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  1. Mega rare set of 16" alfa romeo split rims 4x98 PCD Width unknown, most likely 6.5-7J ET unknown Tyres are all 205/45/R16. Quite good ammount of thread on all of them, but theres also camber wear and the tyres seem to be old as they have cracks. Wheels appear to have never been split £650 ONO
  2. ignas

    Low ET wheels

    well what I had in mind is lowering..
  3. ignas

    Low ET wheels

    thank you, just the answer i was looking for. If it looks like this now, it doesnt mean its gona stay like that forever...
  4. ignas

    Low ET wheels

    A little update on this thread. Here is a picture from the back, so you can see what sort of poke it is. I have actually now passed MOT with these wheels. Do you think I would get pulled over? thanks P.S. for all the wheel whores, sorry for the huge gap in between the arch and the wheel
  5. ignas

    Low ET wheels

    ****... well once the front suspension is fixed, i will put all of them on and see if they rub the arches when turning the steering wheel, if they dont I will try my luck lol
  6. ignas

    Low ET wheels

    Ok, so I was an owner of a Lupo, now i got a mini. This might be d irrelevant part but Lupo owners might also find this useful. So I bought 17" 7.5 ET20 bbs wheels n they stick out a little. My mechanic is not sure whether it is legal to run wheels that stick out. I lookd up online n people seem to get pulled over for running wheels wid poke, however I havent managed to find any real laws about this. Does anybody know the legal limit or something like that, cos I realy dont want to sell these wheels lol. thanks Just so you have avague idea, that is how it looks, unfortunately I havent got a pi
  7. Hi seen the ad on the IDA i'll give you 140 and save you the headache of posting. I'll come and collect tomorrow if you live in London.

    Phone me on 07946406786.

  8. If I was you, instead of two ****e subs I would get one 10w7 or even a 10w6. The sound quality will be better and should pound just as hard. BTW you will need to leave 50-60 quid for wires.
  9. I had the same problem, I think its pretty common in lupos. I bought a new indicator stalk, cost like £50 or so, changed it myself as I also had to change the steering wheel Hardest bit is to take off the airbag
  10. When I get some spare cash I was thinking about getting a 10w7 or 10w6-12w6 powered by a JL 500/1. so I recon I would need another battery but don't know what power would be suitable for that sort of set up. thanks
  11. Ok, so I was thinking to either get new Focal 165VRS or used Focal 165K2P and a JL Audio 300/2 amp. What is your opinion on components and should I get a 4 channel amp instead or go with the 300/2 and run the tweeters off the headunit (alpine ida x 100)? How would they fit in a lupo? What wires should I go for and do I need a battery now (and what power ratings etc) or when I get a subwoofer (not planning to get 1 right now) Also any ideas on tweeter mounting? (my mirrors are non-electric) Thanks for the help
  12. Thanks, and how would the sound quality differ if I just ran components off my head unit. and aproximately how much would it be to get glassfibre tweeter holders, so they could be placed in the original tweeter place as my side mirrors are manual. thanks
  13. Hi everyone, I was looking around for component speakers and came accross 2 that kind of caught my eye. Pioneer TS-C171PRS and JL AUDIO C5-650. If anyone has heard any positive or negative things about these speakers or know any better ones for arround the same price please let me know. thank you
  14. ignas

    New wheels

    all white would look pimp. I might get some white or cream wheels for my black lupo when I got some spare cash lying arround
  15. When I was looking for mine ive been quoted nearly 3k for a 1.0 lupo as a second driver LOL i have to add this was in east london
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