw this today with a blond driving it. 1.4 it said on the back looked lovely... Give up the fags though LOL
  11. What steering wheel is that off ? is it a MK7 Polo? If so is it a straight fit?
  12. So if I have Polo GTI Calipers will they just fit on the original hubs I have on the Arosa?
  13. Thanks Guys. I have 16 inch wheels going on it (7.5j) so I think I will have enough clearance :-)
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