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  1. No need to rush it. Find someone good and competent
  2. Very nice car! I wish mine was a shiny as yours right now
  3. Welcome! You have the best colour for a GTi
  4. Nice to see another one being taken care of. Keep us up to date!
  5. Side airbags were an option
  6. 5w40 Castrol Magnatec for me. Filter can be aftermarket as long as the brand is good (Bosch, Mann, etc.).
  7. That's looking way better than before
  8. Welcome! You should get the inserts in the front seats retrimmed with original cloth so they match the rears
  9. Weekend's here. Get them on already and some pictures for us all
  10. Use it and enjoy it. They were built for that
  11. I'd love to go to the Reims circuit (or what's left of it) but it seems to be too far from everywhere else for it to be worth as a weekend trip... That last picture on the Caroussel is amazing.
  12. I'm sure it's an imrovement over the standard radio but I'm not a huge fan. Too much of an OEM guy to be honest 😅
  13. Blue Loop

    My new car

    Need to properly clean mine. Hope it stops raining soon.
  14. This may be worth a shot just before that
  15. 3L is a very interesting car from a technical point of view. More capable than the SDi on the road thanks to the turbo and lower weight. But if you just want a car that will work forever, SDi's are the way to go
  16. I have a feeling I will enjoy this restoration thread, keep the updates coming
  17. At the end of they day, a 3L will always be worth something. And an SDi won't...
  18. AFAIK the early 3L tailgates were made of magnesium. I've never seen one of those with a spoiler added on though.
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