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  1. Okay thanks for letting me know Where's the best place to get some screws to fit it in the UK? What screws will I need Thanks
  2. Thanks for linking that I have had a look through your post. Thanks Skezza would you know if it will come with the screws needed to fit this as I have not got any with the unit as stated was second hand and never thought about the screws aha.
  3. I have got a double din head unit in my lupo at the moment and it's been fitted wrong and it can just be slid out the metal holding brackets due to not having the correct cage or having the facia plate...buying second hand life haha how it is current sitting in my Lupo the past owner used wood screws to fit the bracket fml.... https://i.imgur.com/w6qGGjz.jpg I have been looking for some different cages and I was just wanting to know what is the best option for lupos? Also I have got the model where the cup holder had to be removed. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UNIVERSAL-Double-DIN-Ster
  4. Thanks for the people getting back to me so far I have found out a few bits of information about these locking nuts which have also been brought up here. I have found out they are RAD Brand and also that the 10.9 is the " Tempered to strength class 10.9 " so that is found out at least. so far this is all I know of these and I have nothing else to go on at the moment. I am not really wanting to have to get crazy with breaking or welding things on to them as I would like to re-use them again but I am feeling that this might not happen in the end. Would something like this maybe work on the nut
  5. Hi has anyone got an idea what locking nut this is and how to get it off I have got them on with BBS RA's the person who I brought the car off had lost the locking nut and I need to take the wheel off to check brakes and do some work on the car....I am however finding it hard to get a key or know what key to even get for this locking bolt, I would like to be able to use these nuts again so don't really want to break them in anyway but really need them ASAP. Thank for anyone who can help with this issue.
  6. Not that I think so as this is the end that goes in the unit http://i.imgur.com/vEe3gaD.jpgThis is not the same as the cable you have shown so I am guessing it's something to do with it been JVC double unit maybe I'm not sure sorry
  7. The connection point on the left side of the photo is not the same as on my unit it only has one connection that end and this one has two
  8. I'm not sure this will work with my unit however ye it would just make things more easy for sure if that didn't work then god knows
  9. Hi thanks for getting back to me thought I would never hear from someone with this issue I am using a ISO lead that come with the after market stereo I have not touched the main wiring from the car loom at all as like you said I do not want any big issues or big bills aha. I have only had this car a few weeks now and the person who had it before never bothered to change the red and yellow around as they never used the Head unit. As you can see from this photo http://i.imgur.com/NiOqDyw.jpg I have had to do the red and yellow wire switch so that the unit would remember the settings. The tape
  10. Sorry for the long post as well it's a lot to read Okay so to start of this is my first time ever installing something like this in a car, I followed the instructions that come with the kit however when I fitted my new active subwoofer in my car I thought all had gone well it turned on and played music through it, however the subwoofer does not turn off when I remove the key from the car. I have googled this and it said something about the remote turn on wire which for me is on the back of the head unit and is a blue and white wire. The cable that come with the subwoofer is blue not that it
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