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  1. Combellacks scrap yard is probably best, and a bit closer to you, its massive, wanna take a trip there myself soon, oh that's not too good, all sorted now?
  2. Cheers, why's Lucy out of action? and it was one at united downs but the lupo has one now unfortunately
  3. Thank you There is 6 screws on the back of the clocks, remove those and then the actual clocks which are on like a circuit board as such, then you have just the dials
  4. Thanks, yeah it makes a real difference when you look at it now compared to the grey.
  5. Yet again, yes another trip to the Scrap yard, picked up some mint condition headlights, split them ready to spray the insides black (Joey'ed) which is currently happening and will be fitted them in a couple days time.
  6. Another trip to the scrappy and got a spare speedometer and rev counter, decided i'd give it a try to spray them which I haven't seen done before. Primer:- Colourcode Black:- And all fitted:- Turned out pretty good I think personally.
  7. Weather got better and got a chance to clean her, also to get a few sorted for "SWdubs Mega Meet" which included Wiper-Delete.
  8. Then, what we have all been waiting for, Coilovers! got them fitted by my friends dad who owns a garage. excuse the dirty wheels, it has been non-stop rain when the photo's were taken and there was no chance or point in cleaning her Long story about the coilovers:- Ordered them from ".............." website, not saying names, but was told a couple of days, this then turned into 2 weeks, then after another 2 weeks they still hadn't arrived or been sent (they were coming from Germany) not that that takes too long to arrive but I dont think they had sent the order over to them, ended up cancelling and getting them local, which is better as well, Jom's and got a good discount on them.
  9. Got them all fitted. :- Washer Bottle :- Gas Struts
  10. By some luck, there way a Lupo at the scrap yard, got a few things off including these bits Got a spare coolant and washer bottle, give them a good clean and they came up like new.
  11. A mate told me about some Roofbars going for sale, after a bit of hassle I ended up getting them.
  12. Then after speaking to a friend, picked up a full "Dark Grey" interior, give it a bit of a clean and this is how they came out looking like. And they are all fitted, just to tide me over till I can find some Recaro's but a lot more comfy than the previous seats.
  13. Picked up some Pop-out rear windows, and got the rear pillars with the notch, got those retrimmed to match my doorcards ect, Black Alcantara Was a bit of a pain to fit, called Autoglass they said we will call back with in 1 hour, I never got a call back from them so ended up covering the window, smashing the glass with a hammer and then cutting the sealant away. All fitted and seal nicely, looks great.
  14. Been a while since I have updated this, got quite a few things since my last update. Got my LCR front splitter on, Got this ages ago but never got around to fitting it.
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