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  1. That didnt work either... Heres a picture
  2. Hi there chap, had a look on the work system there, it is Seat but in essence the same... by the looks of this its all one piece, doesn't seem to be a way to disconnect hopefully this screenprint works... someone could prove me wrong! edit: screenprint didn't work... ill try a pdf fuel tank.pdf
  3. Not really an update as such, but the hydraulics are off getting prepped for fitting, so heres a picture because why not
  4. Goddamn that pains me soon it wont be recognisable as that!!
  5. Hi there! as a last resort VW still keeps stock of these, satin black ones on the doors should £17.47+vat each, on the quarter panel are £10.83 each, if you want primed ones they should be £35.59+vat for the doors each, and £28.24+vat each. these prices are retail by the way, so if you get a friendly chap there may be some discount!
  6. following on, this is the latest purchase, soon to be fitted...
  7. So did i, thats why i had to buy lol, getting there slowly but surely!
  8. That may be because it is, he sold it a very long time ago to the guy who i bought it off, who left it outside for about a year and destroyed the gearbox
  9. so then i hit my first show up... then came the new dishes, bringing the wheels to 8.5 and 9j and soon after a respray for them, dont have many photos as buggered my phone... then another local show, with a few bits done that i dont have build piks on... then off to the big one for us in N.I... Dubshed! yes i had a topknot get over it so there you have it, ill leave you with one last picture for the time being! stay tuned!!
  10. So! i thought it was about time i started posting on here instead of simply creeping... so ill start from the beginning. bought the loop close to 3 years ago, in a sorry state, but all the beauty of "bought not built" my apologies also for the mega long first post. so naturally i started into the cosmetic things before the mechanical... naturally the first thing was wheels, picked up a lovely set of bbs rms in fabulous condition for a steal, only problem being they are 7.5j and 8j. with the other whip and the mates 306 I know what you may be thinking... wide enough right? no sir... the f
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