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    Lupo Gti 1.6 16V Purple BBS RM
  1. I have had the same problem , where my cable has stretched/snapped (i havent checked yet) but where did you get the cable from/do you have the part number and is the part universal across the lupo range, as i'm driving a GTI. Ta!
  2. The information you need should be in the technical data book that came with your loop, if not i can have a look and let you know in about 2 hours? thats if no-one else gets here first aha
  3. No, but after it failed they put 3 cans of cat cleaner in a half tank of fuel, didn't drop the emissions hardly :/
  4. Aha and where would I find one of those ? I'm from the South west man, near Bristol?
  5. Hello all, to anyone who can help, my Gti is currently fitted with a decat mid section and has failed the emissions test on the MOT. I have a few solutions but I need help: 1. Anyone got an exhaust I can borrow for a day? Willing to travel and pay! 2. Get a custom mid section with CAT In place. 3. Cut the decat pipe and weld a CAT in place. 4. Try and acquire the rare find that is a "full exhaust" system with all the bits on. Any other suggestions would also be appreciated, Cheers
  6. I hope it's only that , I will do and I'll let you know what comes up
  7. It keeps coming on aha ! I just reset it , But as far as I'm aware they don't need two.
  8. After nearly a year of owning my Loop, I have only just clocked that most other Gti's have two catalytic converters on them and mine only has one, attached to the manifold, yet the sensor part way down the mid section is still in place and the pipe seems to be OEM ? Any ideas , I'm assuming that someone has removed it , will this cause an emissions test failure ?
  9. Thanks for the welcome ! Yeah but it's all top secret aha, definitely a refurb on the bbs' , followed by more lows or potentially bags, double din stereo I'll keep you all posted as I go
  10. Cheers! Like i said i do wanna change it up a bit, as its been this way for a while now, but thanks all the same!
  11. Cheers man, how do I upload photos? it's saying i can't use a certain file extension when i paste them in?
  12. Hello, i'm a new member hailing from the south west of england, i currently have a Black Lupo Gti, powder coated purple BBS RM's, with grill trim and carbon fibre wrapped badges to match, JOM Coilovers, JL Audio tweeters, front and rear speakers, BMC Induction Kit and personalised number plate. I have big plans for this car so watch this space. Pics below: :thumb up:
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