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  1. Onyx

    Laura's Lupo

    loving the green 8)
  2. does anyone know where I can get some eyelids from? Ive seen a few Mk2s with them but don't know whether they are aftermarket or DIY.. can anyone shed some light?
  3. thanks tiggy! I'm glad you like it! what are you driving at the moment? 8)
  4. probably cos the springs had'nt sat properly.. the picture was taken on the same day the springs were put on. they sit a bit lower now because theyve settled
  5. does it? its not broken lool.. think its just the photo angle 8)
  6. How she sits now, dat arch gap doe .. not bad for 40mm
  7. Time to get lowereddd! got some 40mm springs for a bargain!.. had em put on 8) On the ramp Looking squeaky cleaan
  8. Nice, whereabouts in Birmingham?
  9. Anyone got a nice clean set of steels.. just want a set to use during winter months. if anyones got any lying around not in use. 8)
  10. did you put up a tutorial for this? I'd love to see how it's done
  11. Onyx

    Back box help :)

    how much you selling it for?
  12. Onyx

    Back box help :)

    im in the same boat as you.. i want a new exhaust for my 1L Arosa.. and was looking at the sportex ones.. did you manage to get one?
  13. does he not usually compliment arosas? lol
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