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  1. There lupo gti standard alloys but they're all right! they are made for you check the colour!! lol
  2. Battsy

    Jom Coilovers

    Still after some jom coilys?
  3. I know halfords is halfrauds but i bought this a year ago and its been perfect for my car, http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_723155_langId_-1_categoryId_265873 Im also using a Jvc Kd-r421 headunit which is 4x50w power and im running these on the front doors: http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_773339_langId_-1_categoryId_265870 You would think the sound is bad but its actually really good, its not all about the names on the product its about the performance.
  4. Been snowed in my drive so hardly been driving missing it !!
  5. Went to find out about a valet on my seats and was going to be £20, i'd rather do it myself but i dont have a vax cleaner, does anybody near cambridge have one ?
  6. Decided to use my girlfriends camera and take a few pictures in the snow, they turned out pretty good !
  7. Cheers mate , your car is an inspiration, so nice ! Thanks Thanks mate! and yeah i did have spacers on the rear but i need to get the arches rolled as when i had one person in the back it was rubbing, I will definatly be rolling them soon ! The interior is pretty standard at the moment, i am hiring a vax cleaner to clean the seats and head liner in the next few weeks, ive got a double din head unit and some fli door speakers but i really would like leather seats but i am saving for a lupo gti so when i get that i will get the seats
  8. Gave it another clean today as the weather was nice, used my wheel clean which i got for christmas bought them up like new!
  9. 2 months has passed Christmas has been and gone and i now have my 1 years NO CLAIMS!! YAY me. Also just gave the car an MOT and it failed for emissions and a lower arm, got these issues fixed and re insured and back on the road . Before Christmas i noticed the top mounts on Aro where broken so i got them fixed and all the rattles which i had before where eliminated, i was so happy because they were really annoying I had been cleaning the car a lot and keeping the BBS shiny, i asked for an electric car polisher for Christmas to make my cleaning a lot easier as to no shock at all my Nan and granddad spoilt me rotten with cleaning bits, so ill be very shiny for a while. In the corner you can see a steam cleaner, it actually cleans the interior (apparently) so ill be giving it a go as soon as i get a free weekend or couple days to crack on with it, as a tester i did one of the back seats and it worked very well however i think i will be getting VAX washer as it will be much easier to use and probably leave the seats a lot cleaner. Im yet to try out the car polisher but i will be giving it a shot in the next few weeks, waiting for the rainy weather to go, i also got some spacers and put the on, there is a little bit of poke but not as much as i was expecting: excuse the glove on the door panel to stop the rattling and A few pictures over the last couple of months: More pics and progress soon -Matty
  10. Started by MAD Matty, Jan 04 2012 06:21 PM I think this will be sold or gone by now..
  11. Underneath your glove box should be a "cover" you can pull this downwards and it should reveal a couple of wires running from the head unit into the door speakers, Well from your bonnet if you look to where your glove box is you should see a little whole already there, i put mine through here and then pulled it from under the glove box then hid the wiring under the floor, pretty simple once you find the whole
  12. Its cool mate and hmm just get some for christmas ? and yeh you know so anoying! Right my top mounts are completly F**Ked, do i need to buy a whole new set of coilovers or can i get the top mounts? currently i have JOM coilys if anybody could help me out? Going to upload some more pics tomorrow as got the day off work, gonna give a nice wash
  13. I kinda agree tbh, when i bought it i wasnt expecting it to be as big as it is, also noise wise its abit over what i wanted.. Send me a link to your exhaust and what sort of price are you after? Haha yeh , Cheers for the info again buddy! hows your car going ? Thanks Koop ! Will be having a look now Someone in my town has just bought the same wheels as me -.-!! Probally have to order a new set now as nobody around here had the same car and setup as me but now this person does dont feel original anymore
  14. No comments, i feel loved Does anybody know where i can order a Windowscreen sticker? for example Dubascrub. cheers
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